Herbology Upper Year Class Policy

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Professor Angel Castillo

Herbology 5-7 | American | Handsome Devil
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Class Rules:

  • If you value all your fingers, keep your hands to yourself. Never touch anything you don’t recognize.
  • Stay alert! The plants are always paying attention, even if you aren’t, and many of them bite
  • Treat the plants (and Professor Castillo) the way you would want to be treated.
  • Participation is always rewarded higher than any bookwork. Bad notes will not lower your grade, but standing on the sidelines might.
  • Accidents happen. If something (or someone) breaks or is injured, please alert Professor Castillo immediately.
  • Questions are always welcome

Lessons and Grades

There is no word count; Lessons will be graded based on participation and the quality of your student’s work. Roleplaying your student as present and doing the required work for each lesson will earn an O.

If you wish to receive a lower grade or have your student role-play something outside of the normal lesson bounds, please feel free to message me so we can chat. Professor Castillo encourages adventurous students.

Exams and OWLS/NEWTS

Exams will include a written/multiple choice section and practical section. Answering all written questions correctly will net you an E. Answering your practical section and written section will net you an O. Answering only your practical section will net you an E
If you are unsure how to answer/RP your practical section, please do ask.

An A or higher is now required for Sixth Year Herbology
An E or higher is now required for Seventh Year Herbology

If you have issues with your grades or were unable to fulfill the grade requirements for your desired class, please message me so we can discuss.
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