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Miroslav Petrov

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Miroslav had been curious. A whole feast dedicated to halloween, of course he'd want to check it out. He arrived at the hall and scoffed at it. of course. The school was weird, it put so much effort into things that really no other school would. Why would there need to be such fanfare around this event. He wasn't sure what to do at it. This was just busy and he wasn't sure there was an awful lot of fun to be had. There was a fun house and other such things, but those were lame. He began moving in the hall, and intentionally every so often, was trying to trip someone up.
Naveen had never really celebrated halloween before but he actually liked the idea of it. Dressing up as something or someone else for a night didn't sound that bad. If only he had thought out his costume a little bit better. He was proud of it even if it did make navigating through the crowded great hall a bit of a challenge. It also kept his hands temporarily trapped when all he really wanted was to try out some of the snacks. He was in search for his sister when something suddenly caught his foot and he fell rather hard since he couldn't really stop himself.
Camille wasn't sure how she felt about the Halloween Feast. She had chosen for an simple costume, and dressed up like an dog. But the only part was the ears and nose. She didn't felt comfertable, so this was good. When she arrived in the great hall she was overwhelmed by the decoration and there were a lot of people. She wondered if the whole school was now here. And already figured she wasn't gonna stay too long. She didn't liked too crowded places. And walked around when suddenly someone next to her fell on the ground. She felt shocked and than watched down. The urge of helping someone was bigger than her fear of talking to others who she didn't knew. '' Are-are you hurt?'' Camille than asked speaking quietly, slowly bending down to help out, she hadn't seen what happend, since she was too busy with not tripping herself and being distracted by all what was around.
Miroslav watched with glee as someone tripped over his outstretched foot. He didn't do anything. Didn't jump in to help, though another girl did. He just watched the pair, saying nothing, though grinning. Making no move really to hide the fact that he had caused it to happen.
For a moment Naveen was too stunned to move. The costume blocking his face and his sudden tumble made him completely disoriented. He heard someone ask if he was hurt and he had to take account of all of his limbs. "No I think I'm alright." he grunted before rolling over and sitting up. There was some slight pain in his arm from where he had fallen but nothing was broken. As he was coming back to himself he looked up and noticed a boy smirking at them. "D-Did you do that?" he asked, more shocked than angry. "O-on purpose?"
The blonde watched the boy on the ground stand up. And gave him an nod and quick smile, pleased that he was ok. But it didn't looked like he was without pain. She stood up again and than didn't understood what happend, wondering if he thought she did it, but she saw him watching and talking to another person. And just watched it, wondering if she had to walk away.
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