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Maisie Morvay

Old-Fashioned Witch- Bubbly- Fun
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Jess S
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Mixed Blood
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Curved 13 1/2 Inch Rigid Ivy Wand with Erumpent Hide Core
5/23/2042 (18)
Maisie had another Gryffindor on her list, and a lot of yellow roses. Though honestly, she was just looking at them as she had to deliver them. She went down to the tables this time, looking for Abigail. "Heyyy!" She greeted happily, skipping over and sitting down next to Abigail. "I have a rose for you," She smiled.
Abby sat happily at the Gryffindor table eating some food. She looked up when she noticed someone had approached her. She smiled up at the older girl. "Hello," Abby said softly with a small smile. "A rose for me?" Abby said with a soft smile. She appreciated that she was getting roses, she really thought she'd be one of the only people who wasn't getting any. Getting another rose right now had amazed her.
Maisie giggled. "Absolutely!" She told her, giving her the rose before starting to dig in her basket for the note. "I love your hair, by the way, it's super cute," She complimented, determined to say something nice to all of her deliveries.
Abby blushed a little from the compliment about her hair. She never usually got compliments. "Oh thank you" Abigail responded softly, as she touched the ends of her hair a little. "Your hair's pretty too," Abby says shyly, deciding to compliment the girl back, thinking it was the nice thing to do.
Maisie found the note, giggling as she produced it and offering it out. "Thanks!" She offered with an easy smile.

Happy Valentine’s day bestie!

Abby happily thanked the girl once she had given her the rose. The Gryffindor gently opened the note that came with the rose. She smiled happily, glad to see who the rose was from. She gave the rose a quick smell before looking up at the girl. "Thank you," Abby says softly with a small smile. "How's the delivering going?" Abby asked the girl softly.
Maisie giggled, glad to see how happy the girl was. "They're going great!" She offered easily. "My name is Maisie, by the way." She introduced herself. "How is your day going?"
Abby smiled softly. "That's good," Abby says with a nod and a small smile. She didn't think she'd have the patience or energy to do rose deliveries. They seemed exhausting to do but she had a lot of respect for those who were doing the roses today. "I'm Abigail, as you already know. But call me Abby" Abby says softly to the small girl. She much preferred to be called Abby. "My day's been okay. The roses are making the day a bit better though"
Maisie giggled softly. "Abby, I like that, it's so cute!" She offered easily, grabbing a quick drink from the table. "How old are you?" She asked, curious to know more about her new friend.

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