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Christina Holmgaard

'Chrissy' | Black Sheep | Stubborn | Sportive
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Half Blood
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Too Young to Care
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Not Sure
Curved 11 Inch Rigid Rosewood Wand With a Dragon Heartstring core
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Chrissy had been to the Forbidden Forest once. But that was too short, actually she was at the start of the forest and that was it. That stupid boy who was now headboy had caught them. She was with Edward and Stanislaw back than. Now Chrissy wanted to go again, she hoped to see the centaur again. It was nice to her before. And she was just curious what was inside of the forest. What there was to explore and which danger. It was better to go now, she knew some spells in case it was neccesary. But she would not go alone. Chrissy had spoken to her roommate Emmy she liked the girl and she wanted to come along. So together with Emmy she sneaked out of the castle they had been bringing some food and water in case it was needed. She made sure no one followed them and walked outside of the castle towards the forest. Chrissy knew her sister would not approve and her parents, her mother especially but she was different. And it wasn't that she wanted to be punished, she hoped they would not get caught. Chrissy just liked the adventure and getting answers to her questions. '' Are you ready Emmy?'' She than asked her roommate. She hoped they could get to know eachother better she liked the girl and hoped she would see her as her friend after his adventure together. People were eating their dinner now, so they were all busy. Hopefully they would be busy with that for some time. So that they could explore before it became too dark.

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