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Videl Zhefarovich

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Videl Zhefarovich was having the time of his life. Since he was off work today from Maddam Puddifoot's, this gave him a chance to work on his combination explosive potions. However, to really rest them, the teenager needed to piss some people off. That was never a challenge for him, since he seemed to create chaos wherever he went. Perhaps it was from the anger he had when his parents just gave him up. He could not find them either! He never wondered why he kept their last name. He hoped within all hopes that he could run into one of the Zhefarovich family members. He even had the tattoo on his back, which he could not remember for the life of him when he got it. That whole space in his mind was wiped clean. He just woke up with his back on fire from the pain. Apparently, they could mark him, but would not claim him? Videl was not going for that. Unknown to who he was messing with, eventually it came down to getting physical. Videl jumped out of the way and used the walls at times to dodge attacks. He started to run, and running away from them only started the chase.

The teenager reached into his jacket pocket, and pulled out two vials. He gained enough speed to be able to drop the contents of one vial on the ground. He started to run once more, before he muttered to himself, "And this little concoction should make an explosion if I mixed it correctly. Or, was it this other one?" Videl was getting confused, and he needed to think. However, not caring what happened, Videl tossed both the other ones behind his back, and then he heard the vials smash. Just as he thought, it did cause an explosion. The contents of the other vial only made the explosion much better than he thought. It burned the sides of the buildings, and caused a small hole at the bottom of the alley. The force also knocked Videl right off his feet. It was enough to get his pursuers to turn around. Videl hissed, "Too early. If they had just been a little faster, pieces of them would be decorating the walls right now." He picked himself up from the alley, and heard something from the darkness. "Who's there?" He pulled out two more vials to use as a weapon until he could purchase his wand.

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