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Yellow rose for @Kyon Lockwood

Senna had been wandering around, yelling out the names of participants on her list that she did not know whilst simultaneously trying to keep an eye out for the students she did know. Like Kyon. She had been making her way through the great hall when she noticed the boy, quickly hopping over and jumping on his back in the hopes that he would catch her rather than let her fall. It was a risk worth taking. "Rose delivery!" Sen exclaimed.
Kyon had been lost in thought, not really paying attention. But he had to when a surprise attack came from behind. He yelled, his hands shooting back to wrap around her legs while he braced himself, barely stumbling. "Merlin, Senna!" He groaned, pleased that he kept his balance and kept them standing straight. "Are you trying to assassinate me?"
Senna laughed at Kyon's response, glad he had at least caught her rather than drop her in surprise. "No." She replied in mock offense. "That would be a crime against anyone who send you a rose." She grinned as she held the yellow rose right in front of his face, wiggling her legs as an indication that he could let her go so he could read the note that went with the rose.

Happy Valentine’s day, Kyon!

Kyon chuckled, setting her down and taking the rose and note, smiling as he read it. "Its from Emmanuel," He offered easily, turning more to face her. "Are you having fun sneaking up on everyone?" He teased her gently.
Senna watched as Kyon read the note, smiling when he said it was from Emmanuel. "That's nice." She nodded before grinning at his question. "Nah, just you." She laughed. "Don't think anyone else on my list would've appreciated it much." Sen added before curiously looking at him. "Get many roses yet?"
Kyon smiled softly. "Glad to be so special then," He teased. "This is my first rose, actually. Have you gotten any?" He asked her, thinking it just made sense that she got some. Though he couldn't remember if he'd sent any out himself.
Sen laughed at Kyon's response before shaking her head when he asked her if she had gotten any roses herself yet. "Nah, I haven't gotten any." She replied with a small shrug. "But, uh, maybe they just haven't been able to find me yet. I've been running around a lot." She added, more to make herself feel better about the idea that perhaps no one had send her a rose. Which would be fine. Totally fine. It definitely wouldn't hurt her feelings. At all. At least that's what she told herself.
Kyon raised a brow at her answer. He hadn't wanted to give his rose to her at first, since it was from Emmanuel, but now he couldn't think of a better option. "Well, hey, let me give you your first one, then," He offered with an easy smile, holding the rose out to her. "Happy Valentines, Senna."
Senna confidently shook her head when Kyon offered her his rose. "No, that's yours. You keep it." She said determinedly. There was no way she was going to take his rose from him. Especially not when it had been send by one of her other friends. The gesture was nice though, there was no denying that. "I'm good. Promise." She nodded, shooting him a smile.
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Kyon pouted a bit but considered it. "Alright then, why don't I take you to the dance then, if you don't have any other plans?" He offered. "Make up for me not remembering if I sent out any roses or not," He smirked easily.
Sen nodded when Kyon offered going to the dance together. "Yeah, sure! That would be fun." She smiled in response. If anything, it would save her the trouble of having to look for her friends in the great hall because she'd already be there with one.
Kyon laughed, nudging her arm with his. "Well, off with you then, I'll see you at the dance," He offered with an easy smile.

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