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Fraser had known he wouldn't get on to the quidditch team, he had known it. It had always been an unlikelihood, given that it was a competitive team, and he was only a first year, but he couldn't help but still feel a little disappointed. He wouldn't get to be part of a team, he wouldn't get to improve his quidditch skills with other teams. He wouldn't be able to claim that he was the youngest chaser ever (since his dad) which likely wasn't even true. So it stung a little, though he had completely expected it. The gryffindor had still come to the practice, and he was watching the gryffindor team practice. He was making sure to watch how they did things for his own reference when he was on the team, and just letting himself feel jealous about it too.
With quidditch being the popular sport that it is, and Gryffindor being a popular team despite ending up in third place last term, Max had known that it wouldn't be easy to secure a spot on the team. That still didn't stop him from feeling extremely disappointed when he saw the results on the bulletin board, though. After all his hard training over the break and a decent performance during the tryouts, he had kind of expected to make it onto the quidditch team this year. He knew that he would probably be an alternate player since Evie Fuentes was the team's first keeper already, but he was fine with that. Unfortunately for him, Isaiah Thompson had decided against picking an alternate keeper this year. Which was why he was watching them practice today, he wanted to know why there wasn't an alternate keeper. Max groaned when Evie couldn't block the Chasers' latest attempt to score. ''I would have had that, easily,'' the Gryffindor said, ignoring the fact that Evie had already managed to stop the Chasers from scoring before.
Dahlia was still pretty morose, but she'd had a couple of days to calm down. It was really a combination of everything hitting her at once that threw her off, which wasn't really an excuse for blowing up. But it wasn't like she was going to say she wasn't partially justified. Except in who her anger ended up hitting. That was uncalled for and she'd have to suck it up and apologize. For now, though, she figured she'd at least watch quidditch practice and see what she had done wrong and how she could improve. It was so unfair that the rest of them weren't given any opportunity to do anything. A couple of other people who missed out were watching, too, and she sat near them, trying (and failing) not to be salty. "God, that blue hair is so ugly, too," Dahlia grumbled, watching one of their chasers posture and flirt and not do a very good job at playing the game. Possibly better than she did, but how was she supposed to learn to play more if they didn't give her a chance? It made no sense. Enough kids hated sport that the kids who loved it should be given opportunities to do it. "Least I wouldn't be flirting with the keeper instead of scoring. HEY, pass it to your left, he's wide open!" She at least watched with interest as the youngest boy took the quaffle and went for it, curious to see how he'd do.
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Fraser hadn't noticed the other people who were watching the practice. But he agreed with the boy that the keeper should've gotten that. "Yeah, definitely, that was an easy throw," he agreed. He knew that it was easy to be critical, and he liked Isaiah. But he laughed lightly at the girl who accused the blue haired chaser of flirting. "He's probably looking for glory for himself, which is totally not how this team sport should be played," Fraser spouted. "That beater just sent the bludger in the opposite direction from anyone," he was pointing to the girl who'd knocked the bludger away.
Max turned around when he heard a familiar voice coming from a couple of metres away from him. It was Dahlia, the other second year to have been denied a spot on the team along with him. ''Wait, he's flirting with her? I thought he had to sneeze or something,'' he said with a confused look. Then a younger boy spoke up, agreeing with Max that the throw could be caught easily. It was clear that Isaiah saw something in this team that Max couldn't see. What was clear was that none of them was ever going to go pro if they continued to play like this... except for beaters, maybe. As much as he wanted to be in Evie's position, Max jumped up in protest when Isaiah hit the keeper with a bludger. ''OI MATE, FIX YOUR AIM!'' he bellowed. Unbelievable. ''I cannot be the only one who thinks this team can do better, am I?'' he said, sitting back down again. How in the world had it taken the new seeker this long to finally catch the snitch? He was sure that if this was a genuine match, Gryffindor would've lost by now because of how slow the seekers were
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Dahlia eased up a little at the younger boy's comment. She'd been feeling really tense and on edge of late, and Quidditch hadn't helped her mood, but she was glad to know a few others were in the same boat as her. It always made her feel a little better to know she had people to relate to. "Right? In netball, we always had to pass." She felt that little sting of homesickness again, but tried to force it down with a smile. "Nah, totally flirting, throws aren't messy enough to be actually bad but aren't good enough that he's actually trying to score," she explained, as though she was super knowledgeable about it all. "They totally can. They could've made, like, a full reserve team, and then be able to play the actual best, not just whoever got on the team before and kept their spot just 'cause of that. It's like, totally sucky." Of course being on a reserve team wasn't the best look, but it was better than no team at all.
Fraser laughed a little as the other boy yelled loudly. He thought that Isaiah was a good player, but that had been a bit of poor aim. It did certainly seem to be taking a long time for the necessary people to catch the snitch, which he thought was quite bad, they needed to be quick if they wanted to win. "You just can't have a massive reserve team," Fraser said in response to the girl with a sigh, because if they had, then they could be on the team too and be able to improve their skills. "Reserve would let you practice properly with a team, rather than alone. The biggest problem is how do you improve if you can't play with others, and a whole team of others," Fraser complained.
Max looked disgusted when Dahlia confirmed that the blue-haired boy had been flirting with Evie. Quidditch wasn't supposed to be a game where players could flirt with each other! He could feel himself getting all riled up again at the thought that Isaiah apparently preferred players who didn't take the sport as seriously as others would've done. ''You'd think they would have a reserve team with how many people came to tryouts, though. One or two extra players for each position wouldn't have hurt much,'' the Gryffindor said, turning back to the other boy. ''We could have done seven against seven, easily.'' It was wishful thinking but that was all Max could do to keep his disappointment and jealousy at bay.
Senna had decided against trying out this year. She knew she wasn't especially good and Gryffindor try-outs were perhaps some, if not the, most competitive try-outs the school had to offer. And so the team had been formed yet again and she wasn't part of it. It didn't bother her that she didn't get to be part of the team but she did feel like the school was lacking profoundly when it came to quidditch. Why should there only be official house teams? Why had no one started something like a quidditch club? Or an amateur team? Something everyone could sign up for. Yeah. An inter-house, amateur quidditch club. That's what they needed. It was an idea that had been on her mind ever since her conversation with Emmanuel, she had just been a bit hesitant to do something with it. To get her head back into what quidditch was all about, and to obviously support one of her best friends, Sen had decided to come take a look at practice today. She had been watching the players move around the pitch while she tried to wrap her head around the idea of setting up a club. Mostly how that would work. Her attention got drawn in another direction when she heard some younger kids in front of her discuss the team's efforts. She wasn't paying too much attention to their conversation untill it shifted to them talking about not being able to practice in a team. Once those words reached her ears Senna jumped up without hesitation, climbing over the benches to get down to where they were and dropped down in the middle of them. "Hi! I'm Senna and boy have I got an idea for you guys." She grinned, looking at each of the kids faces. "How would you guys like join my quidditch club? Think, like, inter-house amateur quidditch team. Sounds great, right? I mean I'm still in the process of setting it up so I could use some extra help.. But just think about it: if you do you guys might just become part of the beginning of the best club Hogwarts will ever know! Even if it'll technically be like an unofficial club."
Misery loves company, but somehow the company made Dahlia's misery sting less. It wasn't nice to feel alone, or left out, but she was starting to experience it for herself of late. So seeing the others around her, she felt a little more relaxed. The slightly older girl near them piped up with a suggestion, though, and Dahlia's jaw almost dropped. It had been something to say that they should have a reserve team, but to actually come through with a genuine plan, that was something else. "Oh my gosh, that would be awesome!" she said, enthusiastically. Sure, Dahlia was a complete novice at Quidditch, but she was never going to improve if she couldn't play at all. "Then they'll have no choice but to let us play next time. I'd love to help!" Goodness knew she needed something positive to turn her energy to.
Fraser hadn't really expected the slightly older girl to drop down amongst them. He nodded eagerly in agreement to Dahlia. it would be amazing. He was sure that it would be a good. Not a real team but enough people to make up a team. "I'm so in!" he said eagerly. He didn't know how it would work, but this older girl, clearly knew what she was doing, so she would figure it out.
Max turned away from the Quidditch practice when a third-year sat down with them and asked if they wanted to join her unofficial amateur team. ''Count me in as well!'' he said without having to think about it. While it wouldn't make him part of the official Gryffindor Quidditch team, he at least could continue practising his skills on a broomstick. ''When do we start practising?'' he added, clearly eager to get things started as soon as possible
Senna wasn't sure what she had expected from the younger kids, but she imagined they would at least be cool with hearing her idea since they had so many opinions on quidditch anyways. "I mean I'm not sure if that's true, but at least we'd all get some extra practice." She chuckled in response to the girl. Nevertheless, she was glad they seemed to be excited. Having some other people on board would definitely make starting a club like that a little easier. A quidditch team consisting of just one person wouldn't make much sense anyways. "Great! Well I reckon we'd need to put some things on paper first, know what it is we want to do and then maybe we can start promoting the club? If we have a few more people I reckon we could start during the next semester." Sen replied, feeling like this might end up being more responsibility than she had anticipated by excited to get it started nonetheless.

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