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Emilia Manning

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Half Blood
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Seeing Somebody
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Heterosexual (Derek)
Curved 8 Inch Rigid Pear Wand with Essence of Belladonna Core
2/2034 (14)
Emilia had been fairly successful in appearing more confident than she was, and she was proud of that. She hoped that soon, it would start to actually feel natural to her too. But until that happened, she would just keep it up. It was a little tiring, getting up earlier to do makeup and hair until she looked perfect, and keeping up a smile even when she felt anxious to the point where she wanted to bite her nails, but she was keeping it up so far. But she hadn't made as many new friends as she had hoped for. Hopefully, that would still happen. But even if it didn't, at least people were noticing her more. Emilia Manning was no longer a quiet mouse, she was a confident girl. Hopefully, at least. Something that hadn't really improved was her grades, and she knew that was important too.

Not only did she want to appear beautiful and fashionable, she wanted to seem smart and accomplished as well. But it was hard to focus on schoolwork on top of everything else, and Emilia had already given up on studying for the day. To keep up the appearance, she had grabbed a big book on Transfiguration and was hiding behind it, reading a smaller fairy tale book she was hiding from sight with the bigger book. To anyone passing her table, she would seem like she was studying hard. When really she was reading one of her favorite stories about a princess who was kidnapped and was rescued by a handsome prince. She had been imagining the handsome prince as Derek, and occasionally her thoughts drifted away as she daydreamed about the story. It was the perfect way to relax, even if the Transfiguration book smelled a little musty. She still thought she had come up with something pretty smart to pass some time.

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