Duel 3

Dante Davenport

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This is how all Dueling threads will be set out. Below, in the order the names appear in the description, the two contestants will post. Dante Davenport will be supervising the duels, and therefore, If errors are made and so forth, Dante Davenport will intervene, possibly in the said thread -- however -- more than likely via PM to either of the two duelists.

Before beginning a duel however, ensure that all of the following threads have been read:
Dueling Rules
Dueling Points
Accepted Spells (via year)

Please ensure that the set out is:

Points: Start with a default of 150
Spell cast / Defense: (If no spell, and just dodge, this goes here as well)
Points as of now: After the deduction above, or addition.

Dannii Merrythought

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Dannii entered the dueling chamber and nodded towards the professor. It surprised her that she was the first one to arrive, she had always had a problem with tardiness. Dannii went ans stood in the middle of the room and waited for Victor to show up. Sure he was a 5th year and probably knew a bunch more spells then her but Dannii wasn't worried about that. To tell the truth she didn't worry about much. Where in Merlin's name is he? Dannii wondered tapping her foot impatiently. She just wanted to get this over with, hopefully with a win under her belt.

Action(s) Taken: Arrived at duel.
Point Changes: 0
Points Remaining: 150

Victor Crimson

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Victor skipped on after his last lesson for the day was finished and his only destination was the duel club. He hurried down the flights of stairs, waited a few times as some shifted. By the time he arrived his partner was already there, a fourth year puff who he only knew by first name basic. "My bad, stairs shifting, rushing over here. Well you know the whole deal" he huffed a little recovering his breath, Victor adjusted himself to stand up now facing Dannii. "So when do we began?" he asked picking into his right pocket already, early start for the duel.

Action(s) Taken:Arriving on Time
Point Changes:
None took effect yet
Points Remaining:150

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