Open Communing With Nature

Minnie Calida

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Minnie had left the Ancient Runes classroom, lightly muttering ‘commune with nature’. She communed with a tree - to some degree but communing with nature just seemed like something different. She’d detoured to the library and grabbed a few books that were titled, commune with nature. She went to the dorm room and grabbed a blanket, getting an older student to cast a impervious charm on it and then headed outside. It was sunny, though not particularly warm. It did seem like the ground wasn’t wet, but she’d be glad to not even had to think about it. She found a spot near the lakefront, put the blanket down and then sat down. She put the books beside her and glanced around. She couldn’t help but think her time would be better spent studying and reading, but the professor had give them a task to do, so of course she would still to it. She had to at least give it a try so she could say she did it. But, communing with nature...Should she actually speak to it, or should she just think to it. ”This feels silly,” she muttered to herself. She just looked over the nature she could see and took a long deep breath. She’d maybe try some silent communication and then if that didn’t work she could glance at the books she brought.

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