Open Commentary Kicks in the Park

Joshua Lynch

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Set roughly a few weeks after the start of Y40 year! (the time set is a bit all over the place lmao)

It wasn't too long ago when Joshua had received a letter that he was attending some sort of magical school called Hogwarts. He thought that it was all a prank, and so did his parents. But they took the news a lot better than he thought they would. Josh was a bit nervous about this magical school. It was a whole new world that he didn't even know that had existed until a few weeks ago. There was a whole new world that he was going to explore.

While his dad was off at work, his mum had decided to take an adventure around a place called Brightstone Village, as it was said to be one of the most popular places for the wizarding kind. Joshua was already bored within the first ten minutes of walking around the village. The shops there weren't all that interesting. Luckily his mum had let him go to the park while she continued to walk around the place. Joshua ran quickly towards the park, though he got a little lost along the way as this place was all new to him, it didn't take too long until he found the park. He excitedly entered the park, glad that not many people were around. He had noticed an abandoned football laying around in the middle of the park. Josh looked around cautiously, seeing if anyone was looking for the ball, before running towards it. "Josh's got the ball, he decides to kick the ball. He makes his way towards the goal. He shoots... AND HE SCORES! The crowd goes wild! ahhhh" Josh says as he runs with the ball, and kicks the football in between two trees he pretended to be football goals.

Please excuse my terrible and awful commentary LMAO

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