Open Christmas Breakfast

Professor Eva Selwood

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31 (30/07/2017)
There wasn't plenty of student around in the castle at the time. The holidays had rolled last week. Eva would think this is the first time she have seen and heard the castle in a such quiet level. It was the perfect relaxation for the mind. The Professor of Arithmancy observed the students who have left behind, it was Christmas day breakfast for them all. Today's menu was more delicate than any other day for breakfast food. Eva never went home for any holiday occasions, her brothers are instead her proxy. Glancing on her right at the staff table, she smiled at her coworkers that had stayed. Eva continued to finish her eggs Benedict when the mail came in. The woman looked up and noticed a school owl carrying a medium box, she caught it on time when the owl randomly let it go. A care package from her two nieces. She opened the box with a butter knife and revealed loads of muggle chocolates. Eva bit her lip, she wanted to laugh loud at the silliness they did. It was a sweetest box ever but she needed to share them as she's not into too much sweets.

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