Briar Rowan

Briar Rowan-Cullen

Werewolf, Fighter for underdogs, mother of 3
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Briars rowan, 15", with centaur (aspens) tail hair and my werewolf fur
36 (2/2013)
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Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh myself to sleep it's my lullaby

The Basics
Character's Name: Briar Rowan
-Briar: name for a spiky plant
-Rowan: A Northern hemisphere tree with scarlet berries, also called witch hazel and mountain ash.
Nicknames Bri, Rowan, and two-hoof, and wolfsbane by people she likes (the last by her brother), and by people who don't like her dog, ß!tch, wolf, pup/puppy, Fur ball etc (briar generally takes these in good humour even if the intent behind them is derogatory.) she has also been called ginger from time to time due to her hair
Character's Birthdate: I was found on February 1st and I was probably less than a day old so I was probably born on 31st Jan
Hometown: a forest in east Europe
Blood Status:(Note: Purebloods must be approved) unknown
Wand:(All the information on it you can provide) 15" rowan with essence of basilisk scales
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Hair: dirty light ginger long and usually messy.
Eyes: green
Height: average for her age but a powerful athletic build
Style: sporty and wild, more practical than aesthetic. although she is pretty attetched to her red converse.
Other Distinguishing Features: she has a rather large scar on her fight ankle/foot from her attack this is covered by a wolf tattoo. she also has a fair few light scars across her arms and legs, as these are healed by the nurse every month after they are made, they are hardly noticeable unless you know they are there. she also has a scar running down the side of her face, it is four lines caused during a particularly bad transformation. they are more visible than the scars on her limbs as he face skin is not as tough as body skin, and the nurse couldn't do as much to heal it as it was positioned in a place that may have caused some bad effects if it wasn't healed right. there is annother scar on her left arm here she bit herself during a transcormation.
Other than scars she has two tattoos. one on each foot,
A wolf on her right foot which covers up some of her bite marks, she got this for her seventeenth birthday of her boyfriend Dederick, it is there as a permanent rememder of what she is, and what they share, under that she had added the Word BRICK once they got back together.
on herother foot she had a Lion representing her house at school, somewhere where she knows she will always be at heart. this one she got during the christmas holiday of her seventh year.
She also now has a centaur accross her lower back, this represents her upbringing and family, as well as her sister Aspen
the dragon on her shoulder blade, is for her sister Madlyn who loves dragons.
possible future ones would be rowan branch/leaves, and whatever form her brother will take when he becomes an animagus.
Sometimes I fly so fast
Just to feel the danger
I want to scream it makes me feel alive

A Little Deeper
Personality: Briar will always try to help others as she saw how she was helped when she was at her weakest so she feels like she is repaying Shayla for all of her years worth of kindness. Over the last few years she has started doing many things that others would call reckless this is due to her lack of risks in her life at Hogwarts, so she has to create her own.
during her sixth year she started to become a little more responsible as she decided to work for the ministry.
she is generally nice, and happy, though when she is in a bad mood people know. she is rather single minded about things and once her mind is set on something she wont change it easily.
she is used to relying on herself and therefore is a little self sure, which at at times may show as being a little conceited, this isn't intentional but it is just part of who she is, it is only in some aspects, in many others, she puts herself down in some aspects, is isn't confident in her much about herself other than her physical skills.
History: I grew up with a heard of centaurs as I was found by them when I was only a few days old and they ended up taking me in because one of the mares had just lost a foal and for some reason having me comforted her grief.
She spent her childhood with the Centaurs she learned how to hunt and fend for herself in the forest. eleven happy years later a witch turned up and after much convincing Briar got taken to new zealand where she stayed with an older witch who taught her in a few months many of the things that she would need to know in order to learn at Hogwarts, including reading, writing, as well as any human customs.
Briar doesn't know her real family

Mother: Ms Milena von Gunten, pure blood. from a rich swiss pureblood supremacist family. when she was nineteen she had a gap year and was traveling the wizarding world. on night she had a one night stand with a man a few years older than her. unfortunately she found out the next morning that he was muggle born and already married. she ran off in shame however she got pregnant, and not wanting to have an abortion. too ashamed to tell her family she get pregnant with a muggleborn she extended her gap year until she finally when in eastern europe gave birth. knowing that she couldn't keep the child she left her in the forest hoping that the winter frost would kill her.

Farther: Mr David Brown, Muggleborn, Blonde. Her farther was born in UK and grew up there. he works for the acidental magic reversal squad. though he has inherited a fair amount of money he keeps it inthe bank and doesn't use it. one night when he was about 25 one thing went to another he ended up having a one night stand with a nineteen year old. even though his wife and daughter were at home. the next morning the girl had gone and He heard nothing from her since.

Half sister: Alyce Brown. Alyce a year and a half older than Briar has no idea she has a younger half sister. She grew up in the uk and attended Hogwards Scotland in gryffindor house until she was 14 when her parents split up. After then she started misbehaving and eventually get expelled. she then went to dermstrang once she graduated she moved to new zealand as far from her parents as she can and is living of her trust fund and partying it up.

Shaiala: mother who adopted her when she was just a few days old. Centaur Shayla has had no other foals other than the one that was still born and as far as I know he was going to be named Briar so I ended up with that name and it seems to fit me.

Aspen: a centaur who in the way the heard do family is her sister, however if you follow the muggle family lines she is her cousin, either way there were pretty close when briar was living with them, and now she has been kicked out of her herd and is residing the forbidden forest in New Zealand.

Due to her early adoption she finds that family isn't blood relations so Since she has started school she has created her own family.

Madlyn Margera: her sister, a year younger than her, but a lot taller as she is half giant. they met in the forrest and they got on instantly like a forrest fire.

Iris Margera: Madlyns mother and Briars adopted mother.

Jackson Margera: Madlyn's farther, he adopted her during her fifth year. she was happy to have a popper Family at last but this was sort liked due to his untimely death.

Minoas Stratis: a boy she met in the forest and who she saved form being attacked from acromantula. she has grown to see him as a younger brother.

as well as her family Briar has made many friends at Hogwarts. these include but are not limited to
Siddalee simon, her closes friend (who isn't family)
Sui Chin Ying
Andrea Kelize
Lola Caracola
Kate Moon
Professor Icarus Stratis
and many others

Briar has two places she calls home. the first is a small appartment in london that is owned by Dederick. it is a one bedroom one bathroom one everything else room appartment, not really her ideal home but it is useful and she likes being there with dee.
the other is her property in australia. much more her taste. she and de split their time between them. though the property is the perfect place for the full moon s it is protected from intruders by many spells which can be activated and inactivated by briar dederick and some ministry officials.
okay. it is quite a large property about 100 acres. the back of the property is a woodland. and the front is a series of meadows and paddocks as well as a small orchid. with a few dams. it was designed for keeping livestock though briar doesn't, and as it is summer they will likely be a little brown. between the two there is the home. it was an old shed so it is rather tall and opens right up at the front. where the living area is. at the back there is two stories. upstairs is the main bedroom and then a couple of spare ones (one with a part giant size bed incase madlyn visits) and downstairs there is a simple kitchen and bathroom and laundry. the house isn't very particularly high tech though there is a generator out back they generally run the house on magic. behind the house is a small shed that holds the said generator, a couple of quad bikes left from the previous owners and briar and dedericks brooms. there are two large water tanks that hold rainwater off the roof and also bore water which supply the house. the entire property is shielded from the surrounding (muggle) land by either hill lines, trees or both. which means that one can fly free over the dried grass without worry so long as one doesn't go too high. wildlife on the property are kangaroos and wallabies, wombats echidnas though they are rare, as are numbats. there are several species of parakeet that live in the wood as well as magpies and crows. and briars pet new zealand falcon (who still hasn't got a name) also flies free.

To walk within the lines
Would make my life so borin'
I want to know that I have been
To the extreme

-Good shot with a bow and arrow
-Able to speak the language of the centaurs
-Can be 100% self sufficient
-Knows a lot about plants, i.e. what’s poison, what can be eaten, and even what can heal cuts and wounds
-An excellent flyer
-Good fighter, both magic and non magic
-Very fit, and a fast runner
-She is able to keep control during any physical problem or danger, quickly analysing the situation and working out the best way to eliminate or escape the problem.

-Finds it hard to relate to other people
-Underestimates risks
-Cant write very well (due to not being taught to when she was little as the centaurs thought there were more important life skills, however they did teach her english)
-Finds reading hard, (see above, but she can read and was taught a little whilst growing up)
-Full moon, due to her transformations.she also tends to feel rather tired and a little ill during the week of the full moon.
-She finds it hard to deal with emotional or psychological problems or stresses, causing her to run away from them. this is why she often finds herself camping during the holidays as the physical demands required overcome the mental challenges.
- she finds emotions hard to deal with end of. anything more complex than you can describe to a child has her mentally detaching herself, or leaving.

So knock me off my feet
Come on now give it to me
Anything to make me feel alive

Boggart her boggart used to be herself unable to move and loosing control of her body, or her home forest being cut down for human development.
Once she was bitten it became her sister, friends or the rest of society hurting her once she tells her that she is a werewolf
Briar followed the professor into the chamber. her wand was in her hand and she was spinning it between her fingers. she saw that there was just a cupboard in the room and she was pretty sure she knew what was in it. she stood there wondering what would appear out of it as the professor had left, she had faced a boggart last year during the wheel barrow race, and knew what it had been then, but now things had changed, she had a new worst fear.
after a minute or so of wondering the professor must have cast a spell or something as the door to the cupboard opened and out stepped a rather tall girl, Briar recognised her instantly. It was her stepsister madlyn. she was a little surprised that that was who her worst fear was, as she knew it wasn't the person she was most scared of, but she was the one who could hurt her most, even more than the werewolf who had bit her over the summer could. as physical hurt was nothing to briar, where as mental pain was a new concept to her, one she still hadn't learned how to deal with. however soon her friends voice started to echo around the chamber, distorted by the walls and columns. the words were not meant to be nice she knew that, but they cut her and she hoped that no one could hear what was being said. I know what you are, your a monster, werewolves shouldn't mix with normal people" the part giant was saying, apparently it hadn't worked out that madlyn would not use the word normal as she herself being part giant would also fit into the same category. "You know my Fathers Death was your fault, you were the one who knew the centaurs, you could have stopped it. I am glad you didn't come back over the holiday, and i never want to see your betraying face again" the girl continued. before going back to her old attack about her newest identity, one she herself was still getting used to. "werewolves are scum, should be shunned from society. forced to live in caves, and love off scraps that others throw away" by this point Briars blood was starting to boil. a chain of remarks had built up in her brain and she was just going about to shout them back. when she remembered where she was, the exam. she took a breath and pictured her sister how she usually was before they had fallen out. "Riddikulus" she said, and the girl shut up and started smiling the way she had always know her friend before the events of last year. she remembered when they had met in the forest, and the many conversations that they had had. she chuckled at the memories, and she felt the boggarts grip loosen and it faded back into the cupboard. Briar shoot the door before heading out of the room. she hoped that Professor Styx hadn't been able to hear what the bogart version of her friend had said as she didn't think he knew about her, and if he wasn't already aware she certainly didn't want him to find out. she had been shaken and she hoped that no one would find out about her affliction as she didn't want them to sat those things to her. she hadn't wanted to be bitten, though if she was able to relive that night again she would probably still ask Dederck if he wanted food again, she would just be cautions and leave earlier and find a better way up the cliff.

Now that the secret is out and she got plenty of support from her friends and housemates it will turn into a friend most likely Madlyn or Minoas, all covered in Blood and left for dead after being attacked by a werewolf (herself)
Briar thought that the first one was a good one to start as any and as she entered the next room. She wasn’t even worried that she didn’t have her wand with her. she had practiced windless magic until she had it so down pack that she was able to do it at near second nature. And she was thinking of getting herself a ne wan anyway. She saw four cupboards. And decided that the one labeled A as it was as gooda one to start as any other. And she had a good feeling about it. she stood a few meters away and opened the door soundlessly with magic. Hoping that nothing to dreadful would come out. Soon she saw a familiar head ducking out. The hark hair sticking to the girls face. It wasn’t sweat or water that was making the hair stick, it the red of her sisters blood was smeared across her face. Then a large body followed the clothing that was covering the body was wrapped and through the holes Briar could see lots of deep scratches that were somewhat familiar. They were the marks of a werewolf attack. Briar felt her heart stop. She knew that it was a Bogart and her sister was probably in some other exam but it was certainly Briars worst fear, her attacking anyone she loved. She concentrated hard on the spell and closing her eyes she focused on the spell. Trying to be able to get it non verbal. When she opened her eyes she saw that her sister was gone. In her place was her brother who was just as scratched and stumbling over until her was on the floor. ”Minoas” she said stepping forward towards the boy before remembering that it was only a Bogart. She concentrated again. This time remembering that she had to concentrate on something funny. ”Redicalous” she said looking as Minoas’ eyes opened and his face lit up. The scars faded. ”I’m just joking wolfsbane, the look on your face classic” said the boys voice though it didn’t quite sound like him. Briar let out a chuckle ”Good one min” she said but before the words came out the Bogart was gone. Pleased with her success she headed towards the exit.
There was a squeak that alerted her that she was not alone. And she saw that it was a suit of armor. Quickly she cast two spells almost simultaneously both non verbal. The first one a strong protago and the second one was stupefy. A this seemed to stun the creature for a moment. Then she silently put the body bind in it before pushing it over. just then the door sprang open and briar left the chamber collecting her wand glad that she had finished the defense against the dark arts exam

Dementor the night of her werewolf attack, the pure terror as she tried to rin away and climb a cliff to get away, and then the pain when she was bit.
patronus memory when Jackson Margera asked her if she wanted o be adopted by them. her time spent with Dederick on the boat when they started going out.

Patronus form a wolf
Briar entered the practical exam room a little relieved about the theory part, it hadn't asked awkward questions like the potions one and she wondered what the practical component was. although she had never been a studyer like the ravenclaws she was good at spell work and subsequently was feeling rather confident. "Hello" she greeted the examiners smiling slightly at them. as she waited for her topic. she wasn't particularly surprised when she was asked to cast a patronus. thankfully she had had a lot of practice casting them as often when she was on night patrol she would cast one and have it keep her company.
the ad to think of a happy memory and one sprung quickly to mind. she had used tit one many times for the charm. she closed her eyes and tried to capture the feeling of the boat beneath her, the smell of the salt and seaweed i the air, the sound of the seagulls and waves lapping the side of the small boat she was on. and most importantly she thought of the compony. that was what had made the memory happy to her. she was sitting next to her boyfriend-at-the-time. the boy she still knew she may love but was unlikely going to see again however at this moment they were sitting side by side watching the sin set and the stars come out. "Expecto Patronum" she said and opened her eyes to see a silver mist hanging before her. she frowned and let it dissipate.
She closed her eyes again this tome focusing on a different memory. this time she felt sot light of the sunrise and the grass she was sitting on. beside her was her best friend who would soon be her sister and next to them was Madlyns dad. they were talking and she he was just asking her if she wanted to join the family at that point she focused on the spell casting it non verbally. opening her eyes this time she saw a familiar shape coming from her wand, the form of a silver wolf. concentrating she made it do a lap of the room before coming to a stop by her side. she scratched its ears before she let this one to disbanded and waited to be told to leave. once told to to so she turned and left the room feeling like she had done okay.

Amortentia earth, the forest after rain, wood smoke, and something sweet that she can't put a name to.
Five words Strong, Fiery, Nice, Instinctive, Fast

Briar Rowan-Cullen

Werewolf, Fighter for underdogs, mother of 3
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Briars rowan, 15", with centaur (aspens) tail hair and my werewolf fur
36 (2/2013)
Trophy Showcase:
Let down your defenses
Use no common sense
If you look, you will see

Briar moves to New Zealand for a few months and gets to know the aria and when she is there she goes to a park and meats Katie Swan and Sinella. After a while she ended up helping Katie run away from home and offered her a bed in her room at the leaky cauldron. A few days later she met Keira in a cafe and after a while she found out that she was homeless and offered her the other bed in her room leaving her to sleep on the floor. However some nights she left for the comfort of a nearby forest where she helped someone who had been stabbed. Also on a negative one day in obsidian she bumped into hazel and got into a fight but still tried to her when her step farther came to stop her. She also met ino and had a chat with her.

That this world is a beautiful, accident
Turbulent, succulent, opulent
Permanent, no way

First year
Briar got sorted into Gryffindor with the sorting hat saying "You've had quite a life of bravery already, so I think you'll do some good in GRYFFINDOR!"
After leaving the hogwarts express Briar watched as she castle loomed up menacingly before her. this brought a wave of anxiety to her stomach. swallowing she forced it away and looked around the grounds glad that there was a forest which may house centaurs inside the grounds.
she walked inside the large front doors and saw the size of the room. it took her breath away. she was clad that they were so big it made it feel more open. after a fiew minutes, once a lot of other older students had enteded the next set of doors to her left. then a man cme out of those doors and gestured to the first yeas to follow him.
they all walked through into the next room and briar looked around above her the ceiling perfectly reflected the night sky showing stars and planets. this caused her to relax slightly. however when they stopped she could feel every eye on her. she wanted to run away and never come back but two things stopped her firstly she had come this far and she may as well see it through till the end or at least until the end of the feast it seemed they would soon be having. and secondly more people had entered behind her and she physically couldn't get out even if she wanted to.
She watched as people were called up to try on a hat which shouted out the names of each of the houses. one most of the people had taken the seats at one of the four long tables she heard a familiar name being called out "rowan, Briar". slowly she walked up to the hat and placed it on her head. she waited while it made its decision not too bothered about where she ended up. just do what you have to and place me where i belongshe though. hopping that it was where she wanted to be.

"You've had quite a life of bravery already, so I think you'll do some good in GRYFFINDOR!"

She spent most of her time in the forest, this started on her first day when she went for a jog at dawn and was followed by a group of students. Feeling at home at last
When the weather turned cold she had a snowball fight in the lawn and met a Ravenclaw called (quite aptly) snow Playing in the Snow
She continued looking for centaurs n the forest and met a centaur called Dover, they had a bit of a chat before going for a bit of a run resuming the search for life

I wanna taste it
Don't wanna waste it away yeah, yeah

Second year
Briar Grew closer with fellow second year Sidalee Simon, after a conversation in which Briar revieled her upbringing and Sid Taught her how to do cartwheels.
talking in the cold
Briar and Sid pulled a prank Resulting in a bucket of paint over Ravenclaw fifth year Elvera Le Fey. Prank time
One day Briar was in the forest and ran into a first year half giant Madlyn Margera, they bonded instantly as neither of them came from a normal upbringing they were then interrupted by a centaur and briar raced her. Mischiefs or sorts

Is it enough to love?
Is it enough to breathe?

third year
briar realises this year that she wont be able to go home after she graduates, and she realises that she needs to throw herself into something that can support her, so she throws herself into quidditch, joins the Gryfindor team and spends all of her free time on the pitch. Practising

Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed

fourth year
This year briar starts craving adrenalin, by doing whatever she needs to do to get that rush. it started by her jumping out of the window of the seventh floor corridor (holding her broom but not mounted on it) this was done as a quick way to get to quidditch try out quiddich try out
however this soon lead to jumping off the cliffs into the lake totally unaided landing in the water, and climbing back up the cliff face Leap of faith
she saw Madlyn again one evening at the top of the north tower and they had a talk about Madlyn's life and the advantaged and disadvantages of being a giant after Seeing dad

Is it enough to die?
Somebody save my life

Fifth year
At the start of the year Briar discovers that she has been made a prefect. this was somewhat unexpected. However she grew used to the job, and found it suited her quite well.
one day when she was flying (once gain starting from the top of the north tower) she met a first year called ember gave her, her first ride on a boom Take control
she also met Kate Swan again for the first time since she started Hogwarts I think I have seen you before
One morning she goes for a run and discovers her friend Madlyn chanting and her farther. she eventually tells them about her past, and to her surprise when he finds out that she has no family Professor Margera offers to adopt her Chanting to the sun
in October when she was heading home from quidditch training she saw a younger boy head into the forest. she followed him inside. Luckily for him she was able to get him out of the pit he had fallen in, and then they fought together to escape acromentular. Unfortunately they were caught by professor Weasley Dancing with the arachnids they were sent to her office, both students were punished. Briar had two months on probation for her prefect duties. Lions in trouble

after the summer break she went hard in the quidditch training. as she had a match coming up. she played chaser for the GryffinPuff team and thankfully they won GryffinPuff vs SlytherClaw
one morning she was in a bad mood and headed to the pitch to hit a few bludgers around. Eventually she calmed down and started playing a sort of bludger tennis with her sister Madlyn however a Slytherin annoyed by her performance in the match hexed two of the bludgers to attack her. dodging bludgers
they went to the hospital wing and the nurse told her she had broken her shoulder in the skirmish and fixed it rogue bludgers are hard to dodge
she went to Professor Kingsleys office and told her about the incident. After being taken to professor Styx's office Lets deal with this
Briar took place in the wheel barrow obstacle corse with her sister Madlyn Margera. they won The Race begins
on the morning of the Brightstone weekend Briar left the school early and flew out to the nearby mountains where she spend a while racing the wind and just satisfying her need for pure speed. when she was out there she met a boy called Dederick Cullen, they landed and had a brief conversation before he flew off again flying through the sky (not a big or impressive plot but the first time she met someone who will have a large role to play over the next 12 months though neither of them know it and if they were told what they would be doing in a years time both would probably think you were crazy)

near the end of the year she was summoned to Professor Blazes office along with Madlyn. the worst news was broken to them as they were told that their farther (her adopted and Madlyns real) had been killed. summon at night Two days later Madlyn came to her dorm and dragged her out to the forest. There she found Aspen, a centaur who had been her sister back at home. The three of them worked together to recover Jacksons body from the forest. it doesn't make sense

I'd rather be anything but ordinary please

sixth year
In the summer before her sixth year she decides that she can't face spending it with the Margeras because she sees herself responsibly for Jacksons death so she flies away and spends the break in the mountains on the south island of new Zealand, after a month with no human interaction she once again runs into Dederick Cullen. Unfortunately it is during the night of a full moon, and she learns the hard way hat he is. two teenagers on a mountain at night, a recipe for disaster
the next day she is admitted into St Mungos where she gets help from a healer called Alyssa, and stays a few weeks before returning to school for her sixth year. after having a bite
On her second day back she ran into Madlyn. Her stepsister was angry at her for running away over the break and after a fight they left in opposite directions their friendship shattered. How was your holiday
A week later she organised a quidditch skills session with Minoas, and Finally told him about her childhood and in return she learned about his past too. Flirting with the Quaffle
Briar started writing letters to Dederick. letters with double meanings
During this time she decided on a second career path to follow alongside her dream of a professional quidditch player. she enrolled in all the classes she needed to work for the department and control of dangerous creatures, as she had decided to work as a werewolf support person, helping new werewolves and their families become adjusted to the change in life, as well as doing what she could to make life as a werewolf more bearable.
One evening she was practicing flying, and she met Professor Icarus Stratis, the new flying professor, they both shot some hoops against each other, as the conversed. they seemed to get on rather well. dusk flight
She attended the halloween feast on her own, deciding to use gender fudge and go as a boy dressed as an upperclass schoolboy. when asked about her identity she took the name Brian Cullen, who was a fifth year transferee. in ravenclaw house. the side effects of that were interesting. as the person doing the asking was none other than Jaden west, who both hates briar and knows dederick (who's name she stole) however oddly they didn't seem to get on too badly. one of the boys playlist If i were a boy: Beyonce
Briar attends the yule ball. her cress is cirtainly not what people would consider normal for the event, but she had received a parcel earlier that day and was pretty sure someone knew about her condition, so she wore long selves and long trousers to cover ip any scars on her arms and legs. Whilst she was at the bll she bumped into Jaden west (again) and they actually seemed to get on okay, after a few insults and taunts to begin with. my last dance, all good

Over the holidays Briar spends time visiting different people. she spends a while with Dederick on his boat she tell him her past and after a short dance he kissed her which was her first kiss. afterwards she realises she has feelings for him, and he says he feels the same. they become an item. a few days later Jaden appears on the boat, and causes an argument to break out, as she sees them together (and thinks more is going on). Dederick takes Briars side and apparates them both away when she tries to attack briarWolfsbane and mistletoe playlist: we found love, Rhianna

when she returns to school Jaden puts up Posters saying that she was a werewolf and skank. when Briar finds them she is upset, but with the help of Madlyn and Minoas she starts to feel better. Briar Werewolf (seventh floor) (there are also posters with other people reacting on other floors all called Briar Werewolf (floor name)
that afternoon briar explains to Minoas and Madlyn what had happened for her to get where she was, both how she was bitten and how Jaden found out. the whole story
a few days later Professor Kingsley also summons her to her lounge to see how se is coping Protecting a cub

Briar spent a lot of time over the next few weeks practicing her quidditch as soon the next quidditch match would be held. one day she had been forced of the pitch she walked back to the castle around the late and started talking to Kate moon, and soon a mermaid appeared and joined the conversation. colours of the wind
Before she knew it the match was on them. Briar played as chaser and scored the first two goals of the match. from then on they were in the lead for the whole came 3 goals to 1, however the slytherclaw team caught the snitch first and caused them to win the game. part way through the game briar was hit by a bludger and this caused her to slam her face to he broom handle, she played the rest of the game with a broken and bleeding nose Slytherclaw vs Gryffinpuff
after the game she went to the hospital wing with Minoas who sprained his wrist as he wasn't used to playing beater to get fixed up and they met the other chaser kate there. after he match

During the next brightstone weekend Briar went on a date with Dee (after the girls in her dorm had given her a make over) although they had organised to go to the club neither of them were really feeling it so they left on his bike they rode to the top of a hill to see the city lights. then the suggestion of tattoos came up. 17 and of age (technically in the alternate RP section but it should be treated as actually occurring)

At the end of term she has the first heart to heart with her sister Madlyn, the end of term. a year after they separated for the last summer, hopefully all the cracks in their friendship are healed. (not) packing for the holidays

I'd rather be anything but ordinary please

seventh year
Over the holidays Briar spends a rather enjoyable time with her boyfriend, in his apartment in London. after an evening together thy both say that they think they love each other. (yes, they are werewolves (not transformed) and in london, they should so call a topic werewolves in london, maybe next time if there is a next time). An Evening Together Playlist animal Neon trees

when she returned to school she found out that she hadn't been made a quidditch captain, which really angered her, and caused her to almost not try out. but she did, only to later find out that the reason she wasn't quidditch captain was that she had been made head girl. which made her feel bad for her earlier anger towards Aphrodite and Rakas (more Aphrodite as she hadn't been as mad at Rakas)

She and Jeremy ran the prefects meeting. which didn't go as smoothly as it could have done. It seems like the rumours (and truths) that had been sweeping the school the previous year were still making their presence known Prefects meeting year 15

the pressure of her headgirlship, quidditch training and seventh year classes, and not hearing from her boyfriend was starting to get to her and one day she was sitting by the late trying to hold the different strains in when she met her sister and they had a conversation both getting some of their fears out into the open under pressure

Briar eventually heard from Dederick asking if they could meet up over the brightstone weekend as he had something he wanted to talk to her about. they met in the park. and he told her that he was breaking up with her as he had never felt anything more than guilt for her. this wasn't taken well and soon she was shouting so loud the whole park could hear. a waning relationship Playlist numb; P!nk

soon it was the halloween feast and Briar Attended the feast dressed as a wolf, after spending a while practicing the transfiguration, she et up with Her sister, Kate Moon and Sapphire Bookchild. whats the time Mr wolf. a little later on in the evening she met Jeremy Thorne, and over a conversation seemed to become a little closer to the head boy, and managed to get him to trust her the last one

Ever since the break up briar had dried to keep herself as busy as posable claiming as many patrols as she could as well as working hard to master the spells. she also stopped taking her wolfsbane potion. however by december it was all starting to crash down on her and one night during the full moon she ended up biting herself hard on the arm. in the morning she went to the hospital wing and the nurse tried her best to help her, but it was more than just the wounds that briar needed help with and as she was not taking wolfsbane she got referred to St Mungoes. Another Bite

During the holiday Briar attends appointments at the hospital with healer Sunako Koshiba. the healer manages to heal her arm and help her through some of the stress that she has been feeling. Always the special cases

She attends the yule ball with her sister both of them are wearing dresses that don't suit them that Iris their mother made. Whilst they are there she meets her little brother Minoas and her friend Sapphire Bookchild. Last Dance, looks like we've been Riddikulused. oh well AKA anything meaningful to briar ((thanks to Madz))

Over the holiday Madlyn returns to america with her family, but due to head girl duties, and visits t the hospital briar opts to stay in new zealand. One day she meets a girl who she spends a little time with Just to try it playlist: I kissed a girl: katy perry

for New year birar heads down to the three boomsticks, to "love a little" and whilst she is there she meets Samuel Philips, an ex student if HNZ. as they are the only young people in the bar they start flirting, fuelled by alcohol. as midnight approches they make there way to his special place where the new year is welcomed in with a kiss between the two of them, where briar realises that she isnt over Dederick. to welcome in the new year playlist:we are young: Fun

As the new term starts briar decided that she had better make a start on her graduation speech before she gets loaded up with work and assignments. she spends an afternoon in the student lounge, where she meets Jeremy, they talk about the past and future plans. and continue to get to know each other, she shares some things with him, and he shares about his past with her. before things get busy

as it is her sisters Seventeenth birthday Briar decides to host a surprise party for her. with careful planning she had everything ready. a giant surprise party

at the news of a new quiddtch match briar trained during her free time as she wanted to be ready, she also needed to be ready for final tryouts for a pro team. whilst she was on a break she saw her brother. he told her he was training to become an animagus. they bantered a bit before both taking to the sky. however their practicing was dampened slightly by the arrival of an owl that said that the quidditch match had been cancelled good better best, never gonna rest

one afternoon after a run in the grounds and a talk with her sister Aspen Briar decides to rite to Samuel appologising for the acction for new years eve. soon the letters are passing between them. yeah, about that

one da she was relaxing and she got bored with trying to be a good role model. for the younger student, so when she had a free period she decided to live a little and go cliff jumping. surprisingly a professor was thinking the same thing and she and Icarus challenged each other to plunging into the lake in a different way both off a broom and off the cliffs Freefall

Deciding the time had once again come for her to come clean she arranged to meat her sisters in the forrest and she admitted that she still liked Dederick, and she discovered that madlyn had lost a friend and found someone that she liked who was also part giant. Three sisters

As head girl Briar had to give her speech at graduation. this is it.
Umm, what can I say. There was nothing in the job description about having to give a speech on graduation, or maybe it was in the fine print and I missed it. Either way I am meant to say something so I had better get started. I hope it comes out okay. A few months ago Jeremy asked me if I was ready to graduate. I almost said yes without thinking. Of course I am ready to graduate, I have been looking forward to my life after school. But then I realised, there is more to it than that. As Hogwarts has done more to us than just got us ready for respective careers. For within the castle walls, or at least those of the grounds we have all gown. I know if someone had told me I would be up here giving the graduation speech aiming for a job in the ministry, I would have probably said that they were a crazy twohoof, and ran as fast as I could from the place, but here I am. We have also met great people. Friends that have become closer than family, who have stood by you when you needed them most, and will continue to do so for life. even if you may not have always done the same for them.
Hogwarts has become a home, a haven, and a hell at times. But if anyone was to leave cross the stage here for the last time and say that they have had no good or no bad experiences here or made a single friend since they started the school. I would say that you are lying. Even if your highlight of the time here was the treacle tart served one Wednesday in winter, or the closest friend you had was the person you always partnered with in defence against the dark arts. In your second year.
Seven years ago then we started here we came in through the doors and across this stage to have the sorting hat placed on our heads in order to be divided into houses, but also united as students of this school. who would have thought that we would be who we would now sitting here ready to cross the stage once again to graduate, it was some impossible place, to far in the future to think about. Here we all are, we survived it, maybe with a few bumps and bruises but that just adds character dont you think? Today we will cross as students of Ravanclaw, Hufflepuff Slytherin and Gryffindor houses and leave as Hogwarts New Zealand Class of 2031.
Today we start a new path in our lifes journey. It is a time when we can decide to turn our live around, make up for the mistakes of the past, put it behind you and start again. whether your life is planned in front of you like a highway, or a winding footpath with a general idea of the direction but taking the scenic route, or even not visible and you make your way through the darkness and see where you end up, just know there are no wrong turns, just different directions. Whichever way you to take on route to the future, there is no way of disguising the fact that today is a day for new beginnings, but the past should not be forgotten, you are only who you are now because of where you have been. People you have known, and experiences you have had have changed you, even if you didnt ask for it, wether that change be for the better or worse depends on that you make of it. there are two ways to cope with change, believe me I know I have had to face some pretty big changes over my time here, for starters moving half way across the world and secondly becoming a werewolf before my sixth year, neither of which were easy, but they have both made me who I am today. My point is that you can either hide from change and be afraid of it, pretend that it hasnt occurred, or you can accept and embrace it, make the most of it and not give a damn what people think. You will be marching to your own drum, some people will call you crazy, mad, dangerous even, but surly it is better them calling you crazy and hating you for what you are, than having people like you for what you are not. Though I can see where the advantages in that also fall.
Hogwarts has been a perfect foundation wherever you wish to end up, both academically and with the wider experiences that have been had. My final piece of advice to each of you is to go for your life enjoy the journey, as that is what really counts not the destination and most importantly get lost.
After the cerimony She was talking to her family when she had a surprise guest. Dederick had been invited by her sister and come to apologise, something that made her amazing graduation day perfect. Friends closer than family

I used to have no wolves around me
I was too free, If that's possible to be

after school age 18-19
Briar graduated school and just like she promised him at graduation. she visited Dederick and they managed to sort through and apologise for the past and got back together. the way it used to be

Briar managed to earn herself the two jobs she had set out to get. a ministry witch working for werewolf support services, and a professional chaser. unfortunately not for her first choose of teams the thunderers, but for the macaws which is almost as good.

using the gift she had received on Aspen. she decided to get it made into a wand 15 inches, Rowan, duel core of Centaurs tail hair and werewolf fur. the rowan came from the tree she was born under, and the werewolf fur was her own A special request

she moved in with Dederick though during the holiday spent plenty of time with Madlyn (Minoas was in Egypt so she couldn't meet him) however in around september she was starting to feel run down by london she had never been designed to live in a city. so she bought a large property out in the australian bush. near the wizarding community in wagga wagga. making her the new wagga wagga werewolf. however she does still share her time between Australia and london with Dederick.
In march she was organising a full moon party. she headed back from St Mungoes with a man bumped into her and took her wand and amulet. she chased him though the alleys and across roofs trying to get them back. before they ended up in a ladies house and he took a cup. picking the wrong pocket to pickpocket] that evening after work they met up and in obsidian and he showed her what he was doing with the money from the cup hard shell, soft core

No safety is what i mean,
no solid foundation to keep me

Second year after school (age 19-20)

in mid December briar was starting to get stomach cramps, when she was in obsidian harbour though she didn't think much of it. she met a quidditch player and had coffee with her who let the wolfsbane out

in late december she attended the Festival of innovative magic with her brother and his friend. unfortunately unfortunately half way through she threw up. who's they

unfortunately the vomiting kept going and when she returned to work a week later after the new year. a former class mate Lilith found her throwing up in the bathroom at work. over breakfast they caught up. and lilith thinking she knew what was wrong with her gave her a potion to try. this potion came though possessive BRIAR WAS PREGNANT Because girls never seem to be in the bathroom alone
that afternoon she left work early and told dederick that afternoon. Disastrous news

it was a few weeks later and she was just about starting to show the first signs of a baby bump wen she ran into Jeremy in obsidian harbour. they had a quick catch up and she eventually told him her 'news' and he insisted that she went to see a seer Just about showing

Not realising that her friend Samuel was vegan (or rather not realising that vegans couldn't eat ice cream) Briar met her god friend Samuel at an ice cream parlour in Diagon alley. my now she was pretty clearly obviously pregnant though to begin with the table hid the lump. she told him she didn't want the baby and he (jokingly) suggested adoption Friends, Fears and ice cream sundaes

the idea of adoption grew on briar and a few weeks later she visited a lady who she heard took in unwanted children, morgan le fey. and after a few biscuits and a conversation she had offered the child to Elvera Le Fey who was happy to take t as her own, and although before she hadn't like the lady much she decided that she was actually alright. and Elvera advised her she was likely going to give birth during a full moon. Free to a good home

although she was due around a new moon in august She decided to listen to the seer who (she had to admit) was hardly ever wrong in her predictions. so in the tenth of August the day of the full moon Briar headed to st munges for the night in a secure isoation room. just incase the baby was going to come. Room 101

lyrics Anything but ordinary- Avril Lavigne
The wolf is getting married- Sinéad O'Connor​
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