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Marnie Frogg

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Red rose for @Elara Chatelain

Marnie was definitely struggling having so many other deliverers on her list. How did anyone find anyone in this castle? But she was extra excited for this next rose. Firstly, it was a red rose, which ohh! Exciting! And secondly, it was for a cool older girl like Elara. Marnie hadn't even spoken to her, but she was the leader of Heta Omega and instantly all the more glamorous in Marnie's eyes for it. In fact if Marnie wasn't already hopelessly infatuated with another club leader she could easily imagine sending Elara a rose or two herself...

But for now she needed to focus, adjusting her floppy, hand-made rose hat as she waited by the stairs, sure she'd catch Elara eventually, bouncing into motion when it proved true. "Elara! Hi you're Elara right is your last name said like "chat" like "chatter" cause that'd be funny everyone says I chatter all the time which is true but it's not my last name though it's Frogg, my last name I mean ohh but I can't get distracted I have a rose for you and it's a red one that's so exciting I hope I get a red one as well though it's so hard to find other deliverers maybe I should go stand in the entrance hall for awhile just in case..."
Elara was on her way to a class when she was stopped by a familiar face from the paper. The younger girl was most definitely noticeable with the amount that she talked, but Elara just smiled as she kept going before finding a lull to jump in. "The entrance hall is a great place to find people, too. I also like outside the common rooms nearer the end of the day, but that can be tricky," she add, admiring Marnie's hat. "You said you had a rose for me?"
Marnie mentally took down Elara's tips with a few head nods, pushing her hat back into place when it tried to slip forward with the motion. "That's great advice thanks I bet you've sent a bunch of roses as a seventh year that's pretty cool but oh yeah sorry here someone really likes you apparently, they sent you a red rose that's super cool or maybe they're really into Gryffindor pride and stuff since you're the seeker right wow you must be busy do you even have time for homework I'd die," Marnie marveled, handing Elara the rose and her note.

You're the best and I love you.

x Zay
Elara really tried to listen to Marnie as she took the note and felt a wild rush of joy. "I, uh, well, yes, I do have time for homework," she responded, totally forgetting anything the third year had said to her.
Marnie noted Elara looked pretty distracted while reading her rose, surmizing whatever it said must be suuuper romantic and trying not to feel too envious. She was sure someone would send her a red rose like that sometime. Totally. "Well good that makes one of us at least I mean at least I've been getting my Monthly articles done I'm so bad at finishing things though it's a great excuse to work on that instead of homework, right?" She said brightly. "Still, you look uh, busy. With that super great red rose, so I can leave you to it wow so romantic someone sending you a rose so sweet you're nearly speechless," Marnie added with a happy sigh. "Happy Valentines!"

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