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Zora was excited for Halloween because she actually was able to get a new costume this year as her brother had gifted her a little bit of money to use for whatever she decided. It was a welcome surprise and she was grateful for it. So after some debate she had gotten pieces to turn herself into a ballerina, pink tutu and all. It felt so pretty and cute, maybe it was a little out of her character to dress this way but that was exactly what Halloween was for. The second year knew some people took the opportunity to be scary but not her. Zora had put her usually coiled natural hair into a sleek bun which had taken quite a bit of work and some product to do so and it was giving her a little bit of a headache so upon entering the Great Hall she decided to ease her tension with a piece of candy so she could observe the room and see where her friends might be as she had joined maybe twenty minutes after the party had started.
Noah had missed out on so many things last year, so this year he’d decided he’d participate in all the fun stuff. He had big plans this year and he wanted to make more friends and hang out more with the friends he already had. The second year put the final touches of his costume and headed to the great hall, where he saw so many cool and scary costumes. People really did put effort into this. He shuffled a little awkwardly as his was either going to get a lot of attention, or he’d blend in with the crowd so much because of how common it was. At least, so he’d heard in the muggle world. Despite having grown up with magic Noah loved reading the muggle comic books. As he looked through the crowd his eyes fell on a familiar face. Noah went over to his friend with a smile. “Hey Zora! Wow, you look really cool,” he said. It was cute and it suited her. Noah felt his own costume was a little mainstream.​
Summer was absolutely thrilled with how her costume had turned out this year. Sure, her hair might be a terror to fix when she would head to bed tonight but that was a problem for later. After winning 'best overall' during the costume contest last year she felt like she couldn't show up in anything boring this year and she definitely hadn't. When she entered the hall it didn't take Summer long to spot her classmates, quickly making her way over. "Hi!" She beamed at them before looking them both up and down to check out their costumes. "Oh, don't tell me.. You're one of those superheroes, right?" She asked Noah, quite sure she had seen a look somewhere in her brothers' rooms before. The name had gotten away from her though and she turned her attention to Zora. She knew Noah better than her, but they seemed to be friends so being nice surely couldn't bring her any grief. "That is so cute." Summer complimented the other girl easily. "And you hair! That must've taken some effort."
Zora was scanning the room when she noticed her friend Noah join her. She didn’t understand what he was dressed up as. Maybe a fan of spider’s? Still the grinned wide at him. “Thanks Noah, your costume is cool too. Is it from a muggle program?” she asked, admittedly unsure of what exactly he was wearing. It wasn’t long after they started talking with Summer arrived, and Zora smiled nicely at her. At the Slytherin complimenting Zora’s hair she nodded and said, “Oh yes, you don’t know how many pins are in my hair right now.” Swiftly changing to compliment the other girl she said, “Your costume is adorable. Is it Barbie?” It was one of the few muggle things that she actually knew because she thought the dolls had been so cute when she was younger even if her parents had never gotten her one because it was an expense they simply couldn’t justify. “How are you walking with those shoes?” she asked genuinely impressed. Zora had never tried to wear a pair of heels but definitely admired it in the other girl, plus the bows were cute. She hoped that it was clear that she was being complimentary because she really did want Summer to be her friend alongside Noah.
Noah grinned when Zora nearly got it right. "Yeah! It's Spider-Man," he confirmed, wondering if she had ever heard of it. But from her reaction, he suspected she hadn't. Which was fair enough. The only reason why Noah knew of it was because his parents wanted to expose their children to what was out there, as the wizarding world wasn't the only world out there. To the second year it was baffling that muggles could do anything without magic, but clearly they functioned. Somehow. It wasn't long before Summer joined them and Noah beamed at her. "Hey Summer!" He chuckled. "Yeah! I am Spider-Man, only the coolest superhero there is..." he stopped himself before he could ramble on the subject. "Except, it's way too hot to wear the mask too," he added, holding up the face mask. Even if it did complete the costume. He nodded in agreement to Zora's comment. "You look really good, Summer," he told her. It must have taken her a while to get ready and look that impressive. She clearly cared a lot about this, which Noah could appreciate. "Anyone want a drink or a snack? I'll go get them," he asked, as he was eyeing up the snack table. Noah could always eat.​
Summer nodded approvingly when Noah did confirm he was dressed as some sort of superhero, although she was glad he didn't start rambling about it. She liked him, but she wasn't interested in listening to him ramble about something she didn't care for anyways. Him not wearing the mask was understandeable though and she was glad he wasn't or she wouldn't have recognized him in the first place. "It is!" Summer nodded when Zora asked about her costume, abandoning the comment she was going to make during the hair talk. Choosing between continuing a conversation or receiving compliments was an easy pick. "Barely, so don't expect me to move from this spot for the foreseeable future." She laughed, glancing at her shoes. They were terrible to walk in but they were super cute and she stared at them perhaps a little too long before realizing she was still engaged in a conversation. "Aww, thanks!" She smiled brightly when Noah complimented her as well, tossing her hair back over her shoulder. At least her effort didn't go unnoticed. Noah offering to get them a snack or a drink also didn't go unnoticed and since she did not plan on moving in her shoes she happily accepted that offer. "I would love a pumpkin pasty."
Zora nodded, as if she had any idea what Spider-Man was but she wanted to be a supportive friend to Noah so she'd keep that one too herself and look into it later. While her parents didn't mind muggles, they didn't really have a lot of experience around them and were always a bit nervous they'd let something slip in front of them and so Zora and her brother, Basquiat, also had limited experience and knowledge outside of books and art. "Oh there is a mask too?" Zora asked rhetorically. It was really clear she hadn't any clue of what this super-hero was all about but she was glad Noah was happy with his costume choice anyway.

At Summer claiming she could barely walk, Zora giggled a little. She could only imagine that it would be quite impossible to walk around so when Noah offered to get them drinks or a snack she thought that was very kind of him. He was, of course, always so kind. What a great friend he was to be around, truly. Zora smiled and said, "Yes please. If it's no trouble, I'd love a drink but only if it isn't an inconvenience to you." She didn't want him to go out of his way to get a drink for her so if the line was long for a drink she would hope he would have the sense to tell her to get it herself. "It doesn't even matter what drink it is," she said as a way to make herself seem even more easy-going and grateful for the gesture. Truthfully she hoped he wouldn't get her pumpkin juice. She thought it was a nasty drink but if he did get that for her she would drink it anyway. Maybe with Noah getting food and drinks (hopefully) Zora and Summer would get to know one another better as she felt a bit guilty for not getting to know her very well when she did want to be the Slytherin's friend.
Noah laughed when Zora asked if there was a mask, it was really cute that she didn't know the awesome guy he was dressed up as. "I repeat, he's only the best super-hero ever!" he exclaimed, wanting to convince the girls that he really was the best. "Oh, and his real name is Peter Parker," he added with a small grin. He loved nerding out sometimes. They would appreciate it some day. One day, his comic book expertise was going to be really useful. He simply shrugged when Summer and Zora got to talking about the heels Summer was wearing. Noah just didn't get it, he doubted he ever would. He couldn't understand why she'd want to be uncomfortable in those shoes all night. "Great!" he replied to Summer when she said she'd love a pasty. He'd get a few of those and some other snacks then. And the drinks, of course. Then he turned to Zora. "Oh, no, it's never an inconvenience to do something nice for my friends! You don't have to worry about that, ever. Plus, I did offer, so I want to." He gave her a smile. Noah thought that Zora was a little too nice sometimes. But, all the more reason to repay the kindness. "Okay, I'll be right back." With that, he left the girls to mingle and hoped the refreshments area wasn't too packed.​
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