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Felix Carnahan

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4/2043 (11)
[Open after Daph posts with Gwen]

Felix had spent a lot of time before he got his letter wanting to magic so badly his dad started to show him how muggles did magic tricks. Obviously they didn't involve magic at all which was exactly why he could practice them as much as he could. He thought he might grow tired of the hobby once he started school but that wasn't the case. Even though he could cast some spells and would quickly be able to do this tricks with the flick of his wand he still felt immensely satisfied when he got the hang of a muggle trick. Sure it wasn't as impressive as a fireball but he liked how simple it was. Today he had taken over the abandoned classroom to practice and really put on a show, even if there was no one there to see it. Felix bowed to is imaginary audience and held up a piece of rope approximately the length of his arm. "Now ladies and gentlemen, you may see just a regular piece of rope." he began in a deep voice that made him sound like some kind of ringleader. "But what if I told you it was a magic rope that could stich itself back together if cut." he continued and paused for dramatic effect even if he was only met with silence.

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