Open At The Harbour's Edge

Leia Hume

girly | self-conscious
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06/2039 (13)
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Leia was bored, with her siblings both at work and maj just off wherever, she wasn’t sure she had much to do. There was plenty that she wanted to do, but perhaps not a whole lot that she could do. So, she’d come to the village just to look for something that she could spend her time doing. Maybe she could go to the park, or just sit by the harbour. Just anything. It was annoying that she couldn’t practice her magic, she was hopeful that come the next year if there was another duelling tournament that she would win again - she was somewhat doubtful but it was never too early to start trying. To start working on it, but she couldn’t because she couldn’t do magic outside of school. So instead she just came to the harbour and sat down at the water’s edge. It was not an overly cold day , just nice enough that sitting there at the water’s edge wasn’t too bad.

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