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Leia Hume

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Leia Clarice Hume

Leia - An English form of Leah.The name probably has its origin in a Hebrew word, meaning "weary", an Assyrian name, meaning "mistress" or a Latin name, meaning "lioness".
Clarice - In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Clarice is: ALatin Clara, meaning bright or clear. also a variant of Claire or Clarice. Bright; shining and gentle; famous.
Hume - In Scottish the meaning of the name Hume is: From the cave.

Leia much like her two siblings was named after a character from Star Wars, however, with her name she has had the least amount of trouble with her name. As the youngest daughter and also the point at which their parents decided that was enough children, Leia was given the name they had been holding on to. Leia unlike her siblings has no ill feelings towards her name, given that of the three its the most neutral and easiest to explain in other manners. She has only faced a little mocking for her name, only because of her connection to Padme and Vader but it has never been particularly harsh and people largely got bored of it after a while. Leia wouldn’t change her name, but she knows that she dislikes when her parents introduced her and her siblings together, giving the most obvious origin to their name away. The middle name being Clarice, was an addition from her mother who liked the sound of it combined with Leia. She liked it a lot and Leia doesn’t mind it. It was an odd middle name in Leia’s opinion but it doesn’t come up all that often and given that she doesn’t mind her first name in isolation, then she doesn’t ever really use that name. She has very little use for the middle name so she doesn’t. It’s a fine name, in her opinion but it’s just a little middle name that she doesn’t use. The surname is Hume, and this is the name which Leia minds the least. It was the one with the least amount of say for her. It was the name in her family and one that she is very largely stuck with. She doesn’t mind it. It’s not the worlds worse or best surname. She thinks it flows well enough with her forename so she doesn’t really mind it. Overall, Leia does like her name, and is likely the only one of her siblings to fully like her name.

With a name as short Leia she doesn’t really have any nicknames. Her siblings have been known to call her Lee, but they are the only ones to, it tends to be because they all shorten each other’s names because of the collective dislike of the names they have. Aside from that however, Leia does not mind her name being shortened or having a nickname, in her mind being given a nickname is usually the sign of having friends and being included and she loves being included in things. Leia currently doesn’t have any nicknames aside from the one that her siblings use.

Leia is currently twelve years old

Leia was born on the 2nd July 2038. She was a surprise to her parents but a welcome one. They had always wanted to have at least three children, and Leia came at a point where they didn’t even have to think about it. She was however a rather difficult pregnancy, with the mother being sick often, getting very tired and being light headed more often than she had been with the other two. It was that which led to the decision by Leia’s parents that she would be their last child. Leia was born a few weeks early and was a little underweight but she very quickly grew and gained the necessary weight.

Leia is too young to have a job. She is only in primary school.


Name: Sabrina Hume
DOB: December 2010
Relationship: Mother.
Occupation: Zoo Keeper

Blood status: Muggle

Name: Charles Hume
DOB: August 2013
Relationship: Father
Occupation: Accountant

Blood status: Muggle

Name: Vader Hume
DOB: October 2034
Relationship: brother.
Occupation: too young

Blood status: Muggleborn

Name: Padme Hume
DOB: May 2037
Relationship: Sister.
Occupation: too young
Blood status: Muggleborn

Charles Harold Hume - Muggle, he studied at Wellington University and is an accountant in a large firm in downtown Wellington.
Charles was born and raised in a muggle family, he went to school and then university and always considered himself a huge nerd for things that were a little before his birth. Born in the wrong generation he always claimed. he lived a rather average life, he got married and had three children. He enjoys his job and it keeps him and his family sufficient. He has always had a passion for sci-fi and has written three novels of the genre, though they've never been published. He always encouraged his children to find their passions and to still keep those up when they work themselves. He was a little blind to his children’s troubles in school, with little time to really spare for his children and home life he always assumed because the teachers said good things that he was managing just fine and there was little to worry about. He was very surprised therefore to find out during Vader's final year in muggle school that he was skipping the occasional class and had nearly stopped interacting with other students. He had pushed for Vader to join the photography class offered and thought that would be enough to encourage him back. But within weeks of that happening, he found out that his son was actually a wizard and would be attending a magic school come the following year. He is proud of Vader but does very much feel like he's lost his son. His attention since the loss of his son to the magical world, Leia's sister, Padme became much more a centre of his attention. He encouraged her to join a graphic design class, a coding class and a computer game class. With leia, who was dotted on more by the mother he had a much more hands off approach to her. Leia is however still a dear child to him, and though he isn’t as close to her as he might’ve wanted, he’ll miss her when she goes off to school in the magical world. He does often wonder how he and his wife ended up with three magical children.

Sabrina Ferrie Hume - Muggle, she studied at Wellington University and works in the local zoo, looking after the giraffes.
Sabrina's love of animals has always driven her passion throughout her life and working at a zoo is as rewarding as it was difficult. She worked exceedingly hard to get to that position. She worked hard in school and in university. She had discovered during that time a real passion for films and photography and met her future husband at a convention in Auckland about star wars. The two were exceedingly close right off the bat. Sabrina loves being part of a family and definitely views raising children much like a zoo. She was the one who bought Vader his first camera when he was four years old, an old old camera that would still work if he dropped it and has steadily given him more and more as the years went on. She was very happy when he seemed to also pick up the passion for it. Much like with Vader, Padme really struggled to make friends, though Padme was never as badly bullied as Vader was but her closer age to her brother meant she was sometimes targeted too, especially after her brother left the school. Sabrina was far less blind to Vader's school problems than her husband and by proxy Padme’s too, but she wasn't sure what to do about it, there didn’t seem to be anything that she could do to help it, aside from encouraging her children to do more with their passions, she was therefore very pleased when Leia went to school and had none of the same problems as her siblings had. She had always been quite popular in school, had never known what to do about bullies, so she'd just assumed that eventually Vader and Padme would find some friends, Leia's mother was pleased and able to connect most with her youngest daughter. Sabrina was exceedingly surprised about it, but she could admit that she had noted that odd things did occasionally happen around him that couldn't be necessarily explained, especially understanding it better when her two other daughters showed signs. After Vader left for school, the house felt decidedly more empty, so she and her husband got a dog. It was quickly clear that padme was a witch too like her brother, and she has gotten closer with her youngest child in a hope that she might not be a witch and to spend the most amount of time with her and far less time with Padme, but as it turns out Leia too is a witch, much to Sabrina's dismay. She has encouraged her youngest daughter, Leia to have as many passions or as clear passions as either of her siblings but has become increasingly more interested in sketching and visiting the zoo with her mother. Leia is much like her siblings very creative, she likes sketching and visiting the zoo. She’s fallen away slightly from the latter passion as she’s grown up and has a desire to fit in without worry about what people might think if she tells them how much time she spends at the zoo. Leia likes to draw and has begun to enjoy photography too. She just likes things where she can be noticed, where she can receive positive attention and be included in things.

Leia has two older siblings, Vader and Padme Hume. Vader is the oldest of the three, he currently attends Hogwarts New Zealand, gryffindor and Padme is her older sister, she also attends Hogwarts New Zealand, hufflepuff. They’ve always been very close as siblings. Leia was a little less close to her siblings than they are to each other, given that she was in her own room. But she grew much closer to Padme when Vader went to school away from home. She is very close with Vader and knows that he’s exceedingly protective of her. She is howver badly glad that theres enough distance between her and her siblings that she does not and has never encountered the same problems at school as they did. She knows that Padme being closer in age to Vader and protective over all of them, meant she received some bullying too, but Leia being the youngest had far less of it. She still loves her siblings dearly.

Both of her parents have siblings, her mothers parents had three children, two girls and one boy. Hermother is the middle sibling and older girl. Her uncle, the oldest of that family, currently lives in the same town as them in New Zealand, he works in a computing firm, fixing computer problems for people, his wife is a computer security expert, working in the same company but providing tech security to companies who ask for it. They have three children, all boys, all of whom are non magical, one born in 2027, the second in 2030 and the last in 2032. The aunt, and youngest of the family, married her lifelong partner, a woman from the school they both attended. They are both yoga instructors, and have one child that the aunt carried, a little girl, born in 2037 and currently shows no sign of magic. On the fathers side the parents had two boys, their father being the older of the two, the youngest of the two has been married four times, and has a total of six children, three from the first wife, and one from each of the others.

Overall, Leia has a very good relationship with her family. She is very close to her mother, they have always had a close bond with her being the youngest of the siblings. She has a good relationship with her father, but they had grown somewhat more distant as Leia spent more time with her mother following Vader’s departure to Hogwarts. Leia gets along well enough with them. She loves her parents dearly and doesn’t have the same strong dislike for them in the way that her siblings do in regards to the names. Leia also has a good relationship with her siblings, it has changed and developed as they’ve grown up and she is very excited about being able to finally join them at school, where she definitely believes the relationship will improve between them when she goes to school.

The family used to own a dog, a golden retriever just after Padme was born, it was already quite an old dog when the family got it, and it was put down shortly after Padme turned seven. They didn’t get a new pet for quite a few years. When Vader left for school he got an owl, and the family decided to get a new pet, almost to fill in a bit of the void which her brother left in the family. It is a little dog that utterly adores both Padme and her sister Leia.

Muggleborn - since both of her parents are muggles

Leia doesn’t mind what she is, she’s just really pleased to be magical. That’s all she wanted from the moment that Vader went to Hogwarts was that she too would be magic. She can’t wait to learn magic.

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Leia isn’t quite sure where this is. She likes Wellington enough, she likes the house enough, but it’s not where she’d want to spend her whole life. Leia has always wanted to travel, from a very young age she had an interest in travelling, an interest in seeing new and different places. She thinks that she would really like to live by a coast somewhere, she much prefers beaches and warm weather to forests and cold weather, though she’d probably also like warm weather and forests. She knows that to travel the world she would need either money or a job that lets her do it. Leia knows that if they weren’t magical she would try her best to become an influencer of some kind because they tend to travel a lot. However, all this to say that she’s not sure where she would like to live, or which places speaks to her the most. For now, Wellington, New Zealand, her home is more than enough.

FIRST HOME: Leia has only ever lived in the same house, so his first home is his only home. The house is a rather fair sized place, with three bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and garden. Its all on one floor with his bedroom in the furthest part of the house. Leia is the only one of her siblings to have her own room, they might’ve switched her with Vader if he hadn’t gone to magical school, but since he did, she got to keep her room. It is a reasonable sized bedroom and she likes having all that space. She has in the past thought it would be nice to share with her siblings but she doesn’t mind too much being on her own.

Leia doesn’t know yet.

None, she’s too young and disinterested in relationships

None yet




Too young

Too young

I couldn't help but ask ,
For you to say it all again

Leia has the blondest hair of her family, taking most after her mother’s mother with near platinum blonde hair. Her brother having golden blonde hair and her sister having much darker brown hair, she’s the only one with this hair colour. They were all very surprised when she was born with that pale colour and when it didn’t fade over time as she grew up they just realised that she would always have it. Leia keeps her hair rather long, enjoying much more when she has long hair than when it is too short. She likes to vary what she does with it, and she likes to change up how her fringe sits occasionally. But that’s largely the only major change that she will do to her hair. Leia likes the way that her hair is, the way that it sits and the way that it looks. She thinks it’s got a good colour and she does tend to let people believe in the blonde archtype. Leia wouldn’t change much about her hair, but she does think that Vader’s hair is a lot nicer than hers, the colour of it. She loves her colour of hair but would’ve rather had maybe a more golden blonde than what she ended up with.

Leia has never and likely would never really dye her hair. She likes her hair the way it is and wouldn’t want to change it that much to lose what she already has. She knows that she would dye her hair maybe light colours that would blend easily with her already very blonde hair. She just doesn’t want to destroy her hair with products or do anything that would make her too evidently stand out. She might change her hair as she grows up and the trends shift to a specific colour, she’d always want to be included in things and keep up with trends but she has her own limits there as to what she might do with her hair to be included.

Much like her siblings Leia has green eyes. They’re a dark shade of green but green nonetheless. She likes her eyes, she knows that she’d look better with blue eyes, since she’s pale and her hair is very blonde, but she doesn’t in reality really dislike her eye colour. Its one of these things she could change easily and without consequences if she wanted to. But she likes her eye colour and wouldn’t really want to change it, at least not change it too much. SHe likes how they fit in with her face and she doesn’t mind that they are a little more neutral against the rest of her features.

Leia doesn’t have as many freckles or birth marks. She has a few dotted around her body but none like either of her siblings. She definitely has a few on her face on her left cheek and just on the underside of her chin. Leia doesn’t mind the freckles, they aren’t as obvious as her siblings freckles which make them easier to deal with and she thinks they help frame her face a little in the manner than they do. SHe doesn’t have any scars, she has always been quite active but perhaps not as much as would be required for her to be able to have scars. She was always very careful. Scars are fine, she just doesn't want that many of them because they would be pretty ugly and they would likely hurt to get.

Being young, Leia has a slim body type. She eats relatively well and wants to be healthy so tends to be active. She’s not much of a sporty person but she’ll always take part in clubs and other activities so that she isn’t idle and therefore just putting on useless weight. She wants to keep fit and be healthy above all other things because she knows that will help her be included with people, she’ll be able to wear certain clothes and help her look the part of someone who can be popular.

AB (+ve)
Like all of her siblings Leia is AB +ve. They had her blood type checked shortly after Padme went off to magical school. Leia like her siblings had been showing the same signs of magic and so they preemptively decided to have her blood checked. She didn’t particularly like having blood drawn, she doesn’t particularly like needles and so it wasn’t an experience that she particularly liked. Leia is hopeful that the magical world doesn’t have many needles.

Right Handed
She picked up a pencil relatively young, seeing both of her siblings writing, so she wanted to do it too. She can only write with her right hand and her hand writing is very cursive. She has always been good at making her writing look nice. She likes doing flourishes on what she writes and likes being able to just have nice hand writing. Getting compliments for it is something she really does love. She would take up calligraphy if she could but hasn’t yet found any clubs that do so.

Leia has spent all of her life so far in New Zealand and thus has a kiwi accent. She likes her accent, but she wouldn’t know any different since she’s not very good at fake accents. She has a slightly higher pitched voice.

Leia only speaks english. They taught her bits and pieces of Maori at a beginner classroom function but she was never very good at it. She was in a few other language classes over the years but was not very good at the languages at any point. She tried her best and could most of the time, get at the very least the written, spelling aspects of it, but couldn’t manage much with speaking or listening. She’s always a little disappointed in herself for not being good at it. She does however very much appreciate being a native english speaker.

Leia has no known allergies

Leia likes dressing in popular clothes, she likes dressing in fashionable and nice clothing. SHe’s the only one of her siblings to really enjoy fashion in this way. Leia likes dresses and skirts, she likes wearing colourful t-shirts and she loves anything in pink. She likes keeping up to date with fashion trends and tends to want new clothes every few months. She’s very specific in her seasonal wardrobe and always tries to take inspiration from what she sees on muggle social media. Leia doesn’t really want to fall out of touch with that sort of world, but she’s worried about how the magical world’s fashion will compare and if she’ll need to try to keep up with both depending on which world she’s in.

Ulrikke Falch

I tried to write it down ,
But I could never find a pen ,

Leia loves a good many things, above everything else, she loves art, she loves painting, drawing, creating, you name it. Whether its paint on a canvas or painting on a computer, she adores it. It is a huge passion of hers. Additionally to just enjoying the act of painting, Leia loves art in general, she likes going to museums and art galleries, she likes looking at the different pieces of art. She enjoys being able to go out to these places and just spend hours on each painting, seeing how styles developed over time, in different places. Leia also really likes clothes, so sometimes can argue that she see it as an extension of the art that she loves but most of the time she likes fashion because they help her keep up with what in and whats not. They help her keep popular. She likes having friends, being included in things, being invited to places. She liked beaches and she thinks she’ll like parties when she actually go to some good ones. She likes magic and likes to learn even if she’d not the best at it.

Leia dislikes being excluded from things, she dislikes maths and science. She dislikes being hit by things, people - though she hasn’t really experienced either. She doesn’t like insects, or things that are too slime-y. She doesn’t like needles and a lot of parts of muggle medicine. She doesn’t like cold weather, hates snow - well being in it. She dislikes when people are short with her and she hates occasionally how hard she has to try to fit in. She doesn’t particularly like homework and doesn’t enjoy most muggle video games, since they tend to centre around violence and she’s not that interested in it. She doesn’t like when people accuse her of being a vapid person and she doesn’t like when people call her dumb. She hates when others have an opinion of her that she cannot change.

Primarily, Leia wants to travel, she has a bucket list of all the art galleries and beautiful buildings around the world that she wants to visit. This is a list ever growing and expanding as she reads more about certain places, as she learns about other art galleries and spends more of her time learning about art. Leia would also like to have a family at some point down the line, she would want to have her own children and teach them everything about the world. She would also like to get a good job. She’s not sure what she wants to do with her life, something where she can use her art but also perhaps just not only art.

Everyone around her ignoring her. She could push, scream, cry as much as she liked but everyone around her would ignore her and act as if she were doing nothing. Leia would hate to be alone, ignored or excluded. It would be in her mind the worst thing that could possibly happen to her. She wouldn’t be able to cope and it terrifies her to no end. She just wants to be a part of things.

A beaver

Getting her Hogwarts letter, because she had been hoping and waiting for it for so long. As the youngest of the kids it had just been an exceedingly long wait for her to get it. Leia was over the moon with it. She was so excited to finally be included in it with her brother and her sister. She is so ready for it. She loves being magical.

The day Padme left for Hogwarts, it meant she was alone, throughout her life it had always been at least two of them, so to now no longer have either sibling, knowing that her siblings would be somewhat together and able to spend together without her. She just wanted to go with them and be a part of the world that they were in. She just wanted to be magical already, she just wanted to be able to go to hogwarts. It was just a disappointing moment where she would no longer be able to spend all of the time with her siblings and would have to wait before she could go to Hogwarts. Leia’s life has not been overly complicated or hard so this loss, even temporary was pretty significant for her.

Leia resents magic a little for what it did to her and her siblings, in that she could not be as close with them as she might’ve been if they came home every afternoon like she does. She hates the attention her parents put upon her when its just the three of them, and she dearly misses them. Leia is nervous about how the relationship will change when she’s at school with them, especially since they aren’t in the same house and she might not be either. She blames magic for this break down between them. She loves magic and she can’t wait to be a part of the school and learning it, but she also can’t help but resent it a little.

Leia would see herself, she’d be the most popular girl in the school, she would have so many friends, her partner would be equally as popular, she would be well loved by those around her. Her siblings would be close by and she would be able to see them every day, they would all be very close. Leia would be wearing the best sort of clothes and she would just be the ideal perfect person.

It would in the first instance smell very strongly of paint, not a very typical smell that most people would hate, but given how much she likes art, painting and drawing it would make sense for her for that to one of the distinct smells. The second smell would be that of a clean clothes store, Leia loves going shopping and she always finds that stores have a very distinct smell to them. The last would be ever changing and it would be whatever perfume that Leia loves at the moment, rather than the unique smells that would make up the fragrant she would love the fragrant itself.

Leia’s idols change from week to week. She doesn’t really look up to one specific person but she looks up to popular influencers or muggle actors/singers who are seen as cool and that who her friends also like. She doesn’t have a set person, and will often switch quickly just as she spots someone new that she likes that little bit better. She wants to be popular, she wants to have friends, she wants to always be included with things.

Leia holds no religious beliefs, especially as she was introduced to the magical world early on, she didn’t believe in much of it. She likes the religious imagery and religious architecture but that’s about her limit with religion. She would boast herself not really as an atheist but as an agnostic. Given that she doesn’t really believe in a god or gods, but does believe in something after life, she just doesn’t know what that is.


Terminally curious and sometimes even mischievous, Geminis are multi-faceted souls who enjoy knowing a little bit of everything but generally not too much about one particular subject. It’s just that variety is the spice of their lives! And no one is better at multi-tasking than the quixotic Gemini. Geminis have also gained the reputation of being the incessant talkers of the zodiac. Those Twins that don’t have the ‘gift of the gab’ are usually talented writers or have a special interest in foreign languages. In love, they look for a partner who can keep up with them mentally and physically! And, to quote Oscar Wilde, “there’s one thing worse than people talking about you, that’s people not talking about you.” Whether Geminis like it or not, people are usually “talking about them”. Together with Scorpio and Virgos, they are a sign that is often discussed, dissected and sometimes even put down by the other signs of the zodiac. Sometimes this is a subtle form of jealousy by others, because Geminis do lead very unique and unusual lives. The Gemini personality can appear mysterious or detached to others and therefore they are often misunderstood and unappreciated for the talents they offer to the world at large. Another reason Geminis evoke so much interest is many born under this sign are multi-dimensionally talented. In money matters, some Geminis are very adept and quick at making it…and spending it too. Many Geminis are involved in international financial wheeling and dealing. They love the adventure and game playing involved in out-thinking other people.

Leia is a very keen person, she is very eager to have friends, be included, be popular. She will change elements of herself to fit in and agree to do certain things that she doesn’t really want to, to ensure that she remains with the in group, popular or with a few friends. Leia can occasionally be quite naive and occasionally say things that she really shouldn’t, coming from a place of misunderstanding or privilege where she simply doesn’t see why. She is however an active sort of learner, she likes learning and she tries her best at it, even if she can be a little too slow with it sometimes. She is an active and energetic person and she is the sort to be loyal to her friends, sometimes to the expense of herself if it’ll justify what she wants in the end. Leia can occasionally be quite selfish, but she is not spoiled. She’ll be annoyed if she doesn’t get her way but she’d find a way to get it in a different manner. She can be narrow-minded.She is very good at planning and coming up with different schemes. If something doesn’t work one way she’ll try another, especially when left in charge. When following others she’ll tend to be too nervous to bring up anything to them.



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Leia Hume

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King Edward Primary School - It was a rather large school in the suburb of Wellington that he lived in. It catered to a large area, and was probably surprising big for where it was. For a primary school it had a lot of options for kids too, and a connected secondary school across the road, which most of the kids would eventually go into.

Leia started school at about five years old and attended until she was about 11 years old. She was, like her siblings before the magic, meant to go to the senior school, but of course did not. She will miss this school and all of the people that she attended with. She is very nervous about switching school.

None, there were houses in the upper school but none in the lower school. they were named after maori animals, and she was actually quite keen for that aspect of the upper school, though she got the better deal with going to magical school and having houses there too.

Leia had not heard great things about school from either of her siblings, she’d watched the growing frustration between her parents and Vader over his skipping of classes or non-participation. She’d also seen his bruising from the fights. So she had prepared herself for the worst, especially because Padme hadn’t had a great time going to the school either, but Leia, didn’t have any of these problems. She had a good first day, she made a bunch of different friends, she really liked her teacher, she got teacher who was new to the school and didn’t know her siblings problems. She had a really good first day and loved it from day one.

Leia passed all of her classes while at school. She didn’t get the highest marks in the class, nor the lowest, she tended to scrape passes in classes, apart from the classes where she was actually good at the subject matter, there she would tend to be much better at them. Never gaining the highest marks, but passing at a much more comfortable level. This isn’t to mean that she wouldn’t try her hardest to pass all of her classes well, she just isn’t particularly good at school.

Art, Leia loves and is exceedingly good at art. She likes it too. It’s one of the few subjects, that at least in the practical elements she can do well. Leia finds the art class relaxing, she likes learning how to do different styles of art - she’s not very good at theory - but she is pretty good at the hands on learning that she gets to do in the art class. She enjoys very much the ability to make pieces of work, she likes that it can sometimes take hours or days to do. She loves just the process of it. Leia loves art galleries and has a bucket list of ones she would love to visit.

Leia hated maths, she could never really wrap her head around some of the numbers or what to do with them. She struggled a lot as maths began getting more complicated and would often have extra homework to try to get her to keep up with the rest of the students. She did not particularly like when the teacher taught maths, and she hated whenever they had to do maths quizzes that other students had to mark. Maths is the only class so far that Leia has ever cheated in. She worries that someone might see that she’s not good at the class and begin to make fun of her for it, so frequently in quizzes or tests where she knows other students might catch a glimpse, she’ll cheat.

Leia liked the school, so she would’ve never skipped any of the classes that she had. She wasn’t always the best student, she took longer to learn things than most but she liked it. She liked going, she liked talking with friends in the class and skipping school to her wasn’t a good use of her time. Leia doesn’t particularly understand why her brother in particularly skipped school so much when in primary given that she knows how dedicated he is to school now.

Leia was a part of the football, rugby, field hockey clubs and she took part in the school’s fashion club too. Leia liked going to this school and since she had few issues with it, she didn’t mind going to the clubs either. She liked the sports of it and she liked fashion. It was enabling her to get to know far more people, be more popular and be able to interact with more people in the school. Leia didn’t have a little clique of friends, she drifted between people, wanting to not be with one group in case they didn’t want to spend time with her. She wanted in with the popular girls and tried her best to spend the most amount of time with them with some varied success.

Leia was too young to achieve any positions. She knew that she also would be leaving the school soon enough and therefore opted to never get too involved that she might be asked to help out in any way. She liked being a part of something without actually having to lead it, or have any responsibility for it.

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Style: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature.
Wood: Cherry creates a wand of truly lethal power, highly prized by those of Japanese descent.
Core: Phoenix tail feathers are not easy to come by. The animal is known for its versatility, making wands with this core useful for wand casters who seek to become good with different types of magic.
Flexibility: Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its weilder.

Leia had seen had a her brother's and her sister's wands and was so excited about getting her own wand, she had seen pictures of magic. being cast so begin able to finally use magic with her own wand. She had to go through a lot of wands before she got the wand for. her. She liked the look of it and the. shortness of it, where she'd be able to have it be more subtle. The wood itself was very good with her. She thought it was a beautiful wood wand. She liked too that it had a lot of power, it. was a powerful wood, and versatile where she'd be able to be good at multiple types of magic, she wanted to excel at magic. To her it's perfect.

Hogwarts New Zealand

Leia had seen a lot of pictures of Hogwarts, her brother being a photographer meant she was very aware of the kind of place. The way it looked in person was different from the real thing, it was amazing and stunning and overwhelming as she thought. she. would spend so much time just trying to figure out where things were and how things worked in a place like that. She did think it was beautiful, but it was just something she was just ready to conquer.


Leia was very nervous about being sorted, she'd figured when her brother had gone to the school that they would all end up in the same house, but when Padme had been sorted elsewhere she hadn't been so sure. For herself she didn't know where she would end up. She wasn't sure where she wanted to end up. All of the houses sounded like they would fun, she was. sure she wouldn't end up in Ravenclaw, she knew she was smart, but in her mind people who were smart wouldn't be able to make friends and she just wanted to have friends and be. popular.

Leia was so eager to finally be at school, the young girl had watched her brother and her sister go off to school and start their own adventure and now she wanted one too. The blonde had been seeing pictures of the school since her brother had gone to it, heard stories about it and Leia wanted her own. Leia wasn’t too surprised about the school, though even her brother’s pictures were amazing, they were nothing compared to the place itself. Leia was so eager to get started, she was trying to spot who she could be friends with, which of the girls she might end up in the same dorm as, just trying to figure out her best house for the friends she could make. With a brother in Gryffindor and a sister in Hufflepuff, Leia was sure that she could fit in any of the houses, and really in her mind, regardless of where she ended up she had a goal and an objective in mind. She would make it work for her, she would make whatever house she ended up in work for her. She would have to. The girl looked towards the different tables as they made their way up the great hall, she easily spotted her brother and gave him a quick wave, and while it took her a beat longer to find Padme, she was able to find her too. Leia knew that it would be nice to end up with either of them, but in her mind, it would be even nicer to end up away from them. She knew the slight gap between herself Vader had meant she’d had a much smoother time in Primary school. Leia had spotted that boy from the other school within the crowd and was a little surprised by it.

Leia’s attention was taken away from how the hall looked to the professor at the front of the hall, the head mistress as she welcomed them to the school. She nodded along vaguely, no intention of going where she wasn’t supposed to unless she made friends with someone who wanted to and that was the best way to ensure friendship. She looked to the hat as the hat began to sing. She nodded along, trying to hear all of the points that she needed to know about the different houses. Things that she didn’t already know. But, from the stories from her sister and her brother she knew it well enough. Well enough that she had already had action plans for each of the houses. She would make friends, she would have a close group of friends if that was the only thing that she did at the school. She always had action plans. Ways of meeting people, of getting new friends. The girl focused and watched as others before her were sorted. She watched their expressions, the way they seemed to react to the hat’s words in their mind and then after a number of the names had been called, hers did too. She couldn’t help but wonder what her brother’s reaction had been to it, knowing how much he hated his name. But Leia’s name was much easier, and she even liked it, at least on its own. She stepped forward and sat down on the stool, looking out over the hall, spotting her brother, that friend of her brothers, she was able to spot Leia too before the hat was placed on her head. Alright Hat, i’m ready.

Second Year

(Y35) First year: Leia wanted to be accepted into her house above everything else. She was a little worried about being in slytherin because of what she'd learned about it, but she wanted to do well while in it. She started the year keeping pretty average grades in her classes until she realised if she wanted to get anywhere she would need to do better in Dada. She. gained EE grades, though she is looking to improve them in the next year. Leia made a few tentative friends, and became closer to Maj, she helps Beau Chamberlin out in some of the classes and became tentative friends with a few others. She's very friendly and was with luxen, attending not with him to the school events, but running into him at them. She wishes she made more friends during her first year.
First Year Yearbook Picture Yuleball and Valentines Dance Picture
(Y36) Second year:
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None yet

First Year Grades
Potions - EEHistory of Magic - EEDADA - OCharms - EE
Transfiguration - EEAstronomy - EEHerbology - EEFlying - A

Second Year Grades
Potions - OHistory of Magic - DADA - Charms - O
Transfiguration - OAstronomy - Herbology - O

Too young

By the classes grading Leia's best class is Defence against. the dark arts, it's not her. favourite class but it is a practical class and one that she does wish to do well in. She works harder in that class than most others and is always looking to impress the professor

Herbology, since Leia has never been one for. the outdoors or gardening, having to do it as a class is not something she really wants or likes.

With shortness of breath ,
I'll explain the infinite
Leia wants to do something that will give her both wealth and status. She wants to be popular in every sense of it, but isn't sure what she would want specifically. She's never been as driven as her brother and always just generally more uncertain. Prior to magic she had always want to be a movie star, but she doesn't want that any more, because she would much rather do something in the magical world.

Leia is too young to have a profession.

Leia is too young to be employed anywhere and she wouldn't want to be either.









How rare and beautiful ,
it truly is that we exist
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