Amber Chou Wilson

Amber Chou Wilson

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Alexander Wilson
Alexander is Amber's father, they have a good relationship but they aren't as close as they could be because Alexander is often busy with work.

Ayame Wilson

Ayame is Amber's mother, they have a good relationship but they aren't as close as they could be because like her husband, Ayame is often away and busy with work.

Sophie Wilson

Sophie is Amber's younger sister, there are a little less than two years between them but despite being close in age they don't have a close relationship. They are very different people, and don't usually spend a lot of time together.


Ainsley Lynch

Amber met Ainsley in her first year in the Hufflepuff dormitory and they grew close over the course of the year. They are almost always together and Amber considers Ainsley her best friend. She doesn't always understand her, but she does always try. The two had a falling out in their third year, but worked on repairing the rift that has appeared between them. During their fourth year, their relationship returned to be close to what it was before.


Evelyn Manning
Amber met Evelyn in her first year in the Student Lounge where they talked about their common interest in fashion. In the following years they grew to be close friends that catch up frequently. Evelyn is a person Amber looks up to a little.

Flavio Morales
Amber met Flavio when she delivered him a rose during their first year. They became friends soon after and sometimes feed the ducks together. They have grown to become good friends over the years.

Clementine Pratt
Clementine is a dorm-mate of Amber's, they bonded when Clementine delivered a Valentine's rose to Amber and they had a talk about boys and crushes. She's the girl in her dorm Amber is closest to after Ainsley. She's the first person Amber came out to.


Noemie Vanity
Amber met Noemie during her second year when the girl literally ran into her. They got to talking and found out they really got along and share some interests. Amber thinks Noemie is really pretty. She likes talking to the girl about fashion and makeup.

Wyatt Finch
Amber met Wyatt in the library in her second year and he helped her decide on what electives she wanted to take the year after. She really liked to talk to him and they started occasionally hang out together. During Amber's third year, the two started dating, though they broke up again the year after.

Elt and Amber met during their second year. Because of a misunderstanding where Elt thought Amber was stealing something, they didn't have the best first impression of each other. After a tutoring session where Amber helped Elt with history, the two got to understand each other and put the past behind them.

Espen Manning
Espen is Evelyn's twin brother, and Amber met him around the start of her second year. They had a conversation as they walked on the grounds, but she would like to know him better.

Geovanna Volt
Amber met Geo during her third year. They talked during the Hufflepuff House meeting, after Geo asked her about her sister Sophie. In the end of her third year, she caught Geo impersonating her. At first she was angry with the younger girl, but the two talked it out and became closer.

Evangeline Campbell
Aaron Walden
Lucas Woodlock
Tesla Wilde
Kaia Rosemary Grimm
Daniel Rosemary
Alex Sheffield
Octavian Vetrov
Anthony Jackson
Bethany Zanders
Sofia Rosenberg
Madeline Walden
Isabelle Marie
Tuesday Palmero
Rose Holland
October Alcott
Solomon Mordaunt
Lilyanna Hope
Fawn Barrow
Aminia Macksimov
Alessio Benivieni
Darcy Pratt
Ethan Mendoza
Signy Forstrom
Sara Benivieni
Yiwen Marionetta
Asaiah Murphy
Caro Taylor
Silus Hollister
Stella Finch
Akemi Tsukino
Hayley Elridge
Sianna Djordjevich
Stella Stilinski
Fleur Worth
Ryuu Arai
James Cade
Lyra Potter
Noah Kingsley
Soohye Kendall-Wu

Rama Mowry
Amber only met Rama once, and the other girl was very rude to her which gave her a bad first impression. She doesn't really know her very well, but doesn't feel like the two would get along. Part of the reason for this is how rude Rama has been to Professor Pendleton in lessons.
Lizzie Taylor
Amber had a disagreement with Lizzie in her first year after a run-in with her caused her shoes to be covered in mud. She has avoided the other girl since, but she continues to dislike her for this incident.
Jessica Matthews
Amber spoke to Jessica near the cliffs on the grounds when she warned her against being there. The two did not get off to a good start, as Amber found Jessica's reaction quite rude.
Marisol Woods
Amber met Marisol through Wyatt, she wanted to meet her boyfriend's best friends in her third year but felt some tension between her and Marisol. Amber was a little jealous of her for being so close to Wyatt. She dislikes her for making her feel unwelcome when she was trying to meet Wyatt's friends.
November Albertson
November is one of the girls Amber shares a dorm with. Despite this fact, the two rarely talk as November keeps to herself quite a bit, this is something Amber wanted to change. The more she tried, however, the more she felt a strange animosity between her and the other girl. She feels like November doesn't like her much, and is starting to think she doesn't like her much in return either.

Rory Fergusson
Amber first met Rory at the Valentine's dance during her first year. She didn't get a bad impression of him then, but that changed when her friend Flavio confided in her. He told her Rory makes Flavio do all his homework, which Amber finds very unfair. She confronted Rory about it, and in that confrontation her anger got the better of her. She shouted at him and he called her a mudblood in return, something that made her even more angry. This dislike for him was only fed more when she went wand shopping with her younger sister before starting her third year and found Rory behind the counter. He wouldn't serve Sophie until Amber had apologized for calling him a jerk and left the store. She considers him her least favorite person at the moment.

Prudence Armstead
Reuben Lagowski
Alana FinchOlivia Havelock

past and present

Wyatt Finch (ex-boyfriend)
Wyatt asked Amber to the Yule Ball in her third year, and they had a lot of fun together. The two started dating in Amber's third year, though dating is still very new to them both. They ran into some troubles with Amber's best friend and Wyatt's best friends, as none of them approved of the relationship. At the start of Amber's fourth year, the two mutually decided to break up.

Ainsley Lynch (current crush)
Ainsley has been Amber's best friend since they met in their first year. When Amber realized she liked girls during her fifth year at school, she also soon realized she liked her in a more than friendly way. The situation is scary for her, but she can't deny it anymore.


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