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Monday Weeks

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May 16, 2044
Going a little overboard with his first, and last, Halloween costume, the 'ghoul' stood near the snacks table. Monday Weeks even put in the solid white contacts for tonight. He had a cup of punch in his hand as he observed the dance. Monday could, luckily, see out of his contacts. He was great with makeup and his hair was changed from before - which was common. He needed more black in his theme, and it worked. He figured that he could go talk to a few friends, if he could even recognize them. Seeing someone dressed up as a teabag almost made him choke on his punch. Maybe he should have went with something funnier than something scary or creepy? Oh well, he put too much work in what he was now, there was no point in changing it.
It had been a good while since Valerius had bothered with a school event. He couldn't remember if he'd done so before or not. Mostly because his family went to their own parties when they could. But it was his last year, and he'd decided to go out with a hurrah. He slipped into his expensive and custom costume, for once not caring if he looked rich or not, and slipped down to the celebration. He wondered a moment before finding Monday standing alone. He'd almost gone to see Aine but Cameron was there and Valerius wasn't in the mood to try and deal with him today. So instead he'd found his other best friend. "I hope you're bringing back some snacks," He declared, moving carefully because of his outfit. "I doubt I can get this off and have any here."
Monday had no idea who it was that approached him. It was not until the voice mentioned snacks that Monday realized that it was Valerius. Thank Merlin. He did not want to deal with someone that he might not appreciate. He breathed out a sigh of relief. "I can grab a few, though I don't exactly have a lot of pockets, and I don't think a spell will help since I've not learned how to make a pocket bottomless yet." Monday could not wait to find and use that spell. He looked at Valerius' costume and asked with a raised eyebrow, "How are you breathing with that on?"
Valerius chuckled. "Practice. We go to big parties like this almost every year and the costumes are always this elaborate. Some tradition or the other," He explained, waving a hand absently. "I usually skip these things but I figured might as well go out with a bang." He studied Monday. "Your look is awesome, by the way, did you do that yourself?"
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