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Professor Adorah Zumwalt

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Vine Wand, 12 3/4", Dragon Heartstring Core
25 (03/2037)
Adorah Iris Zumwalt
Adorah origin: Latin meaning "Beloved One." Given to her by the nuns she was cared for in the first two years of her life.
Iris origin: Given to her by her adopted parents as she was without a middle name. Means "rainbow."
Zumwalt origin: Adoptive family's surname. The Germanic name meaning woods or forest.

Nickname: Ada by family and close friends
Blood Status: Unknown
Birthday: March 20, 2037

House: Ravenclaw
Hair: Dark brown, long
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 4'5"

Style: Adorah is used to hand-me-downs from her older siblings. Her mother is very crafty and also makes a lot of the family's special event clothing and dresses. She tends to be in comfortable, faded clothing when not in her robes or uniform.

Other distinguishing features: Adorah has a large birthmark that covers the majority of her upper right arm and a purplish blue scar in the shape of a circle running around her left arm in the forearm area. No one knows why she has the scar and why it hasn't faded in the 11 years since she has been found.

Personality: Adorah has been sheltered and hidden most of her life. While she was social in the early years, an incident that caused her family to relocate (described under "History") caused her parents to keep her in their new home away from most strangers. As they were unsure what caused the incident, they were worried that it may be repeated. Due to this seclusion, she's not very comfortable with meeting new people or making friends. She tends to speak before thinking and talks a lot since she's been away from people other than her family for a few years. Adorah is very inquisitive and finds strength in knowledge. She has read a lot of books for someone her age (maybe some that were a bit above her comprehension) and enjoys discussing history and the arts. She has an openness and vulnerability about her that can put her in uncomfortable situations, as she is not always the best reader of social cues. She is an extrovert at heart and tends to be strongwilled when it comes down to what she believes is right.

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Goals: At Hogwarts, she hopes to make a few lifelong friends, be honored with being a Prefect, and achieve Os and Es in all her OWLs and NEWTs.

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History: Ada grew up in the care of nuns and was adopted at the age of 2 by the Zumwalts. She was found abandoned at a church when she was an estimated 2 weeks old. A note was attached to her that read "Adorah, dearest, it is safer this way. Love Mama." She still has the note. The nuns called her Ada.


Adopted Mother
Name: Mary Schmidt Zumwalt - 47
Blood Status: Muggle

Adopted Father
Name: Kurt Zumwalt - 55
Blood Status: Muggle

Adopted Siblings
Zoey Zumwalt - 21 (Alexander's twin)
Blood Status: Muggle

Alexander Zumwalt - 21 (Alexander's twin)
Blood Status: Muggle

Margaret "Maggie" Zumwalt - 17
Blood Status: Muggle

Bridgit Zumwalt - 16
Blood Status: Muggle

Stefan Zunwalt - 13
Blood Status: Muggle

Emilia "Emmi" Zumwalt - 11
Blood Status: Muggle

Juniper Zumwalt - 10 (also adopted)
Blood Status: Magical (Unknown)

Love interests:

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