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A Timeline of Petals

Espen Manning

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knotted 9½ inch yew wooden wand, doxy wing core and unyielding
Of course Espen knew that teachers; adults alike, were not some strange distant creatures that did not share anything with the students at Hogwarts. But it was still rather odd to have to deliver a rose to one of his teachers, he didn't dare to look from whom it was; the students' roses, it would not be that big of a deal but he did not want to be busted on looking at the little card's message that was meant for a teacher that had graded him the now passed semester. Luckily, he had finished History with an Outstanding so he wouldn't be confronted with his grade, or in any circumstances.. a bad memory from the classes he had been in. If he was quite honest, professor Styx could be considered his favourite teacher ?? But that probably depended on the subject she taught him, which was the one that he liked most of all the other subjects he was being taught at Hogwarts.

Knocking on her door, he awaited an answer. Sure, he could barge right in.. but he did not want to break any rules; or disappoint her, or whatever- He did not want to come across as rude, or some uncivilised pupil that wanted to get this over with.

Thus, he waited for an answer. Permission to enter.

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