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Marley Owens-Lee

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13 (05/2048)
Halloween was one of Marley's favourite times of the year. She loved Halloween, and she absolutely loved to dress up. Dressing up was always the fun part of Halloween. The girl stood in front of the mirror in her dorm room, putting on her last-minute touches of her makeup. It wasn't long before Marley joined the rest of the students in the great hall. She looked around as she tried to find any sort of familiar faces, but none that she could recognise yet. The girl headed towards the snack table and looked at the many different options of snacks that she could choose from.
Friday had put in a lot of effort into her costume. The costume was no small thing either. It was a full dress, her hair had been meticulously styled, and she had really made an effort with her costume. She knew that no one was going to either gt it in the sense of knowing what she was or appreciate the effort she had done to for it. friday headed into the great hall, making sure to move carefully, and approached the snacks table, she glanced at one of the girls was there, and frowned a little. "What are you dressed as?" Friday asked.
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