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Enoch Goldewyn

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06/2048 (13)
Enoch didn't know why he'd bothered coming to this event. He was tired, the week had been long and for some reason, he was still struggling to sleep. He couldn't even say it was because he was busy and had things to do. All of his old hobbies no longer interested him. he hadn't touched his flute in months. He was just barely getting by in his classes. He just couldn't sleep. Enoch knew even if all the other boys were at the feast he still wouldn't and if he did manage to doze them coming back would just wake him up. But Enoch had come to halloween. He'd grabbed a drink and then found a corner to just sit in. Pillowing his head on the table and staring vaguely in the distance.
Marama had always enjoyed Halloween, the thrill of seeing the school and her classmates all transformed, making the school unrecognisable and otherworldly. She had dressed up as a fond childhood memory, one hand on her crown to make sure it stayed in place as she made her way across the room. Dancing was definitely on the cards, as was checking out a few of the games. First, though, food and drink. She didn't wanna get interrupted by getting dehydrated on the dancefloor, or dealing with a grumbling stomach in the tent. Heading towards the tables, her attention was caught by a classmate slumped in a corner, heart sinking a little at the sight. She was hungry, but even the thought of just walking past someone looking so upset made her guilty, so she ignored her own needs for a moment, instead dropping into a seat next to Enoch. "Hey, are you okay?"
Enoch wasn't alone long, but he wasn't really in the mood. Though he had come to the school event, so partly he should've expected to get company. He turned his head and looked at the girl. She was a gryffindor, in his year, but her name escaped him. He didn't raise his head, just gave a little nod. "Just tired," he replied, since that wasn't a complete lie. "You?" he returned the question though he could figure why she'd been asking him.
Marama nodded at his response, though she wasn't entirely convinced. "You sure? You look kinda out of it. There's probably nurses here chaperoning or whatever, if you're that off..." She said, looking around. She grinned at his question, though, adjusting her crown again. "I'm good. Wish this stupid thing would stop slipping off though."
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