Closed A House Party

Dreya shut her eyes, trying to still the beating of her heart and the slight tremble in her hands. She wasn't used to anyone being this close, outside of her brother. She almost wished that Etienne was here, her eyes unthinkingly scanning the crowd as if he might appear from the masses. She took a shaky breath, gripping tightly to her drink and sipping at it. "Do you miss it?" She asked, resisting the urge to peek up at him. He was too close, and she was starting to feel lightheaded. If she turned, she wasn't sure she'd be able to help but give in and lean against him, letting her nose trace along the lines of his neck.
Corentin liked being this close to her and considered it. "No," it was a true answer, though he could give more nuance to it. The fact the different places were just different, that he was different, older and not as prone to wanting to drink heavily. "I like my life now, even with being under 30, a widow and single parent," he told her honestly.
Dreya took a deep breath and finished her drink. "I'm glad you're happy then," She replied, swaying a little as the drinks started to hit her a bit more. "I'm feeling a bit tired, but I'm not sure I could get home on my own... would you mind walking me?" She asked, putting a hand to her flushed cheek. She took a deep breath, wandering if having a glass of water was outlandish at a party like this.
Corentin gave a little smile and finished his own drink. he nodded. "Sure, I'll happily walk you home," he assured her. He put his arm out, intending to guide her out of the house and towards a spot where they could apparate to Dreya's home.
Dreya took a deep breath, feeling a little dizzy. She wrapped both hands around his arm and leant a little too heavily into him. She didn't mean to, but the lightness in her head was doing funny things. She focused on her breathing, and tried to watch her feet, not wanting to trip and embarrass herself. "Thank you, Corentin," She murmured, burying her face in his shoulder.
Corentin smiled with ease at her, holding her in close to him, and keeping them moving. "I've got you Dreya," he assured her. "Did you have a good night?" he asked, just wanting to check in with her. Make sure that it hadn't been the worst experience of her life.
Dreya was flushed, trying to keep her head level. "It was nice," She replied. "If only for the music and the company," She stumbled a bit, glad she had his support to keep her from toppling. "Erm... Cory, could... could you call my brother?" She asked. "I don't want to be at home alone tonight. Eti could come over for a few hours, at least," She spoke, half to herself. Though part of her worried he wouldn't be willing to leave Sophie with the girls.
Corentin smiled and kept her upright. He nodded, "I don't have a phone, but if you have one, I can call?" he said gently. "But you can always come back to mine?" he offered. "You can sleep on the bed, I'll take the couch, I can keep an eye on you," he offered, knowing it was a bit forward and knowing he wouldn't be upset if she said no.
Dreya grumbled. "He won't come," She whined softly, leaning against Cory a bit heavier. "He's busy with his wife and babies," She sighed. "Could I?" She murmured, the full extent of her drinking really hitting her. She whined softly, hiding her face in his shoulder. Okay, maybe she wouldn't drink much anymore.

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