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Callie Cardoso

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05/2048 (13)
Callie had had this big jumper in her wardrobe for a long while, so she had decided to make a bit of a costume out of it. She knew that going as the concept of coziness was a little out there as a halloween costume, but she had a cup of tea in her hand, make sure that her trousers were equally soft and of an autumn colour. She had mused her hair up and had tried to get herself to smell like a rainy autumn day. All of which to try and give the vibe of what she was going for. Callie walked into the great hall and moved towards the snacks. She wasn't planning on drinking her tea, and it was charmed to not spill, just to give the illusion of hot tea. She grabbed a cake and was just watching as others moved and danced.
Milo had gotten to the feast a little earlier than he normally would, taking the time to skulk about in the shadows in the hopes of getting a proper scare on someone. He'd spotted Callie on her own by the snack table, grinning to himself as he moved in for the kill, shuffling over in an appropriately 'zombie-like' gait to match his costume. "Braaaaiinnnnsss," he groaned, waving his hands obnoxiously into Callie's face, hoping to catch her by surprise. "Nooo no brains here," he added, nearly breaking character to laugh at his own joke.
Audrey didn't have a particularly scary costume, but she did feel glamourous as she navigated the floor of the great hall. Food seemed like a good idea, and the cakes did look very good. She tilted her head in confusion when she saw Callie, though - there was too much detail for it to not be a costume, but it didn't make a lot of sense. Dressing for winter? That...was a choice. "What...are you supposed to be?" she started asking, only to be distracted by Milo's appearance. She almost dropped the plate she'd just picked up as she shook with a startled laugh. If he was looking for brains, he wouldn't find many in their year level.
Callie jumped a little as suddenly Milo was in her face asking about brains. She blushed at his joke, laughing politely, but didn't say anything. Knowing that it had been just a joke. She could handle jokes...mostly. The girl then glanced At Audrey and gave a little smile, opting to now answer the question that the girl had posed. "I'm the concept of coziness," she said with a little giggle. "it's silly, I know," She could figure out what Milo was but had no idea about what Audrey was dressed as.
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