student defense association

  1. Willow Cullen

    Open Ask an Auror - SDA S1 event

    As Saturday 19th November approached Willow had been busy. it was the big SDA semester 1 meeting and this year it had taken quite a lot of organisation. Talking to the headmistress, then sending owls to the relivent people at the ministry before finally being able to advertise the event to the...
  2. Willow Cullen

    SDA member list 2051-52 and duelling honour wall.

    Co-President: Analei Louw Co-President: Willow Cullen Members: First yearsSecond YearsThird YearsFourth YearsFifth YearsSixth YearsSeventh Years Beckett HarringtonSigurd RumblehornAjaccio SkeyDaintree VaskevoldNell WrightElio ZephyrDerek Tahana Flynn northKia SorensJuniper SteeleEric...
  3. Analei Louw

    SDA Dueling Practice

    Though Analei had a lot on her plate, she was really looking forward to having a practice with the SDA students. Willow and Analei had discussed how they should do it, and figured out what they thought would work best, with quite a few students being in different years. The Hufflepuff Prefect...