1. Linden Cullen


    It hurt. everything down the right side of his body felt like it was on fire. it had been only a short time ago. he had been helping with the dragons. charming them for transport but somehow the spell had gone wrong. something had spooked the creature and in a split second he was in fire. he was...
  2. Linden Cullen

    The gallery of us.

    It was the first night of Casper's first gallery. There was no way linden would miss this for the world. He was dressed in a plain T-shirt under a smart jacket and black jeans. Smart but not pretentious and was there ready if cas needed him. Not sure who was more nervous. He had no doubts about...
  3. Linden Cullen

    Butterfly Wings

    Linden wasn't surprised that he lost his duel to Leia. she was a better spellwoman than he was. sure he knew a lot of spells and some unusual ones. but he was not fast with his wandwork. he hadn't expected to be hit quite as hard as he had been and hoped that willow would be proud of his effort...
  4. Linden Cullen

    Buttercups and snowflakes

    Linden entered the great hall hand in hand with Casper. this was their first actual event as a couple and after what had happened when they had told tara he was being extra wary making sure that he didn't let anything spook Cas. "Are you ready Buttercup?" he asked as they approached the door. if...
  5. Linden Cullen

    Closed Definitely not a date

    Linden had wanted to do something special for Christmas this year. He wasn't creative like Casper and he didn't have the people smarts that any of his sisters had. He had had an idea and when he had brought it up with Tara she had been keen. It would be an early Christmas present because...
  6. Linden Cullen

    Closed A date?

    It was nearly exam week. Not that it meant much to linden. Being seventh year had its advantages and disadvantages. And he wasn’t entirely sure which the fact that they had no exams this semester was. It meant that right now they were not as stressed as most of the other students but also meant...