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  2. Margo Fox

    Y45 Graduation Ceremony: Guests

    Margo's head felt full of thoughts she didn't know what to do with. For once she was eager and ready to get out of Hogwarts for a little while. She hoped the steady routine of her job and spending time with her family would ground her before she had to come back and face her final year. That...
  3. Margo Fox

    Open Y45 End of Year Feast

    Margo had made it through her exams easy enough. She had hoped they'd provide a better distraction as the year came to a close and she was left with nothing but her thoughts. She absentmindedly picked at the skin around her thumbnail as she resisted the urge to look at the Ravenclaw table...
  4. Margo Fox

    Open Hufflepuff House Meeting Y45 S2

    Margo blinked when she heard Aine ask her a question. "Huh?" she said as she came back to earth. A few second her comment clicked and she looked down at her plate. She felt her face flush and she laughed a little embarrassed. "Oh, I hadn't even noticed..." she said trailing off. "Would you like...
  5. Margo Fox

    Open Hufflepuff House Meeting Y45 S2

    Margo didn't want the semester to end. Not just yet anyways. She was looking forward to seeing her grandmother and getting to work at the bookstore. But there were unresolved things here at school she didn't know how to handle, and then there was an even bigger problem waiting for her outside...
  6. Margo Fox

    Open Prepping for Winter - WPC Event

    Margo was still a little shaken after her meeting with Professor Le Fey. So she needed all the help she could get to distract her for a while. She just needed a little more time to figure out what she wanted to do next so she threw herself into her studies and club activities. Out in the gardens...
  7. Margo Fox

    Heta Omega Y45 S2: High Tea In The Gardens

    Margo smiled warmly at the younger girl when she seemed to approve of the food and offered to pour her some tea. "Yes please, I would love some." she said politely before grabbing a sandwich for herself at the same time. "I've never been to a high tea either." she admitted. Renata and Gwen had...
  8. Margo Fox

    Career Event: Isabella's Table

    Margo knew she still had some time to figure out what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. But she did have a sense of what she would like to do, she just didn't know quite how to get there. When it was her turn for the career event she took a seat at the table with one of the school...
  9. Margo Fox

    Closed For Good Luck

    Margo felt relieved when she wasn't immediately laughed at for her gift. Not that she expected Michael to do something that mean but her own insecurities had kept her from totally brushing off the possibility. She smiled at his comment about Gryffindor and reached for her gift. "Here, let me...
  10. Margo Fox

    Heta Omega Y45 S2: High Tea In The Gardens

    Margo had loved the idea of a tea party for the next Heta event the moment Renata suggested it. She thought it sounded like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. It helped that the school’s garden was one of her favorite places. She’d been dealing with a mix of emotions the past few weeks and...
  11. Margo Fox

    Valentine’s Day Dance

    Margo Fox with Michael Watson
  12. Margo Fox

    Closed For Good Luck

    Margo's palms were starting to sweat the longer she waited and she was starting to worry she missed him and was just standing around like an idiot. So she was relieved when she heard Michael greet her. "Hi" she said a bit breathlessly before he started rambling and she smiled. "Oh I don't think...
  13. Margo Fox

    Closed For Good Luck

    Margo's heart was beating like a drum in her chest and she felt like any second someone would spot her and realize her house wasn't playing today and tell her to get lost. Of course she knew no one really cared if you went to games your house wasn't playing in but it was her real mission that...
  14. Margo Fox

    Yule Ball

    Margo Fox, solo
  15. Margo Fox

    Closed Partners

    Margo grinned. "I think we could out run them if they turned on us." she said playing along. Even with the authority of a prefect badge she was still rather short and it was hard for her to demand any kind of respect. "Oh." she said softly when Michael offered his arm. She had been the one to...
  16. Margo Fox

    Closed Partners

    Margo felt a huge sense of relief when Michael said he wasn't waiting for anyone but she tried not to let it show too obviously. She smiled at his comment about patrols and blinked when he asked if she was waiting for anyone. "Oh, no." she said quickly, maybe a bit too quickly. Again she thought...
  17. Margo Fox

    Closed Partners

    Margo felt slightly pleased to have caught him off guard but then it was her turn to blush when he complimented her. She hadn't put much thought into her outfit but it was a new dress and she felt a little exposed now that he was looking at her. "Oh thanks." she said and ran her hands down the...
  18. Margo Fox

    Closed Partners

    Margo was feeling strange about tonight. It was already a year ago she had her argument with Valerius and she didn't want to relive that night at all. There would be no trips to the courtyard for her this year since it would be just her luck to run into him again after avoiding him rather...
  19. Margo Fox

    Spotify Wrapped 2023!

    My wrapped was a weird one this year. My top songs were Very Skewed by listening to singles/eps and apparently wracking up the listen time haha. So don't look at those too closely x_x Besides I like the weird slides like "My Sound Town" the best, like what does that even mean???? Most years I...
  20. Margo Fox

    Open Spooky Scary Models

    Margo smiled weakly. "I guess I just scare easy then." she said good humoredly but when she heard a shriek come from outside at the feast she jumped a little, not sure if it was a decoration or a student. She moved to stand by Rosie so she too could see herself in the mirrors. "Oh right. Get any...