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    Closed Its a Beautiful Day

    Teliko blushed as Sapphire dropped from the tree and sat closer to her than she had anticipated so they were almost touching. "Hi," She said awkwardly. When Sapphire asked her what she wanted to talk about she realised she hadn't thought that far ahead. "I err," She stammered. "Anything but school,"
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    I guess seeing you guys again won't be so bad.

    I guess seeing you guys again won't be so bad.
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    Please no.

    Please no.
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    Fourth Years

    Teliko Snyder Hufflepuff
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    Shopkeepers wanted for questioning!

    Feel free to interview Ezra who runs Borgin and Burkes but you know...I don't guarantee an cooperative interview.
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    Open Fourth Year Study Group: First Meeting

    Teliko wasn't big on studying, she took a more 'flying by the seat of her pants' approach to her exams and it seemed to do fine for her so far, but she knew how much hosting the study group meant to Alice so she made the effort to attend to support her roommate turned friend. Teliko made her way...
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    Closed Its a Beautiful Day

    "Yes you are," Teliko answered plainly, not sure what to make of Sapphire, she couldn't tell if she was genuine or if she was just humouring her in a fit of boredom. Teliko caught the wink from the other girl but it didn't do much to settle her questions. "Why not take a break and come talk to...
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    Yule Ball

    Teliko Snyder Solo
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    Closed Its a Beautiful Day

    Teliko smiled at the girls response, she couldn't say she had ever met anyone who considered up a tree to be a genuine place to sit and relax but she got the impression Sapphire wasn't like most girls. "I do actually, you never know when you're gonna run into a cute girl in a tree," She smirked...
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    Closed Its a Beautiful Day

    "I don't listen to any muggle music, nor much music from the magical world either, not a big music person," Teliko said without looking back at the girl in the tree. "I'm Teliko," She said looking over her shoulder at the girl. "You often hang out up trees?" She asked curious about her choice of...
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    Closed Its a Beautiful Day

    Teliko shrugged her shoulders, "I'm sneaky like that," she said leaning her back against the tree trunk so she could listen to the girl sing and play. "Where are these songs from?" She asked wondering if they were muggle songs as she hadn't heard them before. Teliko didn't get much chance to...
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

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    Open Don’t Mind Me

    Teliko had always been a light sleeper so when there was movement in the the girls dorm it was no surprise that she woke up as one of the other girls in their dorm moved around to get changed and walked out of the dorm. In a moment of rare daring Teliko pulled out on her shoes and a jumper over...
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

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    Closed Its a Beautiful Day

    Teliko had quickly got bored hanging out in the common room all the time so she had to get herself outside and enjoy the sun while it was still nice weather. The Hufflepuff found herself wandering down to the lake front, it was a beautiful and tranquil place and at the right time it was...