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    Open Y38 S2 Gryffindor House Meeting

    Noel had been holding back his anger and emotions towards Eric after learning he was dating Minnie, but the fact that he closed things off and had an good talk after all made him feel better. So he would not feel the hesitation to punch Eric anymore, since he didn't deserved that attention and...
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    LAKE PARTY! Brotherhood members come and join us...

    LAKE PARTY! Brotherhood members come and join us!
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    Y38 S2 | Brotherhood Lake Party

    Noel was excited for an new Brotherhood event. After the talking to Minnie and finally getting some closer he could enjoy life again and focus on himself and what he wanted and not someone else. He made it's way to the lake to help Simon out, but there wasn't much work to be honest so he just...
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    Closed You Want to Talk?

    As Noel heard Minnie speaking only what he heard was that it was long time ago. He read it like, let go of it. And he needed to do that, but she must have understand that there were so many things left unsaid or not answered. He nodded as she told him perhaps she would in a few months. But...
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    Open Two Lions Together

    As Noel completly not focused on the couples around them and all he was glad that he had finished the chapter Minnie. Ofcourse his difficult relation with Eric stayed. And the fact he saw his roommate every day didn't helped, but he tried to become happy again and that someone else could make...
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    Open Two Lions Together

    Noel smiled back and figured it was normal that she was suprised. He was suprised of himself as well but in a way he didn't want to be alone here, and it suprised him she said yes. And they both could use company it seemed. '' I can imagine. I was suprised as well to be honest. '' He said with...
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    Open Two Lions Together

    Noel smiled as Rose complimented him back. It was polite to do. '' Thank you.'' He than replied back with an smile. As she wanted one he than poured her an drink and handed it over to her. '' There you go.'' He than said. The brown haired boy than waited for an moment as he took an sip and than...
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    Valentine's Dance

    Noel Waldgrave with @Rosalind Lockwood
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    Open Two Lions Together

    Noel took an sip of his drink as he watched around. He noticed happy couples and that hurted him sometimes. But after the conversation with Minnie it was clear that it was end of story. And he had decided that for himself as well. So now it was time to meet new people and open up. And to let...
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    Ladies and Ladies you got yourself an gentleman

    Oh sorry I didn't saw? Long time ago than I guess? I already got plans so that's why this can be closed.
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    Open Two Lions Together

    Noel had been thinking of asking someone to the dance. And he figured he would just take an chance and ask an girl he knew was in the same house and she was pretty. And he always liked getting to know new people and before he had asked her to the dance they had spoken some and she had said yes...
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    Ladies and Ladies you got yourself an gentleman

    DUDE WITH THESE MUSCLES LOOKING FOR AN VALENTINE DATE! '' I am not you're Casanova. Me and Romeo have never been friends. '' Okay seriously. I'm looking for an date for Noel Waldgrave for the Valentines Dance. An student GIRL between 4th-7th year is fine to me. He is cute, sweet and if I...
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    Closed You Want to Talk?

    As this conversation was really going he knew one way or another this would end and finally things would be said. He noticed Minnie was frowning and he hoped she was just saying the truth. Explaining all the stuff that she went through he felt sympathatic to her. But the way she thought was just...
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    A Forbidden Excursion

    As Noel watched both he listened as the centaur reacted first. He smiled for an moment, good question it was. '' Fair enough. I was running outside when I saw someone sneaking into the forest. And that didn't seemed like an good plan to me.'' He than said although he didn't figured he needed to...