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    Sixth Years

    Mihail Styx Hufflepuff
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    🌹 Rose Giving Roses are red, badgers are yellow

    Mihail took the two roses and read both notes. He smiled more at the one from his girlfriend of course. "From what my dad says, that is who I am. Thanks a lot for delivering these."
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    Closed Galaxies of Fun

    Mihail Styx felt bad for not sending roses but he still had something to give his girlfriend. He walked to the dance with a teddy bear in hand. As he saw his Gryffindor girlfriend, he fast a spell to enlarge the bear to his height. He picked it up and smirked. He chuckled as he approached her...
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    🌹 Rose Giving Roses are red, badgers are yellow

    Mihail Styx decided not to send roses this year, but got a large teddy bear and some chocolates instead. Some chocolates that he had made from scratch. He heard his name from a small student, which the Hufflepuff stood up, and waved her down so that she could come to him.
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    Closed Our Time To Dance

    Mihail Styx made sure that he looked good for the ball, since he was going with his girlfriend. Mihail had gotten used to the new title for a while, but he did not think he would ever get used to the glares that his grandfather kept casting on him. He did not care though. He was not going to...
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    Make Up Section

    Name: Mihail Styx House: Hufflepuff Year: 5th Lesson Missed: 1 Dating Cyzarine Haden was everything that Mihail Styx wanted it to be. Even though his father did not mind, every time he looked at his grandfather, Professor Styx, he felt like he was getting an evil eye or something. It was...
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

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    Rosy days

    Mihail Styx was talking to his sister, when he heard another boy ask if either of them knew who Mihail Styx was. Mihail cleared his throat, as his sister walked away. "That would be me, mate," Mihail grinned widely.
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    Closed This is Exciting and Wonderful!

    Mihail Styx felt very excited about tonight, mainly because he knew now that Cyzarine returned his feelings. It was about time too. Well, that Mihail let it be known. He just did not want to risk their friendship, but he doubted that anything could truly sever that. He smiled brightly when she...
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    Closed Skippin’ rocks

    Mihail laughed as she mentioned that she might like a Slytherin much later on, if Clifton doesn't like her. "Nah, go for a Gryffindor. Might be brave wanna-be heroes, but at least they aren't boring," Mihail said between chuckles, though not believing that was what Gryffindors were really like...
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    Open Flowing Dresses

    No one had asked Cyzarine? Mihail found that to be rather hard, since he felt that someone should have, several should have. But perhaps she had said no. But, Mihail wouldn't push it, since he had not asked anyone either. "Oh, no, I didn't ask anyone. I didn't know if I wanted to go, until...
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    Open Flowing Dresses

    Mihail could almost feel Cyzarine’s excitement, only fueling to his own euphoric feeling. The Gryffindor was hard to keep up with, but he managed as she dragged him to the dance floor. Her skirt was really light and moved with every step, it seemed. As long as she didn’t step over a vent, no one...
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    Open Flowing Dresses

    Mihail Styx only decided to go to the Yule Ball because of the possibility that he would run into Cyzarine and dance with her. Talking to Lily seemed like it was the push he needed. However, Mihail was so careful, since he did not want to ruin such a great friendship. But if it was changing, how...
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    Perfect Match

    Daisy x Lizzie Taylor!