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    Dalia Banner please.

    Thanky so muxh Claire 🥰
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    Y42 Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs

    ''Dalia Drake, trying out as chaser''. She told her with soft and a little afraid voice. Dalia was not so sure what she was doing here but she was trying find for herself.
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    Y42 Sorting Reactions!

    Hello, Sorting! I will sorting Dalia but i need worning. She will be screem a little when she see you. I hope she can be Ravenclaw, Slytherin our gryffindor house. I hoped that she won't be a hufflepuff. She can be somtimes sensetive. She think that one friend on her life is fine. ^_^
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    Dalia Elizabeth Drake.

    Dalia Elizabeth Drake. THE BASICS: NAME: Dalia Elizabeth Drake. NAME MEANING: 🔮 Dalia is a girl's name that sparks images of the glory of nature. This delicate name stems from both Arabic and Hebrew roots and means "gentle, slender branch" . 🔮The name Elizabeth is a biblical name of Hebrew...
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    Hello! Are you Elizabellas Drake teacher? I'm her cousin Dalia ^_^

    Hello! Are you Elizabellas Drake teacher? I'm her cousin Dalia ^_^
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    Hello! So, i think slowly be back. I left my work and things my life is change a little bit. But i will try find new job and hope things will be better. But i hope you have a grate time. ^_^
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    Dalia Banner please.

    Name: Dalia Drake Play-By: Arianna Grande Text on Banner: Dalia Drake Colour Scheme: Anything you think suits! Image Options: 1, 2, 3 Other: thanky.