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    Open A Rose For You

    Caro had expected to be left alone, but of course she wouldn't get so lucky. She sighed at Poppy's questions, torn between being impressed at the girl's journalistic instincts and irritated by the questions. "It was fine, it just wasn't anyone special. Just a thank you." She said icily, not...
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    Yellow to green

    Caro was relieved at least this deliveryperson seemed uninterested in chatter, snatching the rose and note away from the girl quickly. "Thanks." Caro said bluntly and turned to go, opening the note as she headed back to the Monthly rooms. Her heart softened a bit as she read it, relaxing...
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    Open A Rose For You

    Caro sighed, frustrated as she watched Poppy fumble around with what should have been an easy task. Of course. She tapped her foot slightly as she waited, accepting the note once Poppy finally found it. "Thanks." Caro said bluntly, opening the note and taking a quick glance. Of course...
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    Yellow to green

    As much as she wanted to spend the entire day in the Monthly rooms hiding from the rose deliveries, Caro hadn't planned ahead very well. She had forgotten to bring any snacks with her. So a quick trip to the Great Hall had been necessary, and Caro hoped to be in and out before anyone noticed...
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    Open A Rose For You

    Caro was beyond relieved this would be her last Valentines in this place. Looking at the monstrous piles of roses some of her classmates somehow accrued while Caro held on to her paltry one or two roses always felt like insult to injury, and the sooner this was over, the better. She had...
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    Valentine's Dance

    Caro Taylor - Solo
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    Yule Ball

    Caro Taylor Solo
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    Open HM Meeting S1 Y34 - Newsroom Check In

    Caro would estimate she was excited to be saying goodbye to about... 95% of the things about Hogwarts. She had almost dropped out once she was old enough to use magic at home, achingly bored of being trapped in the same place for so long. She had stayed though, and Hogwarts Monthly was a big...
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    Closed Accio! Y34 Meeting

    Caro's comment had been meant as a joke, she decided retroactively, and she rolled her eyes when one of the kids on the paper took it seriously. She definitely couldn't wait to be out of here. "It was a joke, calm your farm." Caro sighed, pushing her hair back over her shoulder as she took a...
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    Open Costume Contest!

    Caro Taylor as a Murderess
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    Seventh Years

    Name: Caro Taylor House: Slytherin
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    Hogwarts Monthly

    Name: Caro Taylor House: Slytherin Year: Seventh Title: Head Photographer
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    Closed Accio! Y34 Meeting

    Her final year. It had really arrived. Caro had been beyond tempted to just... not return to Hogwarts at all this year. To leave the school behind and set off on her adventures. She couldn't leave Sophie or Vader in the lurch though, especially not Sophie. One more year trapped in this...
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    Finally 🎉

    Finally 🎉
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    Open End of Year HM Party

    Caro was relieved to have gotten another issue of the Monthly out without problems. Seeing the fruits of hard work on paper was always rewarding, and Caro would be happy to sit back and celebrate with the other people on the Monthly. She still had a bit more left to do for Accio, but there was...