Zayne Anton Baros

Zayne Baros

USA Hit Wizard / Father of 2
Blood Status
Pure Blood
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Curly 10 1/2" Unyielding Alder Wand with Acromantula Web Core
Trophy Showcase:
"I hide myself away in the dark...

I can't find my way in this hole..."

This twisted life is so cruel I'm so sick, I need to find her soul to save me
You, who stand there now, I will not tell you not to cry
<SIZE size="50"><FONT font="times new roman">
[name] Zayne Anton Baros
[etymology] The first name Zayne means God is gracious which would give off the impression of a dark, honest and funny male. His middle name Anton means a flourishing man. It would give off the impression of a smart, strong and tough boy. The name itself was very fitting for Zayne'a character. The surname Baros means grace of God. It originates in English, and has many variants of how to spell it. As a whole, the name does fit him except that he is not really that funny at all. Everything else is suiting to him.
[origin] The origin of the Baros family is rather detailed, however beyond ninth generation up from Zayne and his siblings, the records were lost. However while they were not prejudice, their bloodline has not been less than pure-blood for some time. There was at one point someone marrying a half-blood, but then again they were removed for some reason unknown. The Baros are for the most part neutral, and they are secluded as the numbers of the Baros' family are dwindling down.
[nicknames] Zayne currently does not have any nicknames that he actually likes to be called. He does not recognize any other names that he would want to be called other than his first name.
[alliance] He has yet to choose an alliance.
[birthdate] Zayne was born on March 12th, 2016. in Oahu, Hawaii. He was born in a hospital, and it was a normal birth and it happened in the early evening.
[age] He is currently twenty-years-old.
[gender] Zayne is a male.
[sexual orientation] Heterosexual which means that Zayne is attracted only to the opposite sex, which is females. He does not have much of an interest in males and considers males as mates. When it comes down to choosing if he is more attracted to the looks or the personality would be the personality. He likes it when they are nice, and have a good backbone. He also likes it when they are adventurous.
[dialects] He can only speak English fluently, but he is also learning how to speak Hawaiian.
[hometown] Zayne is originally from Oahu, Hawaii, however since he has no memories of living there, he believes that his hometown is in Long Beach, Washington. He was raised there, and moved to California when he was fourteen.
[residency] Zayne once lived in Monterey, California in a beach house that was once just the summer house, but now is their permanent house. Now, he lives in a nice house in a quiet neighborhood in Monterey, California. It is a wizarding community. He lives with his future wife, Kaia Styx.
[heritage] Zayne's mother is completely Hawaiian and his father is completely American. It would make Zayne one-half Hawaiian and one-half American.
[blood status] Zayne is a pure-blood. He is not prejudice at all when it comes down, but he is very weary of muggle-borns because his former stepmother was a muggle-born and had harmed him, thus having him thing that all are capable of doing that to him.
[blood type] His blood status is O positive so he is a universal donor. There is a belief in Japan that a blood type would give someone good traits and bad. The good traits are agreeable, sociable, an optimist while the bad traits are vain, careless, ruthless, cruel. These traits can relate to Zayne's character.
[wand] The wand that chose Zayne was the Ebony Wand 15" Essence of Phoenix Talon. The Ebony wood gives it a darker shade, and it is made for great power. The Phoenix core is one of the rarest core types. Phoenixes give off some of the greatest range of magic, and may take longer than some cores to develop the magic. Sometimes the cores will act on their own accord. The alliance can never change.
[occupation] Hit Wizard
[health status] Zayne is perfectly healthy.
[allergies] Zayne does not have any allergies except to certain medications that contain penicillin.
[pet] A bat named Antonin.
I remember the King and his Queen I shall never forget
Without fail my purpose will be fulfilled
[five words] Quiet, Subtle, Shy, Sarcastic, Indifferent
[personality] Zayne's personality is a complex one. He is very distant, and also rather shy. He will stand up to anyone, when the situation calls for it. He would more often than not avoid a conflict if there is a way around it. Zayne is very untrusting, and will not trust anyone with just any information about him. He is the type of person to get along with a handful. When one would first get to know him, they would see that he is an apathetic Slytherin, but after a deeper look, one would see that he can be caring, and can prove to be a loyal friend. He does not like it when people assume things about him, and he does things out of the kindness of his heart, and believes that other's should be put before him. But only friends will see that side. He does not tolerate name calling, and he will not stand for someone pushing him around if he does not want to do something, then he won't do it.
[beliefs] Zayne believes that knowledge is power, and must gain it from experience.
[boggart] His boggart would be his stepmother coming back from the dead, all rotting, and coming after him.
[fears] Zayne actually does have quite a few fears, but none of which will have him running and screaming like a girl. He is afraid of falling, but not of heights. He is also afraid of dark creatures, werewolves, and also muggle-borns because of what he had been through with his former stepmother.
[likes] Zayne likes several things, however it is hard to tell what he likes due to the fact that he feels indifferent half of the time. He enjoys spending time with his new found family, and he enjoys to play Beater for Quidditch. He enjoys flying and loves to go at high speeds. Zayne likes to go to class and learn everything he can about magic. He enjoys drawing and he also enjoys writing music sheets. He does love to play music, and he appreciates the melodies that he comes up with on his own. He also likes to enjoy outdoor activities as long as he doesn't get hurt.
[dislikes] Zayne dislikes many things, and one of which is when someone tries to pick on him for some reason that he can't even understand. He dislikes it when someone calls him names that he just does not like at all. He hates being called names. He hates it when someone teases him for his blood status, and when someone thinks of something prejudice about him when it was the muggle-borns that had caused him more pain than anything else in his life. He does not like learning about anything that happened in the past, and he does not like it when he gets injured.
[goals] His main goal is to graduate.
[good habits] Zayne tends to put everything like academics and studies first.
[bad habits] Zayne also generally ignores most people even when they are talking to him.
[strengths] Zayne's strengths are something that he keeps hidden until someone gets to know him and he feels comfortable around them. Zayne's strongest strength would be his intellect. He uses his intelligence for everything and he is very head strong. He is determined and he can be quite competitive that just pushes himself forward to get things done and be the best while doing so. Zayne has a high endurance level and he has a high tolerance level as well. He has much patience, and he can withstand so much of something for a long time. When it comes down to the magic, his strength can be found in his charm casting, his defensive spells as well as potions. He has a strong knack for flying and can do so much. More strengths will come as he ages.
[weaknesses] Where Zayne has his strengths that are hard to see, there are weaknesses that are also very hard to see too but regardless they are there. One of his greatest weakness is his inability to show much emotion, and he feels indifferent about almost anything and everything. He can seem mostly apathetic, and even when learning, he doesn't care too much for most things. He also has a weakness to those that he does care about, and to anything that is like, dark of nature which will render him frightened and scarred. Zayne tends to have a weakness toward those that he does like, and he will do everything he can that is in his power to do anything for them. When it comes down to schooling, he doesn't pay much attention to his electives, and he sucks when it comes to history. More will show as he ages.
[loyalties] His loyalties rest within his Slytherin house, his family and his friends.
[magical talents] Zayne is a very talented flyer, as he had inherited his skills from his father. He is very talented in casting charms, and he can also cast defensive spells rather well. Since he is only in his fourth year, more will come.
[other talents] Zayne has several talents when it comes to wondering outside of the magic area. One of which would be his ability to run and swim for long periods of time. He can also draw realistic things rather well. Zayne can also read at a high level, and he can play guitar and the piano however he does not show many others the talents that he holds.
[patronus form] Zayne believes his patronus form would be some sort of canine.
[annoyances] There is not much that will get on his nerves, one of which is when someone thinks something wrongly of him, like if he seems like he is scared when he really isn't. He gets annoyed when someone calls him names, he absolutely hates it. He also gets annoyed when someone meddles in his business and does not listen to him.
No finer woman had lay before me, dark and filled with beauty
I can crown you a God and I'll suffer for your sins
[chinese year] Being born in 2016, it makes Zayne a Monkey[/i]. People born in the Year of the Monkey are the erratic geniuses of the cycle. Clever, skillful, and flexible, they are remarkably inventive and original and can solve the most difficult problems with ease. There are few fields in which Monkey people wouldn't be successful but they have a disconcerting habit of being too agreeable. They want to do things now, and if they cannot get started immediately, they become discouraged and sometimes leave their projects. Although good at making decisions, they tend to look down on others. Having common sense, Monkey people have a deep desire for knowledge and have excellent memories. Monkey people are strong willed but their anger cools quickly. They are most compatible with the Dragon and Rat.very independent and rarely listen to advice. They are most compatible with Tigers, Dogs, and Sheep.
[zodiac sign] Zayne is a Pisces[/i], the fish. Being a Pisces makes him imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind, selfless, unworldly, intuitive and sympathetic. Most of these traits associate with him. However on the downside, it makes him an escapist, idealistic, secretive, vague, weak-willed and easily led. What a Pisces likes are solitude to dream in, mystery in all its guises, anything discarded to stay discarded, the ridiculous, and like to get 'lost' and they also dislike the obvious, being criticized, feeling all at sea about something, know-it-alls, and pedantry. The color that associate with a Pisces is a soft seagreen, and it is one of Zayne's favorite colors, from what others know of that is. The starstone of the Pisces is a moonstone.
[mutable sign] A Pisces is a mutable sign, and a person that is associated with this sign is associated with adaptability, service-providing and expansion This is perfect for Zayne.
[transpersonal sign] Also being a Pisces makes them have a transpersonal sign which makes them principally aware of and concerned with humanitarian and existential concerns. This is also very true to his character also.
[planet] The planet that rules the Pisces sign is Neptune[/i]. The planet Neptune bears its closest association with Pisces, the most watery of all the signs, and is particularly concerned with dancing and poetry. Neptune encourages imagination, sensitivity and idealism. If they are unable to pierce its mysteries there will be confusion, dishonesty, martyrdom, and indecisiveness. The good sides of being ruled under this planet is sensitivity to the needs of others and idealism. However on the downsides, there are dishonesty, martyrdom, and indecisiveness in most affairs. These traits seem to align with Zayne's character however he would never be dishonest, though he is sensitive to others.
[element] Being a Pisces, his element is Water[/i]. When the water element is emphasised in a person's natal chart they are usually quite emotional - even if they don't show it (still waters run deep). Confinement is not something these people deal well with, they are usually quite resourceful. On a positive level watery people are caring, emotional and artistic, but can also tend to exaggerate feelings out of proportion and live in a fantasy world. When a person's chart lacks water, there is the tendency for them to find it difficult to understand the feeling side of life and to show compassion to those around them. Someone having the element of water makes a person emotionally reserved, mysterious, devoted to love, psychic and artistic, with the downside of having him very sensitive, enough to the point that it would make him highly aggressive and can withdraw emotions.
[birthstone] Born in the month of March, Zayne's birthstone is the Aquamarine[/i]. The Aquamarine depicts courage, creativity, health, perception and hope. It is also associated with awareness and spiritual energy. Aquamarine is the planetary gemstone for the zodiac sign of Pisces.
All it took was one lonely kiss, her lips, swollen and red smothered all over me
Bound so tightly, pain is everything
[martial status] Zayne is now engaged to Kaia Styx, his best friend and someone he believes is his soulmate.
[when] Zayne proposed on September 29th, 2032.
[zayne baros and kaia styx] Zayne first met Kaia during his first year, with her offering him cookies and lying about his blood status. He continued with the lie before he was busted and he had to tell Kaia the truth. He told her about his step-mom, which she told her father. Her father killed him and he ignored Kaia most of the fourth year, because he was so scared. After Hades enlightened him on the situation, he and Kaia made up, and then in the fifth year, they began to develop feelings for each other. They kissed and made out on several occasions, but did not need labels to define who or what they were. During his break from school into his sixth year, he bought an engagement ring, and proposed to Kaia. She said yes. The two graduated, and then bought a house together. Now, they are happily living together.
[past relationships] None
[innocence] He has not lost his virginity.
[past sexual partners] None
[turn ons] Cookies, roses, soft brunette hair, soft skin.
[turn offs] Too girly, weak and fragile.
[aphrodisiacs] Chocolate and rose petals.
[the perfect female] He grew up with his ideal girl, and the only one that he will ever go for is Kaia Styx.
[the perfect date] Baking cookies.
I felt faint and without control and with great thirst, I drank deeply
Far from kindness. I am your king
[playby] Christopher Robert Evans
[former playby] John Theodore Geiger II
[ages used] Ages ten to fifteen
[natural hair] Zayne's hair color is naturally a dark brown that can resemble black on a variety of levels. It is very shiny, and it is often thick, not as soft as some fair. It is normal, and when it is brushed without any heat going into his hair, it will come out wavy. He keeps it in a long cut, mostly reaching his shoulders. He ended up getting his hair from his mother.
[eyes] The color of his eyes are none other than a pale gray, nearing liquid silver. Zayne inherited his eye color from his ancestors. When one looks into his eyes, they will see a wall of blankness, with a hint of sadness indicating that he had been through something troubling. He hardly expresses his emotions from his eyes, opposed to just speaking them out with his voice. The meaning of the color of his eyes are riches, changeability, mysticism, and wisdom.
[height] Zayne stands at a height of six feet one inch, and his growing has slowed
[weight] He weighs one hundred and seventy pounds, which is average for someone of his size.
[complexion] His skin is a medium beige, which does not exactly contrast with his dark hair, but does with his bright eyes. There are not that many blemishes on his skin, and it is relatively smooth.
[scars] Zayne does not have any notable scars.
[birthmark] His birthmark is too faded to see anymore.
[smile] Zayne's smile is very gentle, and it is not too common to see onto his expressions.
[body build] His body build is not exactly toned, but it is not really unfit either. While he has muscles, he is between scrawny and built. He is pretty much average.
[body modifications] Zayne does not have any sort of body piercings or tattoos.
[dominant hand] Zayne is dominant in his right hand, but he uses his left hand to hold things.
[style] Zayne's style is rather casual. He normally wears muggle clothing that was fashioned from the United States. They normally consist of tee shirts of a variety of colors with jeans. His preferred style of shoe are vans and other skating shoes. When in school, his uniform is loosely worn, and he doesn't look at all up to par.
She gave to her lust and ecstasy
Believe you're in Hell, but your's is Heaven
[school] Zayne is currently attending Hogwarts New Zealand for his magical schooling.
[hogwarts house] He was sorted into the house of Salazar Slytherin. This was his sorting post:
Zayne entered the Great Hall, his breath in sharp, yet smooth, motions as his gray eyes focused on the mass of students around them. Zayne glanced around to see if he would know anyone, but there was nothing out there to really spark his interest. Glancing down at the ground, he cursed that he was one of the first ones to be sorted. Zayne just needed to ensure that he was going to remain confident for this all. He needed to not freak out like other students were. Zayne was calm, complex and he figured that once he was put on the stool, the hat, the musty old hat, would determine his fate. "Baros, Zayne!" His name was called, and that was it. With his robes flowing behind him, he made his way up to the stool, and he took a seat. He felt rather small, and he felt the hat cover his head. Now all he had to do was wait, and he did not even think. His mental voice might get in the way of sorting him quickly.
"I see you have some reverence for magic - that's always nice, but your indifference to most things around you is somewhat disconcerting. Let's see if we can find you some interesting friends in SLYTHERIN!"
[special titles and awards] Zayne has had the title of Slytherin Beater since his second year, and also in his second year, he won the award of Most Shy. In his fifth year, he was awarded the title of Prefect. In his sixth year, he somehow became Co-Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team.
[extracurricular activities] While Zayne participates in Quidditch, he also participates in two different clubs, one being the Brotherhood and another being Club Academia.
[favorite subject] Charms
[best subject] Defence Against the Dark Arts
[loathed subject] History of Magic
[worst subject] History of Magic
[favorite professor] Professor Hensel and Professor Zhefarovich
[loathed professor] Professor Blaze
[grade average] Outstanding
[owl grades]
Potions: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Charms: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding

[newt grades]
Potions: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding
Charms: Outstanding; Exam: Outstanding

[graduated] June of 2034​

Zayne Baros

USA Hit Wizard / Father of 2
Blood Status
Pure Blood
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Curly 10 1/2" Unyielding Alder Wand with Acromantula Web Core
Trophy Showcase:
"We kissed just once her life dripped down on me...

even now, in life's closing does she still shine..."

Woman of mine you'll never close your eyes
Cry to die. You'll love me forever


[mother] Leilani AustaThoreau
[born/death] November 23rd, 1994
[blood status] Pure-blood
[special] N/A
[heritage] Hawaiian
[martial status] Seeing Keyne Baros
[occupation] Restaurant Owner
[education] HS: Hufflepuff
[titles] N/A
[playby] Odette Yustman
[roleplayer] Jessye

[father] Keyne Andras Baros
[born/death] June 29th, 1995
[blood status] Pure-blood
[special] N/A
[heritage] American
[martial status] Seeing Leilani Thoreau
[occupation] Coach of the Stonewall Stormers
[education] HS; Slytherin
[titles] N/A
[playby] Ryan Reynolds
[roleplayer] Kaitlyn

[older sister] Amycus Kanoa Thoreau
[born/death] May 1st, 2013
[blood status] Pure-blood
[special] N/A
[heritage] 1/2 Hawaiian, 1/2 American
[martial status] Seeing Ozias Zhefarovich
[occupation] Unemployed
[education] Home-schooled
[titles] N/A
[playby] Willa Holland
[roleplayer] Jessye

[older sister] Mylie Ariella Thoreau
[born/death] April 3rd, 2015
[blood status] Pure-blood
[special] Metamorphmagus
[heritage] 1/2 Hawaiian, 1/2 American
[martial status] Seeing Hades Styx II
[occupation] Unemployed
[education] HNZ; Hufflepuff
[titles] Prefect
[playby] Katharine McPhee
[roleplayer] Jessye

So I hide myself away in the dark and death she bathes with me, in my heart
On a pale, teary cheek, tears cascade to your feet
Zayne Anton Baros was the first boy born from the young couple named Keyne and Leilani Baros. However not long after he was born, his parents decided to split up, with Leilani taking back her last name, and changing the girls' names to Thoreau. Keyne took Zayne and they moved to Washington, to Long Beach once the divorce was finalized. Zayne was just two-years-old when another woman was introduced into his life, while he had no memory of who his mother was. Her name was Suzanne Pike. It was not until he was four when Suzanne and Keyne got married. He was the ring bearer. At first, growing up as a young child with Suzanne was not terrible, until he was six-years-old when Suzanne found out that Zayne was a pure-blood. While Keyne was at work, he would be harassed daily, if not hourly, by the muggle-born woman that had a vendetta against pure-blood children when she was a child. She took her revenge out onto Zayne, the one that was innocent. He began to think that he was a rotten kid for his blood, and he never disobeyed. He did not tell Keyne of the horrible things that Zayne was called. She even insulted that his mother was a tramp that slept with anything that she could get her hands on. However Zayne did not believe this to be true, because he had a picture of Leilani Thoreau, and she looked far too nice to be a skank. When Zayne was ten, he asked Keyne about his mother, and while Suzanne was gone, they went to the beach house where they spoke on the beach, how Keyne loved Leilani, how he regretted ever letting her go. Zayne wanted to know where she was, but Keyne didn't know. Zayne also asked why he was with Suzanne, and Keyne shrugged, saying that he was just afraid of being alone. Zayne then ended up going to Hogwarts New Zealand, where he had no idea that he was attending school with his older sister Mylie.

Zayne was sorted into Slytherin. That led to more bullying from Suzanne, to where he was ashamed of his blood status. He lied about his blood status to others. He ended up meeting his first, and future best friend Kaia Lutrova (now Styx). He thought that she was cool, and he would end up hanging around her, choosing to ignore everything else. The first year went by swimmingly. In the second year, he tried out for the Slytherin Quidditch team and was made to be the Beater. He also came clean after he broke his arm to Kaia about his blood status that he truly had, telling her that he was a pure-blood, and how his step-mother treated him. After that he played his first Quidditch game, however his team came out as the losers. In his third year, he held the team Beater spot, and then he played another Quidditch game where his team actually won. This was also when he met with another friend named Romaine Snow. He also found his mother and his sister in the same year where he chose to get away from Suzanne once and for all, and he moved in with his mother. When his fourth year arrived, everything was normal, though he played Quidditch against Ravenclaw and lost. It was not until the holidays came when Keyne told Zayne that Suzanne was found brutally murdered, as if someone had chosen to dismember her. Zayne was scarred, and he remembered that Kaia wanted to do something about Suzanne after he told her to stay out of it. He became frightened because of that, and started to ignore her. Closer to the end of his fourth year, was when he wondered up to the North tower after Hades Styx the Second had confunded him, and told him that if Suzanne was not stopped, then she would have gotten the pure-blood hating Aurors to kill him and his family. Thus he saw the 'light'. He noticed that Kaia was sleeping, and time will only tell of what will happen to their friendship.

Once the friendship was repaired, in their fifth year, Zayne and Kaia shared a hot and heavy kiss. Zayne loved it, and they decided to remain friends, even though they snogged quite often. They were also made prefects in their fifth year, and it was a great honor for the two of them to share. During the summer of his sixth year, he bought an engagement after he had tricked his dad into giving him the credit card. He proposed in front of Hades after a rather dramatic fight that they had over Kaia's safety and life. Kaia said yes of course. They both decided that it would be after they graduate before they would get married. During the apparation exam, Zayne hurt his arm and failed the test. He fears ever apparating again because of it. Entering his seventh year, he still trains Isabella Pisces to take over the Quidditch team once he leaves. The seventh year appears to be easier for him, and he cannot wait to graduate. He managed to graduate with Kaia, and he was happy that he was able to move on with his life. Once they bought a house together and he got a job, Zayne thought that he was living the good life.​

Zayne Baros

USA Hit Wizard / Father of 2
Blood Status
Pure Blood
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Curly 10 1/2" Unyielding Alder Wand with Acromantula Web Core
Trophy Showcase:
"They'll never see what I've seen...

they cannot know, who I've been..."

The things I've done, they torture me but I need them, for they are me
Whipped to the floor once again, laughing and lashing you away
[first year] Years 2027-2028
Zayne Baros x Kaia Styx: To Whom So Cold.
Zayne meets Kaia for the first time.
Zayne Baros x Kaia Styx: First Yule Ball
Zayne and Kaia meet up at the ball, and ditch for cookies.
[second year] Years 2028-2029
Slytherin Quidditch Team: Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs for Y13
Zayne tries out for the team.
Multiple People: Diverse Crowds
The Halloween could not get more diverse.
Zayne Baros x Kaia Styx: I'm gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have
Zayne breaks his arm while trying to climb a tree.
House Quidditch Teams: GryffinPuff vs SlytherClaw
The houses go at it in a brawl in Quidditch.
[third year] Years 2029-2030
Slytherin Quidditch Team: Y14 Slytherin Quidditch Try-Outs
Zayne tries out for Quidditch again.
Slytherins: Slytherin Meeting (Y14)
Another meeting of Slytherins.
House Quidditch Teams: SlytherClaw vs GryffinPuff
All houses go at it once more.
Zayne Baros x Romaine Snow: Hey, Buddy!
A new friend is made.
Zayne Baros x Mylie Thoreau x Leilani Thoreau: The Mother I Never Had
Zayne finds his mother at long last.
[fourth year] Years 2030-2031
Slytherin Quidditch Team: Y15 Slytherin Quidditch Try Outs
Zayne tries out for Quidditch again.
Slytherin Quidditch Team x Ravenclaw Quidditch Team: Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw
Slytherin faces Ravenclaw once more.
Zayne Baros x Kaia Styx: Forgive & Forget (part one)
Zayne finally speaks to Kaia after a long while of ignoring.
[fifth year] Years 2031-2032
Slytherin Quidditch Team: Y16 Slytherin Quidditch Try Outs
Zayne tries out for Quidditch once more.
Slytherins: Slytherin Meeting
A Slytherin meeting.
All Prefects: Y16 Prefects Meeting!
Prefects meeting.
Hufflepuff Quidditch Team x Slytherin Quidditch Team: Hufflepuff v Slytherin
Slytherin and Hufflepuff go at it.
Zayne Baros x Kaia Styx: Forgive & Forget (part two)
Kaia and Zayne hang out, and ends in a heated kiss.
[sixth year] Years 2032-2033
Slytherin Quidditch Team: Y17 Slytherin Quidditch Try Outs
Zayne hosts a try out once more.
Zayne Baros x Kaia Styx x Hades Styx II: Take Your Breath Away
Zayne proposes after getting beat up by Hades.
House Quidditch Teams: SlytherDor v HuffleClaw
Another heavy match.
Graduation Guests: Graduation 203:cry: Spectators and Guests
Zayne watches Mylie graduate.
[seventh year] Years 2033-2034
Slytherin Quidditch Team: Y18 Slytherin Quidditch Try Outs
Zayne helps host a Quidditch try out once more.
Slytherins: Y18 Slytherin Meeting
Slytherins have a meeting.
Seventh Year Prefects x Professor Styx x Professor Barnard: One Last Hurrah
Seventh years throw a party and they are caught.
Seventh Year Graduates: Graduation 2034: The Ceremony
Zayne finally graduates!

Lust in me, you'll dream of me, life in pitch night I'll be there watching you
We suffer in love, but you love to suffer

Code: Made by me, Kaitlyn.
Lyrics: Dark Green - The Dark Caress by My Dying Bride; Black - Your Shameful Heaven by My Dying Bride
Influenced by: Zoey and Jessye​

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