Zared Katsaros

Zared Katsaros-Styx

class of 2047 | blissfully free
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Pure Blood
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Curved 11 1/2" Sturdy Ebony Wand with Acromantula Web Core
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"I can still taste the ocean like it was today...

You said please keep on holding your hands,"

And the rain, it came too soon,

I will wait for you, To love me again

[name] Zared Alec Katsaros-Styx
[etymology] Zared: The name Zared is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Zared is: Ambush
Alec: The name Alec is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Alec is: Defender of men; protector of mankind.
Katsaros: Surname, Greek in origin. Means "curly-haired" in Greek.
[nicknames] None
[alliance] To his wife, her extended family and to their blood status
[birthdate] 3rd September 2028
[zodiac sign] Virgo
[age] eighteen
[gender] male
[sexual orientation] straight
[dialects] english, little bits of greek
[hometown] New Zealand
[residency] New Zealand
[vacation destination] Any magical area of cities, he's not much of a fan of being a tourist or laying on beaches but does enjoy the magical areas of places.
[heritage] 1/2 Greek, 1/2 English
[blood status] Pureblood
[blood type] A (+ve)
[children] None
[mother] Evangelina Katsaros, full time mother
[father] Kyne Katsaros (Gringotts Official)
[siblings] Jayson Katsaros, Gryffindor HNZ, Older Brother
Zenia and Zoe Katsaros, twins, Younger Sisters
Kalila Katsaros, Younger sister
[first wand] Curved 11 1/2" Sturdy Ebony Wand with Acromantula Web Core
[occupation] Student
[health status] Healthy
[allergies] None
[pet] None

I'm still running back to you
I could let go of everything

[five words] Independent, Distant, Quiet, Judgemental, Keen
[personality] With an older brother and two younger twin siblings, Zared has always been the sort of loner of the family, he is much loved and appreciated but a little apart and has proven through this a huge amount of independence and distance between himself and others, he'll rarely if ever ask anyone for help, he'd rather never figure it out, or get into a whole mound of trouble for something that accept help from anyone. He's quiet, opting to never really speak to being unless he has to, and when he does, he'll come across as judgemental and clueless to people's emotions, even if he realises that someone is upset he won't hold back because of it, he'll never pay attention or be respectful of their emotions. He is however keen to please his elders and those he respects, he doesn't respect many people but to those he does he'll work hard and he'll attempt to be the best that he can for them, he'll do this alone if he has to. Zared is quite loyal and his loyalty isn't just to his family and any friends he does end up making but rather is to his family's blood status and to those of equal status, though not to traitors, he would be loyal to his house and extend a certain of loyalty to someone who stood up for him.
[beliefs] He believes in his blood status and what this provides for him as a person. He believes in the purity of blood and how this makes them better than others. He follows the belief of his family but aside from this he holds few other beliefs and definitely none of a religious kind.
[boggart] His own mortality, being quite an independent person he has come to rely upon himself and so his own death is what he fears the most, seeing himself dead.
[fears] Zared fears death a lot, he doesn't ever want to die period. He fears it in others too, he would rather stay well away from death and has always had a fascination with it, despite how much he hates it.
[likes] he likes working alone, like not having to be friendly or engage with people really. He likes proving himself and receiving praise for things he's done, he likes being left alone and not bothered by others.
[dislikes] Being told to work with others, having to be friendly with people below him, having to do work he's not interested in, he dislikes people who are muggles or muggleborns, he really dislikes half-breeds.
[goals] He wants to get through school and he has a particular fascination and fear of death so much that he would want to pursue it out of school too and that would likely be his goal. Being quite young and fairly single minded he doesn't yet have any other goals for his life, if he was ever to have a family, his goal would be to have a pureblood family, but currently he has absolutely no interest in ever having a family
[strengths] His self-reliance can be considered both a strength and a weakness, he doesn't need others to help him do things, he's independent
[weaknesses] He relies on himself so much that he's almost completely unable to accept help from others, he'll act defensively when someone offers him help and would never work with someone.
[loyalties] His loyalties lie directly with his family, and the values which they uphold, specifically to his blood status and those values
[magical talents] none yet, since he hasn't begun to learn magic yet.
[other talents] Particularly good at doing things by himself, he has always managed to do everything alone, never relying upon anyone would be what he would call a talent.
[patronus form] snow leopard

If I was an island in search of castaways
Maybe I'll find you here

[relationship status] Married, July 2046
[whom/when] Elsyia Styx
[past relationships] None
[first kiss] To Elysia Styx
[innocence] To Elysia Styx
[past sexual partners] none
[turn ons] Too young
[turn offs] Too young
[aphrodisiacs] Too young
[the perfect fe/male] Too young to know
[the perfect date] Too young

Nothing like the rain
When you're in outer space
[playby] Ian Somerhalder
[ages used] In use currently
[former playby] None
[natural hair] dark brown, kept short
[hair modifications] none, unkeen to ever change his hair in any dramatic fashion
[eyes] pale blue
[height] taller than most his age due to his family all being fairly tall
[weight] Lanky, thin, yet to fill out into his frame
[complexion] pale skin, with barely a hint of a tan despite his half greek heritage, unable to tan really without it becoming patchy and usually fairly red
[scars] a scar on his left knee from falling from a child's broom when he was three, a second scar on his elbow from getting into a fight with another kid and hitting his elbow into a window which cracked on impact and imbedded glass within his elbow
[birthmark] none
[smile] most would claim that he has a fairly sly smile, more of a smirk than a smile, he'd only really truly smile in certain occasions and only on these few occasions would he ever smile without the hint of a smirk.
[body build] Lanky, a little taller than most his age and is reflected in his thin build, though there is clearly a shape which he'll grow into, which should be a little more sporty
[body modifications] None yet, uninterested in most body modification, although considering perhaps some form of magical tattoo in the future
[dominant hand] Right Handed
[style] Given his age, his style is largely chosen by his parents who ensure that the clothes that he wears are fashionable stylish with magical style, he isn't too often found out of his robes and his muggle style stays pretty normal, he doesn't have much interest in it at this point in his life and while he does care about his appearence not enough to care about the clothes that he wears, as long as they stay rather monochromatic in colour he doesn't entirely mind

Got one foot in the golden life
Got one foot in the gutter
[school] Hogwarts New Zealand
[hogwarts house] Slytherin
[sorting post]Zared Katsaros had heard stories of Hogwarts New Zealand, he had heard many good and bad things about this school, and yet he wasn't sure how much he really wanted to be at it, of course as a pureblood he'd been expected to both be magic and get his magical education but the boy wasn't interested in learning with others, or really being a part of any team, he wanted to just get through the work by himself and not worry about all those around him. He didn't like other people, he particularly hated muggleborns and was so frustrated that he was going to have to share a school with them, he knew that he would have to hold everything back in dealing with them if he got forced into some situation where he had to. The pureblood knew that would definitely be unlikely to happen, but if it did he was going to be annoyed, not only because of their lack of good blood but also because it meant he would have to work with someone, and Zared hated that almost as much as he hated people. Being the youngest son, but the middle child, Zared was often and purely by chance left to his own devices and he thrived under such conditions, he wasn't afraid of hurting others to get exactly what he wanted, he wasn't afraid of being alone or having no friends because to him this school was not a building for social endeavours but it was for him to push his education and one day he hoped he might be in the highest position of authority in this country, in this community of wizards, but that was a long way off for now, and the boy knew that at the very least he had to begin his education before he could think of the better world he would build. The boy ssshed some excited girl in front of him who almost bursting with giggles as he walked with pride into the hall with the rest of his soon to be classmates, despite all his hang ups about the school and about people in general, Zared had made a friend before coming to this place. A feat which had surprised him more than he could ever care to admit, though his new friend was more like him than he could've imagined, albeit a little more forward, a tad more twisted and definitely more likely to act upon his thoughts, but it was a friend nonetheless, and he was almost glad of the friendship, in this large and unknown school Zared was glad to have more than his annoying older brother to rely on.

The moment they walked into the hall, Zared stuck by his new friend, Lestat, not helping the small shake of his head and light chuckle at how eager Lestat was to start picking on people, Zared didn't particularly want to pick on people, but he couldn't help that agree that all the people he was pointing at would make pretty good targets, "Lestat, sorting first, victims later," he kept his sentence brief speaking quickly and quietly, he didn't particularly like speaking and opted more often than not to really keep quiet. The boy glanced passed his new friend and to his new friend's twin who seemed less than pleased to have to stand with him, and Zared with her, he liked Lestat, and he enjoyed annoying her, but he had taken an instant dislike her to her and really he felt she thought the same of him, it was odd to the pureblood that Lestat and her were siblings, since he got on well with one and not the other. Zared's attention however was stolen away from his companions to the front of the hall where the professor stood with the sorting hat, and the stool, and of course the hat began singing, something he didn't think would at all be happen though he'd been told it would, Zared had lived in denial of it o. You wouldn't get that ridiculousness within Durmstrang, a singing hat, Zared audibly sighed and looked at his new friend as if to say, this is stupid but Zared endured and thankfully the song came to a definitive end, but this was only the start of the night, and now they were to all be sorted. Zared's older brother was a Gryffindor, but Zared didn't at all want to be with him, he was forever in the boy's shadow at home, and he didn't want the same of this school, and that was the only house he would actively be unhappy with should he be sorted into it, even if Zared might be able to admit he could make a good Gryffindor, but he believed he lacked the loyalty or the loudness for such a place. The hufflepuffs seemed fine, but he wasn't friendly, he wasn't kind or welcoming, he wasn't open minded or open armed, Ravenclaw for brains, and then Slytherin, which he could admit to believing himself most suited for, he was hard working, and where his intelligence maybe lack he definitely made up for in his work, in how hard he worked. He used most others to achieve his own ends, he was noble and pure and...

Katsaros, Zared,

A voice spoke out and Zared was startled a little into moving forward, but he quickly recovered, brushing a hand through his dark brown hair as he walked up to the stool, a bored smirk sat on his face as he looked out to the school looking back at him, wasting a small amount of time to find Lestat in the crowd of first years left and smirking at him, as if to say, I'm ready for this. The hat was placed in his head, and knowing to be polite to old magic, he greeted the hat in his mind with all the respect that he would show to any of his elders.
[special titles and awards] Prefect, Top points slytherin y29
[extracurricular activities] not part of any clubs
[favorite subject] Defence Against the Dark Arts
[best subject] Defence Against the Dark Arts
[loathed subject] Potions
[worst subject] Astronomy
[grade average] Outstanding
[apparition] Passed first time
[year of graduation] 2047
[graduation post]
Zared had been looking forward to this moment a lot, he had always been looking forward to graduating, but the goals he had had when he entered the school were not really the ones he'd taken forward during the years and completed. Primarily he had never imagined that he'd be married by this point in his life, that he and Elysia would be celebrating one year of marriage. Certainly not that. Zared had always been an independent person, never enjoying any of the group projects he'd been tasked with, but she had been the one he had fallen for, and fallen hard. Her offer of leaving school at the end of the last semester had been tempting and throughout the semester he missed her, he longed to go back to their home and start life together, but sitting there about the graduate he knew he'd made the right choice. He would have his NEWTs and his graduation, they both would. He would maybe be set for life if he just turned to her family, but Zared wasn't going to rely on any else for his future. Zared had known that securing his future by his own means would be better than just relying on the Styx's to provide for him.

Zared was eager for this day to be over, he'd dressed well, suiting up properly for the event, wearing his hair politely. He was ready to be done with this place. He could almost feel the soft mattress of his bed in his home already. The spaceous area in which they could live, no longer restricted by roommates and dozens of other students. He kept his gaze forward as the head girl spoke. He didn't particularly agree with any of her sentiments, he thought the professors had done their job and he was entitled to what he got. He'd worked for it, it hadn't been chance. The teen was glad when that part was wrapped up and the names were read out. He clapped softly for most, only perking up when his wife's name was called out and he applauded more soundly for her. Though there wasn't a whole lot of time for him to do that, since his name was immediately next. He walked across the stage, taking the diploma with a handshake and giving Professor Styx a pointed look, a small respectful look of thanks before he continued of stage to reclaim his seat. Soon this was would over. It would all be over.

The darkest night never felt so
bright with you by my side

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