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Cadell Owens-Lee

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Cadell was quite excited to be back in Japan, despite how he had felt the last time he set foot in the country. The past was long gone now however, and Cadell had bigger things ahead for him. He’d always loved the country, so made sure not to stray away from the friends that he had made while he was there. When he had received the invite from Sato to celebrate his birthday with him, he couldn’t have been more happy. His mothers were happy to look after Aiya while he went to visit him too, so he didn’t have to worry about a baby-sitter either. Gwen was keen to go along with him as well, so he hoped it would go as amazingly as he imagined. With his friend’s gift in his hand (an authentic recipe book written in Japanese), the man walked up the path to Sato’s house and peeked his head through the glass of the front door, looking out for him inside the house. “Konnichiwa!” he exclaimed.
Gwen had gone to Japan many times before, but if there was any excuse to travel, she wasn’t going to knock down the opportunity. When Cadell said he was going back there to see a friend, she was quick to tag along, hoping that it would be fun and give her something to do. The woman had been trying to find jobs with no luck, so was mostly just hoping this would be a distraction from her stress. With a carton of pre-packaged butterbeer, Gwen followed Cadell up to the traditional looking Japanese house. She looked through the glass door as Cadell called out for his friend, her eyes widening as she saw a black cat sitting on the floor looking directly towards them. “Cadell, look! It’s a cat!” she pointed at it, before kneeling down to its level and speaking in a high pitched voice. “You wanna let us inside? I might give you some of this butterbeer.” She winked at it, but it just kept staring directly back at them, so Gwen just frowned.
Sato Asahi was a simple man with a simple life. He'd graduated from Culinary school, worked as a caterer, and lived by himself in a small home he'd purchased a year or so after he'd graduated Mahoutokoro with the inheritance he'd gotten from his parents passing. The rest had gone into his schooling. He had a little bit left over, but it would be a bit of saving to really replenish what he'd spent setting up his life.

Asahi led a quiet life when he wasn't working, and his social circle was small. Perhaps one of the closest friends he'd made had been Cadell, when they'd met on a shared venue. Cadell was a photographer and he was a good man. Not wanting a particularly crazy evening, Asahi had only invited over his friend and approved of Cadell's sister coming along.

Unfortunately, when he'd gone out for ingredients for dinner, he'd been distraught to discover his local supermarket had been sold out of what he'd wanted to buy. He'd had to go an hour away to get what he needed, and had only just begun cooking when he heard the man at the door. "Come in," He called back, padding around his kitchen and preparing dinner.

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