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Yevheniy - The name Yevheniy is an Ukrainian baby name. In Ukrainian the meaning of the name Yevheniy is: noble
Luca - Luca (or Luka), pronounced "LOO-kah", is a male given name used mainly in Italy, Germany, and Romania derived from the Latin name Lucas, a possible translation of Ancient Greek Loukas (Λουκᾶς) meaning "(one) from Lucania" (an ancient region of southern Italy) or the name is derived from the Latin word "lux" (light).

Yevheniy is the name that his father had, and despite it not really being a family name of any kind, Yev's father had always wanted to call one of his children after him, in the same way he knew that his then wife would've done the same had Yev been born female. When Yev was born, there had been no plans to have any more children, and so for that reason Yev's father jumped on the opportunity to call his only son after him. There was a fairly large battle between Yev's parents at the point of his birth and when he was named because his mother had wanted to call Yev after her family, to give him an english name because of where he was and the difficulties he would face in people trying to pronounce his name, which was why he ended up spending a good part of his time in America being called Wes by his mother who would tell people that was the English version of his name. Yevheniy has always enjoyed his name. He has always liked the way it sounded and though as a child he enjoyed being called Wes also, he very quickly grew out of it. His middle name Luca was an addition to his name later in Yev's life when he moved to Ukraine to live with his father and he hadn't had a middle name but his father who let him drop being called Wes, also invited him to pick a middle name, and Yev picked Luca. He doesn't tell people about his middle name, but it is something he does treasure. The surname, Kharchenko, which his mother has great difficulty saying, but it's a very common surname, but has been in Yev's family for years, and Yev is incredibly proud of this fact. It can be a bit of mouthful at times, his entire name, but he has always enjoyed it.

In his life, Yev has had two nicknames, the one used most often is a shortening of his long name Yevheniy. Yev is the nickname that he uses most often, it's an easier way of saying his name, and despite the fact that most people can learn to say his full name, he has always enjoyed the name Yev as a nickname. He just likes the way it sounds, and likes the way people look at him occasionally when he explains that that is his nickname. Other than this, he would count what he was called while living in America with his parents and for a brief period of time his mother, Wes. It wasn't a name he liked as he grew up and was happy to shake it. He never really introduced himself as it, it was always the name his mother used to introduce him to her friends, his old muggle school, and largely used it in a way that made Yevheniy ashamed of what his heritage was, as if he just wasn't going to fit in because he wasn't fully like his mother. If he ran into people who called him Wes he would probably ignore them, and if they insisted he would probably resort to violence so that they would get the idea and then leave him alone.

Currently twenty years old. Yevheniy loves going out and having a lot of fun on night's out, but this makes it a little difficult on his birthday because he'll really do nothing different to what he might normally do on any evening outing. Yev will tell people it's his birthday if he wants to but he's not always forthcoming with when his birthday is or what age he actually is. Yevheniy doesn't so much like getting gifts but he enjoys people coming out and just having a really good time. He'll sometimes now, given his age go out with his father and his uncles and they would all go and have an intense night of drinking. Which doesn't always end well, but Yev would never not do go drinking just because of a few bad experiences.

Yevheniy was born on the 1st of October in 2019, in San Diego in Southern California, in the very early hours of the morning at the magical hospital of the area. He was the first born to his mother but she suffered a very smooth pregnancy and Yevheniy was a very small baby when he was born. They thought because of his small size that he would have serious issues growing up, but Yev was fine and he ended up being able to live well. He was first held by his father rather than his mother due to his mother's exhaustion following the birth and wanting to rest for a few moments before holding her first child.

Having never been academically driven and having done pretty poorly in both his OWLs and his NEWTs, Yevheniy has never been inclined to active look for a job. He does the odd work here and there for people if they need it, and most of the time he spends with the other Elementalists which keeps him busy and keeps him in a constant cash flow meaning that he never does have any problems with anything like that. He doesn't really want a job, especially not one that would be boring, or require him to wear a suit and do the same thing constantly. He is happy with he is currently doing, even if what he doesn't isn't exactly the most favourable of things he could do.

Yevheniy Kharchenko Sr - A pureblood wizard who has always held his blood status in high regard, despite marrying a woman who was not a pureblood. The relationship didn't work out. Yevheniy was born in the eastern area of Kiev he attended Durmstrang before going to America to study muggle medicine where he ended up meeting his ex-wife. He stayed in America until he split up with his wife when Yev's was four years old. Where he moved back to Ukraine to be a healer in their national hospital, Yevheniy (his son) then joined him in Ukraine when he was just about six years old. The equivalent of St. Mungo's. He is the fourth son of his parents and the second youngest. He enjoys working as a healer specifically dealing with emergencies.

Jane "Amherst" Strathe - A mixed blood witch who attended Salem school of witchcraft, and then decided that she wasn't so interested in doing something with magic, so instead went to a muggle university in America to study fashion. She now owns a high end store in Los Angeles, and a second in San Diego. Jane did love her son, although she was always a little ashamed of who she married and her son's Ukrainian roots and when he moved away they kept in touch, but this has dwindled to the point where Yevheniy hasn't heard from his mother since he was about sixteen. He knows that she's still alive and has a new family with a muggle she married in California. Yevheniy occasionally checks that she is okay, although that too has become far less frequent.

He has no full siblings, and nor would he count any siblings that his mother had with the new husband because of his muggle status and the fact he cares very little about that family, and whatever children they may have. Yevheniy knows he has plenty in the form of his father and uncles that he doesn't need any of her family to keep him happy and moving.

Yev's mother is an only child whose parents died when Yev was about 4 years old. Yev's father has four brothers, 3 older and one younger. They are close as far as families go. Their parents died when Yevheniy was in first year of Durmstrang. Yev's uncles do have their own children but none of them associate much with them. None of them are married. All of the kids live with their mothers, so Yev doesn't really know them all that well. They are much closer to Yev than they are with their own families. Yevheniy was raised by both his father and his uncles during his time growing up in Ukraine, and they were the ones who had suggested that Yev go to Hogwarts first before then going to Durmstrang if he really hated the other school.

Even though his life has gone between points of chaos and calm, he has never once owned a pet, his family has a family owl, but Yev would never class this as a pet. He just sees it as a means to an end, the end being able to send letters to his family and also to be able to receive them. He has never wanted a pet and was always happy to not have to take care of anyone but himself really.

Mixed Blood, his father is a pureblood and his mother is mixed blood, her grandmother was a muggleborn. He enjoys being Mixed blood, although he lived like a muggle whenever he was with his mother, which is something he had grown to severely dislike despite the fact that it has enabled him to function within muggle society with ease. .

While Yevheniy would've preferred to be a pureblood, he isn't so bothered by not being that, he is a mixed blood and if were to have a child with another pureblood the line would only be getting purer. He is not very fond of muggleborns at all, he thinks of them as useless, thiefs of magic that they shouldn't be a part of the way things are in the magical world. And he thinks of muggles as even more useless. He enjoys the fact that muggleborns do not exist in Durmstrang. He prefers thinking that magic is might, and that as wizards they are what every muggle person should want to be. He can appear to be quite a supremacist but is good at not having it too close to the surface, he manages to make his opinions towards muggles and muggleborns below the surface.

Yev spent the first 6 years of his life in San Diego in California, but ever since then has spent his time between San Diego and Kiev in Ukraine, spending part most of his time in the Ukraine and the holidays with his mother in San Diego, however since the age of ten Yev moved to Kiev permenantly, giving up his American citizenship to only have Ukrainian citizenship. He would always say that Kiev is his home town, he has always loved the city, loved it's history and the magical areas of it.

Yevheniy is currently split between living at home with his father in Ukraine and living in New Zealand, which is where he spends most of his time. He hadn't really thought too much about moving permenantly to New Zealand because of his love of his home country, but he does really like New Zealand and enjoys his time in the place and so would always be happy to live there rather than in his home. He was only supposed to remain in New Zealand the year following his graduation, but he's definitely stayed longer.

Yevheniy is half American, half Ukrainian. He likes the diversity of his genes but with the trouble his mother gave him about his roots and her own negative opinions about his father and his father's country Yev used to be very ashamed of his roots, which is different now, he's always very happy with his Ukrainian roots and doesn't often talk about his mother's side of the family. Yev's family in Ukraine have always lived in the West of the country and have been Ukrainian for generations. They have stayed out of the politics of the country although Yev's youngest uncle took part in a number of the uprisings within the country.

Yevheniy has never really been very open about his sexuality, not because he was ashamed of it, but because it's always been a point of confusion for him, he likes both guys and girls, but he finds himself more interested in just meaningless sex with girls and usually more interested in something a little more permanent with boys, something a little deeper although he does love meaningless sex with guys also. His own sexuality likely sits most on the bisexual scale but he does seem to favour men over women.

His current relationship status is a little complicated, he is spending a lot of his time with Jeremy Thorne, a healer he met in the magical Hospital in Brightstone. They don't really have a label on what they are, Yev finds him fun and different. Although Jeremy is older than Yev, he likes spending time together and he find the relationship whatever it really is far better than anything he's ever experienced before. A little more serious and good than anything else.

His first kiss was to a girl he barely remembers of the name of. He was thirteen at the time, and it was at a party with friends and families of his father. The kids sat together and had good fun. They enjoyed their time together, and one thing lead to another and he had his first kiss. The girl he remembers was incredibly beautiful, his first kiss with a boy wasn't too long after the first kiss with the girl, he remembers this just about as little as he remembers the first kiss, and it was a small peck on the lips because he'd been dared to.

His first real french kiss, was at the same party, but it was to a guy much later on in the evening, when most other families had left. They were both still on a high from all that they had done that day and their earlier kiss, and ended up sharing an incredibly passioned kiss. He didn't share a french kiss with a girl until he was dating Alissa Vetrova, and he found that experience far worse and terrible than his first french kiss with another guy.

The only real relationship which Yevheniy has been in before the sort of one he is in currently was with Alissa Vetrova, which began in the end of sixth year, and beginning of seventh year. It was a strained relationship from the beginning, her brother had always really disliked him and she demanded a lot of time and attention from him which he wasn't particularly good at giving and he also really disliked the fact that she didn't like his desire to get kicked out of school at the time and that as soon as he became of age his subsequent drinking. They broke up towards the February of their final semester of school, and Yev was incredibly pleased that it ended.

Yevheniy spends a lot of his nights out. Ever since he turned 17 and he gathered a small group of friends whom he cares for to a certain extent and with one of the girls he grew particularly close and in the early hours of the morning, during a drunken morning, they did it. His first time with a person of the same gender was a few nights later, when he'd been out with his father and uncles at a quidditch game while taking a holiday in Crimea and he met a guy at the game and they ended up going out together for more drinks, ended up in a massive fight and then after healing themselves as much as they could had sex in other boy's bedroom. Yev remembers his experiences with both pretty well, he doesn't remember who they were but he remembers how amazing he felt during and after the experience they had.


I'm waking up to ash and dust ,
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Yevheniy's hair is naturally blonde, his hair when grown out to a certain length in specific lights can give appear a light brown, but he has naturally blonde hair, he keeps it fairly short and usually keeps a fringe although is always sure to have it out of his face. He has never been so bothered with his hair, it's shape or the colour, he doesn't like when it's too short, sort of military style short, or a buzz-cut kind of look but aside from that he has never been too bothered about his own hair.

Yev has incredibly light blue eyes, which have the slightest hint of green in them, but this is not too clear unless looking right into his eyes. His eyes are just a very pale blue colour and this pale blue colour is something which skips generations in his family. His father and his his father's family all have light blue eyes but every couple of generations the eye colour becomes far paler in colour, which gives his eyes a very startling look against the paleness of Yev's face. Yev has always loved his eye colour, and it's distinctiveness. However he does also really enjoy changing his eye colour, he likes wearing contact lenses of various colours and either freaking people out with them, or more recently just never saying that they're fake to see what peoples reactions are. He also uses them when he'd rather blend in a little more into a crowd.

Yevheniy has a thin but lightly built frame, most of his strength comes from fights and running. He trains pretty hard but only when he can, his main method of staying in shape is fighting whether it's within a controlled gym environment or just out at bars and things like that. Yev is however thinner than most his age, and stands at a little below 6ft. His height gives Yev a very slim appearance and he usually doesn't help this by wearing ill-fitting clothes. He doesn't eat particularly well, and drinks a lot, which isn't good for his health, but he's never been too bothered with that, he keeps himself active and fit because it's required of him and because he does enjoy it, but not because it's something that will keep him alive.

Yevheniy has been in many fights and has a number of scars littered across his body, the most obvious of which is a small scar in his side, which he got in a bar fight while still living in Ukraine when he was pushed by someone else on to a table with many glasses on it, and some of the glass tore skin, that scar was from the deepest cut. He also has a few scars on his arms and legs, a couple on his back, none look particularly bad any more, and while visible just look like accidents that kids end up having. He has a small scar on the back of his head which is obscured by his hair and that's about it really. In terms of birthmarks, Yev has a few small ones scattered around his body, mostly they are on his hands they are largely faded. He has always been proud of his scars and blemishes, it's just a part of his life as much as anything else is in it.

B (-ve)
Due to the amount of fights which Yev has been in he's needed blood a couple of times within his life, he first learned his blood type the first time he received blood when he was fifteen and hadn't been able to go to a magical hospital due to where the fight had been had. He has since spent time to learn what his blood type is and knows it well. His blood type is a little rarer than most other blood types but it's never really been a big issue as long as he can manage to get to a magical hospital where he doesn't need to receive blood.

Right Handed.
While he flirted with the idea of being left handed, he could never quite commit to it, and actually preferred the ability to write with his dominate hand, that being his right. He was sure that if he gave it enough time, he'd be able to, since Yev is sure of his own abilities if he's set his mind to it. Yevheniy learned to write in english first, although his spoken english at the time was a lot worst than his written, learning two languages at once made things pretty confusing for him when he was growing up, but he began writing when his mother enrolled him in a muggle elementary school and he saw others doing it. He then learned to write at home with a quill and ink like his father showed him to do, since that was how they wrote in the magical world Yev wanted to be more a part of. Despite what some say about the use of quills and so on, Yev has always preferred the magical way of writing to the muggle way.

He spent the first four years of his life, learning both languages at once, and he never had an accent on either, until he started spending time with his father in Kiev and at that point he developed a slight accent on his words when speaking english. When he moved to Ukraine to live permanently he lost most if not all of his english, getting some of it back with ease during the brief semester he spent at Hogwarts New Zealand, before being sent to Durmstrang and living in Ukraine until he turned eighteen at which point he lost most of his english and now when he speaks in English it is very heavily accented. When he speaks Ukrainian he uses slang and would be said to have a Kiev sounding accent.

Yevheniy can speak two languages mostly fluently, his dominant language is Ukrainian having spent more time speaking that language than any other language. He speaks it well and it is his favourite language to listen to. Other than that Yev is mostly fluent in english, his abilities with english have fluctuated over the years but he can write it and understand it, just occasionally he has trouble finding the right words especially when speaking, although depending on what he's reading in English he can at time have difficulties with that. Aside from that Yev can speak a few words of Russian, and understand bits and pieces of bulgarian, but that's all he can do in terms of languages.

Yevheniy has been allergic to bananas and anything with banana in it for as long as he could remember, his mother was quite a health freak and loved banana's so from a young age tried to get him to eat it, but obviously Yev suffered a pretty severe reaction to it. He has never since eaten bananas and really doesn't know what it tastes like, so he doesn't know what he's missing really. Yev has never minded this allergy, since he's never really known anything different.

To describe Yev's style would be quite difficult he dresses in clothes he just finds about the place, he doesn't care much for fashion and has rarely been too interested in what would be called the stylish method of dressing. His clothes he mostly buys second hand and goes through a lot as a lot of his clothes end up getting destroyed and getting blood on them, which is why he dresses in what would be called an old fashioned style of dress, even in terms of the wizarding clothes that he wears. He is quite partial to beanie hats and things like that, but he doesn't wear the hat too often, only when it's cold. He has no clear cut style, he just mixes and matches his clothes and doesn't really have an idea of when things don't match. He can occasionally stand out because of this, but he's never minded too much. He doesn't really think that he has a set style but is more of a this is nearest ideal.

Dane Dehaan

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Yevheniy likes fun, first and foremost. There is not much else that he likes. It really all boils down to fun. He likes all manner of fun, and his definition of fun encompasses a lot of different things which he had never really thought they would. He believes that fights are fun, he believes that jinxing people is fun, he believes that having fun can involve just messing around with people. Yev likes doing what he wants and he loves going to parties. He thinks they are incredibly fun and he likes the interactions between people. He doesn't get involved in them but he likes watching them.

Yev has always disliked people who are exceedingly studious. He thinks that life is too short for that kind of thing. He knows that some people want to do well and all that, but Yevheniy has never wanted that and dislikes it to a certain extent. He dislikes when people try to stop him from doing things. He doesn't like when people tell him that whatever fun he is having is stupid. He dislikes being made fun of because of the choices he's made. Yev also really dislikes tomatoes. He can barely stand the taste of them in anything.

Yevheniy has always been goalless and sort of aimless in life. He never desire to be anything while at school, and he has never really had goals in the same way as other people might have them. He's always been just about whatever the next step is, he's never been the type of person to desire a family of his own, or a particular career path, he wants to be powerful, he wants to master dark magic and be able to learn more, dive in more, but then again, that's just the current step for him, he's never been the type of person who considers the long term, that much is obvious in how he doesn't really look after himself that well, in the way that he'll try to do things that most others would avoid because of the danger towards themselves. Yev has never been the kind of person to play any situation safely, and this is apparent in his lack of goals.

Being buried alive. Plain and simply, he just does not like the idea of being trapped and unable to do anything and to therefore slowly die. He thinks that it would be the cruellest way to die, and would not wish it upon anyone. For Yev that's simply just the scariest thing one this planet. It is the feeling of being trapped and unable to move and unable to call for help which scares the man most. He tries his best to avoid such situations.

A husky dog.
Yevheniy has always been described as dog like. Not because of any cuteness, if anything in appearances Yev is far from being seen as some form of adorable dog but really, he's a dog in the sense of his quickness to just into things. He'll rarely think about them, and he will fight if something is wrong. He is loyal to those who show him loyalty but overall is nervous and most often pretty terrible in front of people that he doesn't know too well.

Easily the first day of his school holidays between sixth and seventh year. He had been enjoying his first day when a few of his old magical friends who were all homeschooled came room. They went out, and spent three days just having fun. They weren't even drinking, but they got into a mass amount of fights, messed around with people, messed around with muggles. He just thought it was pretty amazing. He loved it a lot.

The worst day for Yevheniy is easily the day his father told him he had to go back to Durmstrang for his final year of school. Yev had never liked school, and since he'd turned 17 he had been under the impression that his father wouldn't make him go back. it had resulted in a huge fight, and neither him nor his father had ever spoken of this day ever again. Yev just finds it boring and he felt betrayed by his family. He felt rage and sorrow. He'd spent such an excellent summer and knowing that he had to go back had just ruined his mood. He had been unable to control himself or his anger.He felt lower that day than any other day of his life.

If he had to admit anything, if there was something that he had to admit under the influence of this potion, he would likely talk about how much he hates muggles because of the family which his mother has created without him, he loves his mother a lot, despite their distance and differences and to him he just can't believe that his mother is just ignoring him, and doesn't speak to him any more because of the fact she has a new family. Yev doesn't really hate muggles that much, he doesn't like that they are allowed to live free when he and his kind are not, but he doesn't specifically hate them that much, he thinks of them as useless, however he specifically hates that family and he hates the fact his mother would ever do something like that, he would definitely admit that if given the opportunity he would kill his mother's new husband. He would never admit this without being under the influence because he understands that it is wrong, but deep down he really wants to.

For Yevheniy this is a tricky question. He doesn't know what he would see because his life is in an odd place and he has no desire a lot of the time for some of the things which others would be. He doesn't care for his mother's new family. He doesn't wish for his family to be altogether. He also doesn't wish for more or better friends or a girlfriend. He is obviously not completely content with his life but at the moment he doesn't really have any desire for things to be different.

The smell of gasoline would pretty much do it for Yevheniy. He really likes that smell, he likes the smell of smoke and fire. He likes a lot of smells that most would associate with being pretty terrible. He listens the smell of permanent marker. He likes the smell of peppermint, and the smell of alcohol. It doesn't really even matter what kind.

For Yevheniy looking up to any is pretty hard, he doesn't really respect authority from any person, but it would definitely be his father. He's always looked up to his father, despite the amount of fights that they have. He's always respected his father to a certain degree even if he doesn't show it. They may be at odds but Yev respects him and does look up to him.

His father had never been particularly religious and while his mother had to a certain degree, having magic in their lives complicated things a little bit. He has been to church on several occasions but he's never been inclined to believe anything which is being said. For that reason Yev has never actually believed in anything. He would also say that even if he could believe he would find following the rules pretty hard. Since he doesn't see himself as ever being able to follow it.


Every adolescent Libran's fantasy is to find the Prince or Princess of their dreams. As their lives unfold, the experiences, false starts, dramas, broken hearts and disillusionment they encounter seeking this personal Holy Grail, often shapes their futures in the most extra-ordinary manner. Love and love-lost makes a big difference to the Libran although their often happy-go-lucky appearance against all kinds of odds may not reveal this as fact. Librans can switch off from the world around then and during these periods much more occurs on the deep innermost levels of the Libran's psyche, than their closest companions imagine. Many Librans after establishing a lifestyle that somehow falls short of their childhood dreams, manage to conjure up a most independent life and keep up an image of being dedicated to a "close relationship". They can escape into obscure role playing - and often this makes them extremely successful business people. When it comes to romance and love, Librans can be difficult to fathom yet in business many Librans discover they can not only be creative, but it provides an opportunity to express the more diverse sides to their personalities. Their charm can win jobs and provides powerful friends. But in both work and play, looking for peace and harmony, Librans often say "yes" when they should be saying "no". It is a sad fact about many a Libran's personal or business lives to say - many would have faired far better had they remained alone! But for those Librans who do find their secret dream and meet up with their Prince or Princess, that's another story! You'll find them living in some exotic, distant beautiful place, probably running the local bar or restaurant, designing the beach or ski gear, looking wonderful, sipping cocktails and finding life to be the total paradise they knew it could be. What Librans always have to remember when looking to fulfil their dreams is they should never undermine their own integrity and hold out until their dreams do come true - not simply take whatever is offered.


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Curly 9 1/2" Flexible Redwood Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core

Length: On the shorter side of things, this wand offers excellent control and aim - easily an extension of one's own arm.
Style: Great care was taken in crafting this wand's wood to spiral to its point, giving it a beautiful aesthetic quality.
Wood: A very difficult wandwood to come by, Redwood wands are rumoured to bring good fortune to those who wield them and the stories of the witches and wizards who have these wands is frequently the stuff of legends.
Core: This wand core is popular with the dark wizards, but useful for all as wands of this nature seem to learn spells with more ease than other wands do. A wand with dragon heartstring will contain a great deal of power, so it is advised that the wand caster know how to handle such power.
Flexibility: Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its wielder.

Yevheniy has always loved his wand, he thinks the world of it, and is ultimately fascinated with using his wand to create the most powerful kinds of spells. He loves the shortness of it's length and he likes the control that it gives him. He certain enjoys how it preforms well even under duress. Yev has always liked his wand, he still remembers how happy he was when he finally got his first wand, he had supposed to get it in New Zealand, but his father brought him back to Ukraine to go to the man who had made his wand, and Yev had to select there. Yev will never forget what that was like for him, or the feeling of the wand being placed in his hand, he has been searching for that kind of power really ever since that first touch, he always felt like his wand was demanding for him to push towards dark magic and towards being powerful.

Durmstrang School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Durmstrang was everything that Yev had ever wanted in a school. It was brutal and hard. He loved the simplicity of it. The fights and the dark arts. He enjoyed trying to see what would get a rise out of people and what wouldn't he was always keen to find out if any of those people would be willing to fight him. He loved the set up and the way the school was. He might not have ever been academically inclined but he definitely found a strange home within the walls of Durmstrang

Yevheniy has now graduated from Durmstrang. Proudly so, even if he spent a lot of his time in the final years of school trying to get himself kicked out.
He told his father he would do it and so he did. Even though he had spent the entire year trying to get kicked out and his father telling him that he wouldn't graduate and do anything with his life. Graduating had been fun despite how much he had just wanted to leave the school.


Yev was nervous about this. he'd not had a great year academically. He tried his hardest but his hardest was not the same as most people's hardest and so it really gave the impression that he wasn't trying that hard at all. He kept trying to be kicked out and nothing ever work, so Yev was surprised that he even managed to get to this point in his school career. He liked the school, but education was never really for him. He was nervous because he didn't want to trip up, but mostly he was excited he was finally going to be able to leave education behind.

Yev did not get any positions, he was always trying to get himself kicked out so hardly prefect or headboy material.

The Dark Arts
He has always had an affiliation with the Dark Arts. He doesn't think he'll join any dark organizations but he has always enjoyed learning about it. He was happy when he was able to do it. he finds the defence against the dark arts thing a bit boring.

Ancient Runes.
he just can't be bothered with it. he finds it dull and pointless, but he gets good grades in it, so he doesn't really about it. He doesn't think he has to try that hard, so he doesn't. Which is good because he honestly thinks of it as pointless.

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