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Lucy Holland

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Lucy's list of deliveries had taken her all around the castle, but this next one... her heart raced with excitement as she made her way across the lawn. She didn't think a delivery would be enough excuse to actually enter the forest, but surely the outskirts would be fine given the circumstances. She jittered with nerves as she looked around, realising abruptly that she didn't quite know how to go about this. The forest was so big, and what if Aspen wasn't even home? Lucy really ought have checked the rest of the grounds first, but this option was irresistible. Figuring this was a good enough way to start, Lucy raised her hand and knocked on a nearby tree, as she would for a professor's office. "Excuse me, Miss Aspen?" She called out loudly. "I have a delivery for you!"
Aspen had been enjoying her job as groundskeeper. she liked the ability to wander the grounds, and even go into the castle. though it was larger and more intimidating than she had thought it would be being surrounded with all that brick. one day she hoped to draw up enough courage to attend one of the feasts or dances. but so far it had not been that day. she had built herself a cabin on the edge of the forest with one door facing out into the lawn and the other into the woodland. She was just finishing a patrol of the edge of the forest when she heard a weird knocking noise. it took her a few moments to think of what it was someone knocking on wood. thankfully the girl had picked a spot near to her hut weather intentionally or not she didnt know and aspen wasn't too far away. she walked over to the girl "Hello. how can I help you?" she asked as she walked out from between the trees.
Lucy had met centaurs before, but she still couldn't help herself from staring up at the mighty woman in awe, wondering what it must be like to be so majestic. She was so enchanted that it was an embarrassingly long time before she remembered to speak. "Oh!" She said quickly, scrambling through her basket. "Sorry, I shouldn't stare, that was rude, I'm sorry!" She fumbled a bit before finding the right rose and note, handing them over quickly. "It's a valentines rose delivery!"

Hello Aspen. willow and Lin said I should send you a rose if I can. they both say hi. but mostly so you can make a new friend,
Happy valentines day

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