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Xiomara Blanca Rojas

Xiomara - The meaning of the name Xiomara: Ready For Battle. The origin of the name is Spanish
Blanca -The name Blanca is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Blanca is: White; shining
Rojas - The Rojas surname is derived from the feminine, plural Spanish word "Rojo," which means "red." The name was most likely topographic, first used by someone who lived near some "red earth.

Xiomara was the name of her father's mother that died before Xiomara was born, it is a common name within her family passed down through the females and the meaning ready for battle is the way that her family has always been, confident, ready for a fight, for a battle, they'll never give up or let go of grudges, which is something that has helped their family survive and traits which Xiomara has shown. Xiomara loves her name a lot, she definitely thinks it's a unique and lovely name, she is very glad to be called after her grandmother and feels a connection to a woman she never knew, and does wish to take after her. Her middle name is her mother maiden name and while traditionally this wouldn't happen, her mother wanted Xiomara to have both sides of her family in her name and Xiomara loves having both in her name and she thoroughly loves the middle name. Her surname is a very old Spanish name since her family originally moved to Colombia in the early 18th century. Her family has always been well respected by the wizards within Colombia, and she loves her surname.

Xiomara's main nickname was one given to her by some of the girls that she used to share a dorm with at Castelobruxo, shortening her name to Xio, and she always enjoyed such a nickname, she very much loved her roommates and she was always very open with them, and thoroughly enjoyed the endearing way they'd all say Xio. However she only ever allowed those people within her dorm to be able to call her that, the rest of the people that she used to know at school were allowed to call her that. Her parents occasionally call her Mara, they used to call her it more when she was younger, and when she was sick and it was a small pet name they used for her that doesn't reallt stick now that she is a lot older, but Xiomara didn't mind so much, and doesn't mind so much, she'd perfectly content to be called those names, she usually give approval for other small nicknames but never that much amounted to anything other than passing moments.

Currently Xiomara is seventeen years old, and for her birthday she loves throwing the biggest party for her birthday, Xiomara loves being at the centre of attention on her special day but also just really enjoys a party, she loves being able to just let her hair down, sing and just have fun. She's pretty certain that she'll party until she dies.

Xiomara was born on December 9th 2023, she was born in the magical hospital in Bogota in Colombia, she was born three days before she was supposed to in the early morning on the warm December day. She was born after almost a day of labour, and it was the harshness of her birth which led to her mother choosing to never have another child, they didn't even want to adopt instead focusing all of their attention on their one daughter.

Since Xiomara is still at school she doesn't yet have a profession other than student, she also doesn't really know what she'd like to do once she's graduated from school. During her summers in Bogota, Colombia Xiomara did some work with her mother at the local magical bar which was owned by a friend of the family, while it wasn't necessary for her to work at it, Xiomara enjoyed the work, it gave her a little more direction in her days during school breaks, she had hoped for something similar when her family moved to France but she had no such luck in that way, since she had to learn French during that time and therefore simply couldn't yet work.

Xiomara's father is a mixed blood wizard who was born in 2000, he attended school in Brazil but was born and raised in Colombia in the wizarding town outside of the capital, his father before him had been a potions master and spent great work with his eldest child, and only son to perfect his potion making abilities. Xiomara's father is the oldest child of his parents with two young sisters, while at school he favoured the dark arts and associated many of the local dark wizards in the school and then after, he specialised in his spare time on experimenting with potions, trying to create new things that would aid them in becoming more powerful, as well as this her father worked to make potions for the local magical hospital to create the potions necessary for certain cases, it was this work that eventually took him to getting a job in France, at a special potion making centre where he would work as part of a team to work on cures to things and experiment with potions. The pay was significantly better than what he was getting and really he enjoyed the challenged of it. His French is pretty awful and he's lost most of his Portugese from his time at school.

Xiomara takes after her mother a lot specifically in looks. Xiomara's mother was born and raised in a hillside town in the inner parts of Colombia, she is the middle child of her parents who had a total of five children, she has one older sister who was the first born, and the rest are brothers. Xiomara's mother was always very close to her family, and she was born in 1997, she was homeschooled by her parents until she was 13 and then she was sent to Castelobruxo because of her talents with duelling which was very like her own mother. She began one of the top duelist in her school and began to compete professionally within Colombia. After leaving school she moved to the capital of her country and began to do part time work at a bar that Xiomara used to do part time work in the summer. She had retired from duelling, and had become one of the co-managers of the bar. Now that she's in France, Xiomara's has yet to find work, and likely doesn't ever intend to get any.

Since Xiomara is an only child she does not have any siblings, or at least she doesn't know of any siblings that she might have, as far as she is aware she doesn't have any.

Her grandparents on her mother's side both died before she turned 10, her grandmother from a duel when she was 4, her grandmother was one of the top duelists in Colombia, and her grandfather when she nine from a raid conducted by Aurors on the place where he was meeting with other wizards that was suspected to be a meeting of dark wizards, her grandfather was a dark wizard, but no longer really practiced much, instead he preferred to hang out with old friends and the information that lead to the bar he liked being raided was by a bitter rival, and none of the wizards wanted to go without a fight. Both her grandparents attended school in Colombia, before deciding to send three of their five children to Castelobruxo, the other two were homeschooled. This side of the family has always been pureblood, until Xiomara.
On Xiomara's father's side both of his parents were dark wizards, sympathetic to the cause put forward by Voldemort back in the day and were keen adovcators of magical purity despite his mother being a mixed blood witch with a half blood mother. His father was a potions master and studied potions a great deal. Both are still alive and living within Colombia being looked after by their youngest child.

Xiomara has a pet owl, a small brown owl which she got as part of the move to France, prior to that, she had never had any pets and wasn't overly keen on looking after animals since they were a lot of work, but she has always enjoyed looking at animals and petting them. She called her owl Rojas, her family's surname so that it would always be part of the family. She doesn't really know what to make of it yet, but it's far more interesting that she thought it would be, and it doesn't need half as much care as Xiomara feared it might. Her dream pet is a hippogriff, or even a phoenix but she fully realises that she'll never get either, it would just be nice she thinks to own one of them, and just be able to care for either.

Mixed Blood, her mother is a pureblood and her father is a mixed blood, making her a mixed blood.

Blood has always been of huge importance to her family, nothing less than mixed blood is usually accepted by her family, and the views of her parents follow suit to the extent that Xiomara while not that critical of muggles or muggleborns or half bloods would never really associate with one, and she would never date one if she found out that they were anything less than mixed or pure, she'd like to marry up, but that to her wouldn't be such a big deal in the long run to her. She doesn't think less of the people who are the other blood types and doesn't really follow her family's view of them being excluded from magic, specifically those muggle or born of muggle parents but she won't really want to be around them that often, and she won't want to be like them, and would never date someone who was.

Bogota, Colombia
Xiomara was born and raised in the magical parts of this city, it was in her mind a great place to grow up, the neighbours she had were some of the friendliest people that she's ever met, they all knew each other and had a very old school village feel. She had many friends who were part of the community with her, and she misses them a lot when she's away. Her family was always well off which definitely helped her enjoyment of it, and she was a well liked child, she was very open and welcoming, which helped. She would, as a young child either go to work with her mother or with her father. She loved living in Colombia, and does sorely miss it now that she no longer gets to live there.

Collioure, France.
The contrast between this place and her old city for Xiomara was drastic, she doesn't much like the new place, it's just a small fishing town with not much on offer and not many children around her age. Although she can admit that it looks really nice she doesn't much enjoy it and a very extroverted person like her, isn't so very well suited to such a place, to such a town, although she was happy to make the move with her parents, since they have always been a close-knit family to her there was no other choice than to go with her parents to the new country and attend the new school.

Because it was where she spent a good part of her life, Xiomara would always say Bogota Colombia, or really any place in Colombia, just because that she has now moved away and to her the country holds a special place in her heart and if she could move back to it she absolutely would, she would be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of her country. Xiomara would never want to live else where if she had to pick one place to remain for her entire life, and one of her aims in life is to eventually return.

FIRST HOME: Prior to moving to France Xiomara had only ever lived in the one house, and it was a villa on the outskirts of the magical part of Bogota, it was well connected to the rest of the magical community but had enough space for a garden and was quiet enough that she could learn magic and duel without one concern of others seeing or being close. it was a fairly big sized house, and her parents had put a lot of spells on it so that it would be well protected from the outside world. There was a small pool at the bottom of the garden, and a terrace, it was two floors, with all the bed rooms at the top, with the ground floor having an extra room functioning as a duelling room, and the basement which had they been muggles would've held cars is where her father spent a lot of his time making potions, experimenting with them.

Since the ripe age of fifteen Xiomara realised that she was gay, the first thing she did upon learning this was tell her parents, she had been a little nervous about it, but they'd always been close and keeping a secret from them was just not something she would ever do. Xiomara didn't broadcast it, but she was pretty open about it with the people in her school, only a select few then ended up knowing about it, which suited Xiomara, but she's never shied away from what she is and both her parents had been exceedingly open minded about it with her and encourage Xiomara to be proud of who she is.

Since she just moved to a brand new country half way around the world, she would definitely class herself as single.

In her first few years of school, Xiomara had a crush on a girl in her year, which was the first indicator that she perhaps wasn't straight like she'd thought she was. She has only ever since had crushes on girls whether those in her year or the years above her.

Xiomara has always freely given her kisses to people, she is a very openly affectionate person, whether they be male or female, but her first ever kiss was to a girl she liked who had been an old friend of hers in bogota who had remained in Colombia to be homeschooled, it was a rather awkward encounter when Xiomara was fifteen and was because of a game of truth and dare.

Her first real kiss happened not long after that night, there had been a definite connect in the first kiss between her and her old friend and later in the evening when everyone else had either gone to sleep or left they kissed properly, seeing if there was anything between them, and while Xiomara was very into the kiss, her friend hadn't been too sure of what she was, and Xiomara decided rather than pressuring her in anyway to just be in a relationship with her or further kisses she told her to take her time.

Xiomara has never been in any relationships, or well, nothing of note at this point, but she isn't so bothered by it.

None yet, while she is pretty free in her love and kisses, she hasn't quite ever reached the stage where she would want to partake in flings.

Xiomara has not yet lost her virginity, she knows it isn't a big deal but she'd want to have her first time be with someone that she loved and was so comfortable with it would just be constant bliss.

Ese fuego por dentro ,
Me está enloqueciendo

Xiomara has long black hair, her hair reaches all the way down to mid way down her back. She has always had very long hair, and it's incredibly straight. Mara doesn't do much with her hair, she doesn't do much to style it, she just likes wearing her hair down and doesn't think she needed to do anything with it. Xiomara has hair just like her mother, although Mara's hair has always been longer.

Xiomara has never dyed her hair, she's used magic to change it's colour for things like halloween, but aside from that she hasn't done much else with her hair. Xiomara has nothing against it, but since her hair is very dark it would be difficult to dye and so she just opts to use magic when she wants to colour it but aside from that she is very happy with how her hair looks, and wouldn't really want to change it.

Xiomara has brown eyes, she has dark eyes, much like both of her parents. She loves the way her eyes are, she adds mascara and eyeliner to them to be able to draw attention to her eyes. Mara has always loved her eyes, and she tried her best to make them look better.

Xiomara has no birthmarks or scars, she has no freckles or anything. Xiomara has incredibly clear skin, and she spends a lot of time taking care of her skin, and she likes seeing the effects of this. Xiomara enjoys having clear skin.

Mara has never been overly tall, standing at just 5ft 5, but she is a small, healthy person. She works a lot on her appearance, and continues to eat well, ensuring that she remains the size that she is. She is of a healthy weight and size for someone of her age and height range. She works hard to remain in shape and healthy.

O (+ve)
Xiomara doesn't know what her blood type is, she has never required to know it, and she just doesn't need to know it and therefore has never bothered to learn it. Mara does realise that this might not be the best idea but she doesn't really care, if needs be, she figures that the healers would have a way of finding it out, if the need for blood transfusions is even necessary for wizards, which she doesn't believe is.

Right Handed.
Xiomara has aways written with her right hand, of course it came naturally to her the first time she took her father's wand as a young child, even before she could read or write, and she had it naturally within her right hand, and from that point she always wrote with her right hand.

To Come

She has alway had a soft voice, she often speaks really fast in her native language of Spanish, she speaks equally fast when speaking Portuguese, and her Portuguese at this point having spent so much time in Brazil at school is as good as her Spanish, she speaks with barely anything of an accent. Her french is a lot more accented but she has managed to learn the language pretty quickly, but it still is heavily accent with spanish.

She can speak both Spanish and Portuguese fluently, and has come quickly to grips with the french language ever since the move to France. She knows that her best language is spanish and that it is also her favourite language to speak.

Xiomara is not allergic to anything.

Her style can largely be described as fashionable, and most of the time colourful, she loves colour and being out going, she likes meeting people and having fun with them, she's not a shy person and this definitely comes through with the clothes that she picks to wear. She isn't often caught too informally unless she's at home or with someone in a private setting. Aside from that she's all about colours, a good fit and making sure her make up suits what she is wearing.

Diane Guerrero

I look at you ,
It feels like paradise ,

Xiomara enjoys people, she loves being around people, she loves being open towards them, she loves her family and would do anything for him. The


Xiomara wasn't to graduate from school with good grades, she wants to get out of school with all the grades that she could manage. She also wants to be able to settle down pretty early on after school, still be able to go out enjoying herself but would just always have someone to return to at the end. Xiomara isn't entirely what she wants to work as when she loves school, for a little while she would very much like to travel but apart from that she has no idea.

Xiomara's biggest fear is being rejected for her sexuality, despite being very open about who she is, and being very unapologetic about it, she deeply fears being rejected on the grounds of her sexuality, while she knows that it'll eventually happen, she doesn't ever want it to, and the leaps and bounds that society has come means she's pretty hopeful of never having to suffer that, but it is what she fears above all else.

a Llama, having always been around them, she's always held a love for the creature, and she sees them as the perfect balance of poise, openness and bitterness when they come across someone they don't like.

Any of Xiomara's younger memories when she spent time with either of her parents would be sufficient to create a patronus, growing up, Xiomara was the pride and joy of her parents, she always wanted to do them proud, wanted to be sure she was the best behaved and in return, they had never once made her feel unloved, Xiomara loves both her parents she is exceedingly close to them, which is why she put up little fuss when they moved to France, because of this, there are a wide selection of moments in Xiomara's life that would be powerful to create a patronus.

Given that so far Xiomara's life has been pretty easy she would have to say that her worse memory is that of getting a low grade in a test she had worked really hard towards, that it is about all she could say was bad.

Even though she hasn't openly really talked about it, Xiomara is extremely interested in the dark arts, she finds them fascinating and definitely intends to pursue them outside of school, and while she knows such a decision will be accept by her parents, she also fears that it won't turn out like she wants it to, and that those her age might think less of her for it. She only wants magic to be at it's most powerful, and she would very much love for herself to explore all the possible areas of magic.

The thing which Xiomara desires most from life is a love partner, someone whom she can fall in love with and have the most perfect fairytale relationship with. She loves going out and having fun but she can't wait till she can have one person to share all the dances with, that she can sit down with and chat to about life with, so she would see a girlfriend in the mirror who was more like a soul mate that she was in love with than anything else.

Hot choclate, the sweet chocolatey smell that wafts from it, is probably her favourite smell in the world. That mixed in with coffee is the perfect combination. Xiomara loves the smell of a fresh pot of ink and parchment, she loves the smell of sweet perfumes and the smell of sweet shampoo. She loves the smell of sun cream and honey. Most of the smells that she likes are sweet in their nature.

Having lived entirely under her parents, she would easily say she looks up to them, they are everything in her world, she loves that they are both independent strong people who can lead their own lives as well as one together. She thinks the world of them, and if she can be anything close to what they are like, she will know that she's achieved something with her life.

Since both sides of her family have been magical for generations their old religious beliefs are no longer prominent, they continue to have children go through the catholic sacraments, but they neither attend church or really believe in any of it, it's just tradition to do so. Xiomara doesn't think she'd do the same with her own children, especially if she's not living in Colombia when she has them.


Ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter, Sagittarians possess a natural exuberance, sense of adventure and love of life that makes them one of the most optimistic zodiac signs of all. Like their astrological symbol - the Archer - Sagittarians are renowned for aiming their sights towards whatever it is they find alluring - a love partner, dream job, vacation - and making it their own. They believe that anything is possible - and because of this belief system, Sagittarians are adept at seeking out their very own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But sometimes trying to tie down these free-spirited individuals is frustrating for those around them. Sagittarians are happiest on the move - exploring new cultures and ideas and many are attracted to occupations related to travel, the media, outdoor work and philosophical pursuits. In love, their catch-cry is "don't fence me in". But once they find a partner who understands their need to retain their own sense of self and identity, Sagittarians can be the most big-hearted, generous and fun-loving companions of all. Full of enthusiasm and given to grand ideas, often with little attention to detail, they can be a little slapdash, with a “near enough is good enough” attitude, however they are able to see the overview of things and leave the details to others. If they have a life lesson to learn it is probably one of restraint.


You got me spinning ,
Tus latidos aceleran a mi corazón

Castelobruxo Academy of Magic

Xiomara attended this school from her first year to her sixth year of school, and would've remained at the school for her seventh year if she had really fought for it, but Xiomara was quite happy to leave the school. She thoroughly enjoyed her time at the school, and wouldn't have changed it for the world.

There were no houses at Castelobruxo.

Xiomara as a young child was always really confident, she was very excited and eager to be attending school in Brazil and specifically attending magical school. She loved the look of the school, enjoyed all the people that she met within her first day. Xiomara loved the school, she thought it was truly magical, and it was everything that she had ever thought it would be. There was nothing about it that she didn't end up loving it.

First Year Grades
Potions: EHistory of Magic: EDefence Against the Dark Arts: ECharms: E
Transfiguration: PAstronomy: EHerbology: EFlying: A
Second Year Grades
Potions: EHistory of Magic: ODefence Against the Dark Arts: ECharms: E
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OHerbology: A 
Third Year Grades
Potions: EHistory of Magic: EDefence Against the Dark Arts: ECharms: O
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OHerbology: E
Fourth Year Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ODefence Against the Dark Arts: OCharms: O
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OMuggle Studies: OArithmancy: O
Sixth Year Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ODefence Against the Dark Arts: OCharms: O
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OMuggle Studies: OArithmancy: O
Apparition: Pass

Xiomara has always enjoyed Defence against the dark arts, she has always enjoyed learning about how to defend against them, but she has also always enjoyed learning the problems of dark magic, and it because of this class that she has a keen interest in the class itself, usually she supplements her own work with work geared more towards the dark arts.

Xiomara never really like charms, while she liked the casting of magic and the fact they always learned really practical spells, a lot of the work was pretty boring and there were little challenges to it, and she always thought the spells they learned were pretty dull.

Xiomara would never so disrespectful to her parents like skipping class, she would never want to do anything other than be in the classes unless she had extremely good reason to not be in them.

During her fifth and Sixth year of school, Xiomara was a prefect, she left before she could find out if she'd managed to get head girl, which she found a little disappointing but she's very happy with her new school and she thoroughly enjoyed being a prefect like she was within the school.

Energy you give me ,
you run the world ,

Curved 13" Rigid Poplar Wand with Augurey Tail Feather Core

Length: A strange length for a wand and a number which symbolizes misfortune.
Style: Bending to its side, this wand is more difficult to aim than its straighter counterparts but provides character that some simply cannot pass by.
Wood: 'If you seek integrity, search first among the poplars' - this saying reveals much of the character of this wandwood and the magical folk that it chooses.
Core: Since so many wizards are afraid to go near Augureys due to their association as ‘omens of death,’ Augurey tail feathers are rare as wand cores. They are good for use in divination work.
Flexibility: Rigid: A difficult wand to control and sometimes broken under little force, but powerful in a fight.

Xiomara's wand was carefully selected, her family were very busy in the run up to school, since they had planned to take a little trip to brazil to help her get settled in the new language and new country so they had someone come to the house and present Xiomara with wands until they found the right the one. She is eternally grateful for this, since her wand she'd argue is the best wand in the world. It is light in her hand, while it is a rigid wand, it absolutely bends to her will and she loves the feel of it in her hand. She loves the way it moves smoothly and she has absolutely no resistance with spells, she loves her wand, and she definitely loves the core and the wood.


Mara was very nervous about this school, she just wasn't sure what to expect from it, it was a school that she had heard a lot about and upon first arrival she could easily why people called it a palace, she thought it was stunning, and she loved the softness of the uniform, everyone was always looking their best, there was just a different layer of perfection to it. She was very nervous about the place, but it made her feel at ease, and the outgoing personalities she saw around herself upon first arrival put her mind at ease.

There are no houses at Beauxbatons

Seventh Year



Since she recently arrived at the school, Xiomara has had no positions awarded to her, and doesn't ever think that she ever will at this school.

OWLs Grades
Potions: OHistory of Magic: ODefence Against the Dark Arts: OCharms: O
Transfiguration: OAstronomy: OMuggle Studies: OArithmancy: O

Got me hoping ,
That the night don't stop

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