Winnifred Marsh

Winnie Marsh

Dramatic | Hog's Head Bartender
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Curly 12 Inch Whippy Ebony Wand with Unicorn Hair Core
4/2034 (19)

"Anglicized form of GWENFREWI, the spelling altered by association with WINFRED. It became used in England in the 16th century. Derived from the Welsh elements gwen "white, fair, blessed" and frewi "reconciliation, peace". This was the name of a 7th-century Welsh saint and martyr." Her parents chose this name as they believed it suited her. Winnie likes this name very much although prefers to be called 'Winnie' by others.

"Used by author L. Frank Baum for his character Glinda the Good Witch, who was a sorceress in his 'Oz' series beginning in 1900. Baum may have based it on the recently coined Welsh name Glenda. Glinda is a name created in the 20th century from the Welsh elements glân "pure, clean" and the "good". Clearly, Winnie's father chose this name, since from a young age he had always wanted to name his child from one of his favourite stage shows. In Winnie's case he chose the name Glinda as he believed she would grow up to be a kind and good person similar to the good witch. Winnie is a fan of the Wizard of Oz herself, and even named her pet cat after Toto, so she adores her middle name and is happy to be associated with one of her favorite stories.

"This interesting surname, of Anglo-Saxon origin, is a topographical name for someone who lived by or in a marsh or fen, deriving from the Olde English pre 7th Century "mersc" meaning "marsh"." Winnie has no particular thoughts surrounding her surname, although she is always happy to see the name 'Marsh' in the show programs for her father's plays. (first names information from behindthename, surname information from surnamedb).

She is referred to as Winnie by her family and friends, which is a shortened version of her first name. When she was a toddler her father often referred to her as 'bunny' because of her love of rabbits, although she has now grown out of that nickname. Winnie has no other notable nicknames.

Date of birth & age
Winnie was born on April 2, in Wellington, New Zealand. She was born a week earlier than her estimated due date, but did arrive healthy and without any major complications.

Basic appearance
Winnie takes after her mother in most aspects of her appearance, with her red hair, blue eyes and face shape. Her long, naturally wavy red hair is usually worn out, half tied up with a ribbon or braided. When she is doing something active is when she ties her hair in a bun to keep it out of the way. Clothing wise, Winnie's sense of style can be described as eclectic yet girly as she wears many different kinds of clothing and leaves her fashion choices entirely up to her mood. As she is growing older she is veering more towards pretty dresses of different styles and prints, because her mother wants her to dress 'pretty' and emphasizes that this is expected of her as a young girl, but for the most part Winnie still dresses as she pleases. Her favorite item of clothing is however not a dress and an instead old, tatted, and patched up pair of overalls she has deemed as 'lucky' because all her best memories and memorable moments have occurred when she is wearing them. For shoes Winnie usually chooses sneakers or flats because they are practical but for formal occasions she wears dress shoes.

Growing up with a stay at home father who is a small-time playwright and drama teacher has allowed Winnie to become an imaginative, whimsical and creative child, that adores theater. If she is not watching her father's productions in awe she is helping him put his shows together or has a small acting role in them. This has allowed her to become a confident person who is comfortable being the center of attention, and is well-spoken and unapologetic about being herself in addition to everything else. Although while she is creative, imaginative, confident and well spoken, she can also become too imaginative, sometimes being too engrossed in her imagination and distracted by her thoughts that she forgets reality and does not pay attention the world around her. While also being too imaginative she can also be considerably dramatic, becoming bored with real life and mixing the events in her father's plays and other events in classic literature with reality so her mind has something to focus on. This has created issues for her in the sense of making friends as she can become bored with them, and not make sense to people that do not know her well or are not on the same wavelength as she is. Winnie's father supports her creative side unconditionally and promotes this imaginative behavior, whereas Winnie's mother is attempting to bring her back to earth and ground her thoughts hoping that when she starts school she will not have any major problems. However despite her mother's pressure to act 'normal' and composed around others, Winnie is still more influenced by her father and intends to be nothing but her genuine self in everything she does.

Winnie has two pets. One of her pets is a black cat named Toto, who Winnie got when she was eight and named after Dorothy's dog from the Wizard of Oz, not realizing that the animal Dorothy had as a companion was a dog and not a cat. The other pet is a large lop-eared bunny named Winston. Winnie loves both her family's pets and takes care of them as best as she can. She takes Toto to Hogwarts with her every year.

Winnie lives with her family in an old farm house on the outskirts of Wellington, New Zealand. The house is quaint, with two stories, three bedrooms, an attic, and a barn converted into a drama studio. Winnie's bedroom is on the far end of the house, overlooking the backyard where she often looks out the window to wave to her pet rabbit. Her room is decorated in all kinds of colours and filled with her favorite stuffed animals and books. Her nightstand is often stacked with flowers she has picked from the garden that she does not know what to do with, but she wants to keep for sentimental value.

Blood status
Winnie's mother is not open about her heritage, though due to her father being mixed blood, Winnie has also gathered that she is mixed blood. Blood status has no real significance to her apart from the fact it tells her about her heritage.

Winnie is Pakeha (New Zealand European) and her heritage is predominantly English and Scottish with some Jewish heritage from her father's side. Though Winnie's father was raised Jewish, Winnie has not been raised in the same way. She has never thought to consider why this is the case before but will likely begin to question it as she grows older.

Interests or hobbies
Through her father Winnie is interested in all things relating to theater and literature, such as plays, acting, costumes, reading and writing. Through her mother Winnie is also interested in animals and loves spending time with animals and helping her mother take care of them, though she does not do this as often as she used to. Winnie also finds plants fascinating and enjoys picking flowers in her spare time. As Winnie is growing older and reaching the time where she is due to start school she is also interested in learning all she can about magic and has formed a habit of holding a stick as a wand and pretending that she is an auror chasing down bad guys.

Winnie is imaginative, creative, intuitive and caring. These are all traits that she has learned from her father and these are her most prominent strengths. She is imaginative and creative and always finds a way to solve problems as she is an out of the box thinker. She is also very intuitive and can see things others might miss, since she can focus on small details as well as a larger picture. Lastly, she is caring at heart and wants to help people if she is able to.

While Winnie is imaginative and creative, this means she has her head in the clouds. Her main weaknesses are that she is very distant, lost in her own head and easily distracted by her surroundings. Another weakness of hers is that she gets bored with day to day life, and does not easily fit into a routine. This causes her to furthermore have her head in the clouds so she does not get bored and has also caused her to make up stories to the people she knows in an effort to keep her life interesting. Another downside to being distracted is also being unable to pay attention to one thing for very long and Winnie's mother worries that this weakness will keep her from learning in class and achieving good grades while she is at school.

Favourite place to be
Winnie has two favourite places in the entire world, one of these places is her bedroom, since it is her safe place and something that she has completely personalized to be her own. Her other favourite place to be is in her family's barn, turned drama studio as this is where she spends a lot of time with her father, whether it be making costumes with him, painting sets or helping out with his classes. She spends the majority of her time at home in these places and has many happy memories associated with them.

Curly 12 Inch Whippy Ebony Wand with Unicorn Hair Core. Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special. Style: Great care was taken in crafting this wand's wood to spiral to its point, giving it a beautiful aesthetic quality. Wood: Ebony wands choose a wizard or witch who could easily be seen as an outsider, but continues to dare to be themselves. The owner of an ebony wand is not easily moved from their purpose: whether that be good, evil, or something perhaps a little more grey. Core: The animal is known for its healing qualities and unbridled beauty, so it is no surprise that wands with unicorn hair are particularly successful at performing healing spells. Wands with this core bond with their first caster, making wands with this core not good as hand-me-downs. These wands are useful with charms and transfigurations. Flexibility: Whippy: A wand that is quite simple to master but lacks power (Wand description from hnz Olivander's shop system).

Hogwarts house
Ravenclaw. Winnie was pleased when the hat placed her in Ravenclaw as from the small amount of information she knew about each of the houses, she at least knew her father was also Ravenclaw. She is still unsure of what Ravenclaw house represents other than what the hat told her when she was sorted, but she is curious and excited to learn more about the house throughout her time at Hogwarts.

Sorting post
Post said:
Winnie was completely and utterly excited on the train ride to Hogwarts. In fact she had been practically jumping up and down from the moment she let go of her father's hand at the station. She could barely stay still in her seat, impatient and ready to finally see Hogwarts with her own two eyes, begin attending school, and lastly, to be sorted in a house. She knew about the looming sorting ceremony in which a hat would be placed on her head to decide the colours she would wear for the next seven years. The houses themselves however, were a mystery to Winnie as her father kept them a secret so she would be surprised when she was eventually sorted. Her mind was left to then fill the blanks between leaving the train and walking through the castle to the doors of the great hall. The castle itself was different to how Winnie imagined it, but she did not notice the scenery nor the few people she already knew as she stood with the group of soon to be first years.

It was only as the big wooden doors opened up to reveal the great hall, that Winnie noticed how magical the castle truly was no matter the difference to how it looked in her imagination. She walked with through the hall, smiling at every older student she made eye contact with, and eventually weaved her way to the front of the group to get a better view when they stopped in front of the person she assumed was the headmistress. Winnie listened to the woman's speech, nodding along but not fully paying attention in lieu of the fact she was about to be sorted. It was soon after the woman stopped talking that names were called one by one, and Winnie watched as people in the group were slowly sorted into different houses. She felt her impatience grow as she waited, but soon enough her own name was called and she stepped forward. Winnie smiled as she sat on the stool, not at all minding that the eyes of the entire school were watching her as the hat was placed on her head to decide her fate.

"Rowena Ravenclaw valued wit, intelligence, and creativity. You're just the kind of student she'd have recruited. RAVENCLAW!"
Hogwarts hopes and ambitions
Winnie's mother wants Winnie to be successful, achieve perfect grades and become an powerful, educated and successful witch, so Winnie feels some pressure to strive towards these goals. However her real hopes and ambitions for her time at Hogwarts, are to simply have fun, learn about magic and generally make the most of her school experience, so that when she graduates she will be happy and know what she wants to do for the rest of her life.

Best school subjects
To be added.

Worst school subjects
To be added.

Extracurricular activities
To be added.

Patronus & memory
Winnie is currently to young to know how to conjure a patronus, so she does not know what form her patronus would take. Her patronus memory would likely be either one of the many happy memories she has shared with her father while helping him with his shows, or the memory of the first time she was on stage, acting, and she felt like she was on cloud nine with all eyes on her as she delivered her lines.

If Winnie encountered a boggart, it would take the form of her mother, telling her that she will never amount to anything if she does not become serious and get her head out of the clouds. Being told by her mother that she will not succeed unless she changes who she is, is what she fears the most. She currently is herself regardless of what her mother thinks, though she cannot help but feel influenced by these expectations and demands as she wants to do all she can to make her mother and father proud and happy with her.

Mirror of erised
If Winnie looked into the mirror of erised, she would see herself finding a balance between both of her parent's expectations of her and would be happy in her own right. She would be serious, and successful to please her mother, but expressive of who she is and doing something creative to please her father. Winnie is too young to realize that this want is unrealistic but this is what would make her the most happy she could possibly be so it is what she would see in the mirror.

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