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11 (08/2050)
It was almost time. Ivy was excited. She was turning eleven in a couple of months which meant that come sptember she would finally get to go to hogwarts. a day she was very much looking forward to. though she would miss living at home. getting to hang out with her sisters and brothers. she already had her cat to take with her so she wouldn't be lonely. and he was growing so fast. She was in the harbour today with her mum who was doing some errands and visiting the apothicary and st mungos and she had been given some time to wander on her own. She passed the wand shop and the book shop her thoughts going to her first wand and buying school books. past the apothicary and even past the pet shop she stopped outside the quidditch shop. she pressed her face to the glass looking in but not daring to enter. she wanted a broom of her own for her birthday. she wanted to play on her house team, the Gryffindor team. and she wanted to get the best goals, or maybe catch the winning snitch, or hit bludgers to the important players and make her team and her family proud. She wanted to fly fast around the pitch or over the lake maybe skimming the water when she did. but for now she could just daydream and look at the shiny brooms.
Cyrus usually disliked being dragged along on shopping trips, but with September getting closer and closer, he figured it would be nice to go along with his mum and maybe get her to pick up a few things for school already. He was always in need of more quills as he tended to use them up quite quickly, the same went for parchment. But as Cyrus wandered around while his mother was in one of the more boring stores, his eye was caught by a beautiful broom in a shop display. He knew he couldn't get his mother to buy that for him, but it was really nice. He liked flying, though he wasn't entirely sure if he wanted to try out for Quidditch at Hogwarts yet. It seemed like it could be fun, but he had the feeling it was probably very competitive. He saw a girl around his own age staring at the brooms too, even putting her face against the glass. He cleared his throat. "Um, are you going to buy a broom?" He asked her, as she seemed very interested.
From the stories Morrie had told her, Sofi was expecting hell, yet it was surprisingly nice to wander through Obsidian Harbour. The young witch wasn't actually surprised that her older sister had mis-sold something good, but on this occasion she had been foolish enough to listen.

Pausing to eavesdrop on a conversation between two children about her age, Sofi was intrigued by their discussion of purchasing a broom, she looked at the display in the window and was instantly interested. "You mean like an actual flying broom?" she interjected. In the past she wouldn't think of a broom being anything other than a tool for cleaning. But now she had found out she was a witch, a witch's broom made perfect sense.
Ivy jumped as someone spoke next to her. She was enjoying the thought of flying and playing quidditch. She spun around and saw a boy about her age ”not today. But I hope I get one for my birthday she said.
It seemed that it wasn’t just the two of them. They were soon joined by another girl. yes a flying broom. Haven’t you flown before? You have missed out. It is so fun she said.
Cyrus nodded as the girl spoke, a little disappointed she wasn't getting a broom today. If she had, maybe he could've seen it up close. "So is your birthday before we go to Hogwarts?" He asked her, wondering if she meant she would get it before her first year. "Assuming you're my age and going next year." He added as the girl might have been younger. Another girl spoke up and Cyrus frowned at her comment. He wondered if she was joking. "Of course a flying broom, what else?" He asked, gesturing to the store which was clearly geared towards flying.
Sofi regretted saying anything as soon as the words left her lips. Of course, it was flying they were discussing. She sheepishly shook her head in response to the question about her flying experience, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. She could feel the heat radiating from her face, turning it a shade of crimson. Why did she always have to blush so easily? It was a trait she hated about herself. Stumbling over her words, she managed to mumble, "I-I suppose, um, I don't know, I've only ever used a broom for sweeping the floor." Her voice trailed off weakly, turning her attention to the girl, interested to know if her birthday was soon as perhaps they could change the subject to that.
Ivy nodded when the boy asked if it was her birthday before they went to Hogwarts. "Well, that depends on how old you are. I will be going this year" she said. she couldn't wait for the winter, for Maisie her newest big sister, to graduate thought it would be a shame that she wasn't at school at the same time as anyone in her family. She wasn't even sure what she was looking for forward to most, her eleventh birthday, getting ready to start hogwarts and buying her first wand. or her brother's wedding.
when the girl said that she had only ever used a broom to sweep the floor she smiled. "You are going to Hogwarts, right?" she asked. "You are going to have so much fun"
The first girl said it depended on if he would be going this year, and Cyrus realized he hadn't been clear. "With next year I meant next school year, so... yes, I'll be going this year." He said. Cyrus felt a little bad as he saw the new girl look embarrassed, had he said something rude? But it had been obvious they meant a broom for flying, the store was clearly advertising it. But as the girl spoke, something clicked into place. "Are you a muggle?" He paused. "I mean, from a muggle family." He amended, aware he had sounded somewhat rude. "I suppose that makes sense..."

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