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06/2041 (17)
Yoo had been at school all of a week when he'd found out that Jia was no longer at the school. had been pulled out. He had done a little digging and dropped out too. he was seventeen now, and had no interest in magic, he would be a doctor like his father. The teen found out where Jia lived and apparated to her house. He knocked loudly on her door, losing a lot of composure as he knocked. "Jia?"
Jia had withdrawn from school, partly to focus on her studies, but also because her father was looking to arrange her marriage to someone he deemed worthy. She was slightly annoyed by that, but not necessarily opposed. She hadn't been involved with anyone outside of a rivalry with Yoo, and while she missed him she doubted he'd be bothered by her absence.

She tried not to think too hard about it, but she was about to be forced to face it as she heard her name being called. Closing her books, she stood and hurried to the door, opening it quickly. "Yoo?" She questioned, looking up to him with wide eyes. What was he doing here?
Yoo had expected that her dad or someone in her family would open up the door, but instead it was her. he gave a quick half smile. "You weren't at school," he said as explanation even though she hadn't really asked for it.
Jia blinked. "I... no, father pulled me out." she told him softly. "He wants me to focus on my other studies, and he's looking to arrange my marriage." She told him, holding on to the door. Why did she feel so shy? Why was he here?
Yoo frowned, he thought it made sense about her studies. "Arrange your marriage, why?" he said. he didn't know why that bothered him, he could claim it was because he felt she should have a say, but he'd be lying if it was only that.
Jia blushed and took a breath. "We're securing my future," She explained gently. "He's arranging a ball of sorts, to start introducing me to suiters he's picked out."
Yoo shooked his head gently. "Do you want that?" he asked, she didn't seem that enthused by it, but maybe she did want it, maybe she didn't mind it. "What sort of suiters?"
Jia hesitated, leaning more into the door. "I don't see the harm,' she said slowly. "I do mean to get married one day. Father just wants me to meet someone respectable. I'll be very busy with schooling, its just... easier this way. Father will approve and I won't be alone," she bit her lip. "Do you want to come inside, Yoo?"
Yoo knew that family and family names were important but he couldn’t imagine just marrying someone he didn’t know. But he realised if his own father came home one day with someone for Yoo to marry he wouldn’t say no. “Sure, okay,” he said. “What about me, would you father find me respectable?” He said before realising just what he had offered.
Jias jaw dropped. "You... you would want that?" she asked, surprised, and a light blush colored her cheeks. "I- I believe he would, yes."
Yoo nodded and shrugged at the same time. “Yeah..yes, would you want that?” He asked. If he had the father’s approval and hers that would be good. He knew her, they were…and well, he did like her.
Jia blinked a few times, surprised still by his offer. She hesitated before stepping closer, taking his hands gently in hers, her face searching his. "I've missed you," she offered after a moment. "Do you want to go speak to father?"
Yoo glanced as she took his hand. He gave her a smile and knew he had missed her so much he had come to find her. Yoo nodded. “I need to change and what should I say, bring?” He asked. He didn’t just want to be an option he wanted to be the choice.
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Jia sqeeuzed his hands before pulling hers away, reaching up to straighten his collar. "I'll introduce you. Speak politely and formally, refer to him as Mr. Warren, he'll ask you a lot of questions and you'll need to answer them as best you can. But when I introduce you, step forward, greet him cordially, and tell him you've come to ask him for my hand in marriage." She smiled shyly, cupping his face in her hands. "He's very protective of me, so bring me flowers or chocolates, a small gjft of some sort, it will show him you're attentive."
Yoo nodded, absorbing all of the information. He needed to remember all of this, and make sure that he did it properly. "Okay," he said. he felt more resolved now to do it. He knew that this was the right thing to do. He liked her, and seeing her marry someone she didn't know was not...he didn't want that. The thought made him jealous. Yoo felt her hands on his face and gave a little smile. Her hands were nice, they were soft. "I will go home quickly, and get changed and get a gift, and then I'll be back," he informed her, knowing that was what he needed to do.
Jia smiled, leaning in and laying her head on his shoulder. "You are full of surprises, aren't you?" She teased gently. "I didn't know you held a romantic interest in me, Yoo."
Yoo smiled at her and aborted a shrug he was about to do to her statement about him. “I dunno, I like you…maybe I just didn’t realise how much. Too busy focused on school work,” he mused, sure that this was likely the reason. “Plus better to marry the competitive guy you know than someone you don’t. Right?”
Jia couldn't help but giggle softly. "Well, I propose a test." She stepped a little bit closer. "Before you talk to father," she put her hand on his chest. "Kiss me. And if it changes things, we'll continue on and get married eventually."
Yoo glanced at her as she proposed a test. He looked down at her hand on his chest before looking back up at her. He reached out, taking her face in his hands and giving her a little smile. His eyes looked over her features. The softness of her cheeks, the colour of her eyes, her lips. Breathing her all in before he surged the small distance forward and kissed her with a passion he hadn’t even realised he had.
Jia felt like her heart was going to stop, her breath catching as he studied her like he was seeing the sky for the first time. Her mind was racing- or at least, it had been, until she felt his fingers against her cheeks. Her breath caught again, and she leant into him. He was warm, reassuring and familiar in a comforting way. She smiled into the kiss, her own hand moving onto his chest. "Wow," She breathed, smiling shyly up at him and tucking her hair behind her ear. "What do you think?"
Yoo hadn't been sure about he'd felt about Jia, but the kiss had made it sold in his head. He liked it. Her lips felt nice, her hands on him felt nice. It was comforting, like reading a familiar book, while cozy on the couch. Marriage was obviously a big step from just realising he liked her but he knew this was the right choice. He pulled out of the kiss and smiled. "Wow," he lingered in close, and then instead of answering, kissed her again.

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