Uno Bear

Uno Bear

I'm my own man, I can wear my pants backwards ⭐️⭐️
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Curly 17 Inch Sturdy Ebony Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
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Full Name:
- Uno Theodora Bear

Date of Birth:
- April 1st 2035

Current Age:
- 10

Basic Appearance:
- Dark brunette hair; natural wave
- Blue, hooded eyes.
- Thick eyebrows.

- Uno's hatred for authority has stemmed from the strict and crazy rules her mother placed on her as a child. As her mother's "test child", the rules would change from day to day, and Uno had to follow them or else be in trouble. As she's gotten older, and had her siblings adopted into the family, it's made her lash out more, in an attempt to do everything but follow the rules. Uno says whats on her mind, no matter if it's rude, Uno has no filter. Uno isn't afraid of taking on challenges, or doing scary things. She's always up for an adventure, whether it's a midnight swim in the lake, or an early morning road trip.

- Theodora Bear - Mother, Muggle.
- Dos Bear - Adopted Sister, Muggle
- Tres Bear - Adopted Brother, Muggle
- Tres II Bear - Adopted Sister, Witch

- Nada

Area of Residence:
- New Zealand

Blood Status:
- Muggleborn

- Kiwi

Interests or Hobbies:
- Loves bacon
- Dinosaurs
- Animals
- Sports
- Origami

- Spontaneous
- Confident
- Courageous

- Stubborn
- Audacious
- Rebellious (Problems with authority!)

Describe your character in three words:
- Audacious, Confident, Rebellious

Favourite place to be:
- Anywhere but at home

Hogwarts House:
- Slytherin

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
- To make decent friends

Best school subjects:
- Charms

Worst school subjects:
- Herbology, Potions

- 2054

Current Job:
- Student

Plans for your future:
- Unsure

Your Patronus:
- Cat
You’re a brilliant person with a sarcastic flare and you enjoy a quiet life. You believe in equality and discourage special treatment, which makes you morally good and trustworthy.

Your Patronus memory:
- Finding out she was a witch, and able to go to a boarding school.

Your Boggart:
- Herself, imperiused, or otherwise incapable of making her own decisions.

Your Animagus:
- Horse
You are known to be confident and strong-willed. You tend to be stubborn when it comes to your ideas and opinions. You are known for your friendliness and people are drawn to you because of your gutsy attitude. You are also a natural born leader and people look to you to take action.

A page from your diary:
- Uno wouldn't keep a diary, for fear of her mother finding it and releasing it to her followers.
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