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Magne was hopeful that between Hugo and this girl he would be able to make much better strides in his english. He walked into the great hall, having gotten a little lost on his way to it, and then spotted the girl he was due to be meeting. Her name was Lucy and she was a little closer to him in age than the boy was. Magne walked over. "You are...Lucy?" He pronounced her name a little oddly, as if going for the greek way of saying it and deciding then deciding against that and stumbling over it a little. But he had an eager expression, wanting to be sure he had the right person and could get to more learning.
Although she hadn't done all that much travelling, Lucy liked to think of herself as a woman of the world. Her mother had been involved in foreign diplomacy for most of Lucy's youth, of course, and by nature she had absorbed a rich and multi-cultural view on the world. Of course, she didn't know much about actual language, but this made her the perfect person to help a foreign student get settled in his new country, as far as she was concerned. So she had arranged to meet with the new first year looking for tuition and help him out, hopefully help him feel more at home here. She smiled when the boy approached her, lighting up. "I am Lucy, yes!" She said slowly, speaking a little louder than usual to make sure he could hear her. "Loo-see." She added, clarifying the pronunciation. "Are you Magne?" She added slowly.
Magne smiled in relief and took the spot in front of her as she introduced herself and told him more slowly how to pronounce it. "Yes," he replied to the question she asked. "Thank you for help," he said with a tight smile. "I overwhelmed," he told her with a little sigh, there was just so much he was supposed to get, immediately get in this new world.
Lucy sat up a little straighter as Magne thanked her, grinning smugly. This was easy, actually. "It's "I am overwhelmed", you missed a word." She said, still speaking slow and loud to make sure he could understand her. "Am."
Magne blinked a little as she spoke. "I am overwhelmed," he repeated speaking slowly. He hadn't really realised that he didn't use those words, he was trying to be correct but it didn't fill him with confidence in his own ability in how she'd corrected him. "What..γλώσσα," he stopped and took a moment, "What language you speak?" he tried hard, wracking his break to slowly put the sentence together.
Lucy blinked when Magne slipped into another language, relaxing again when he switched back to English. "I speak English." She explained, still speaking slowly. "And a little bit of Māori, but mostly English." She added, since that was the important one right now. "What language do you speak?" She added, stressing the word he had missed.
Magne nodded if he had time he did want to look up Māori, but he wasn't sure now was a good time to be thinking about that. But he was a little surprised that she spoke no other languages, having been so confident as to helping him with his language problems. "Norwegian, Spanish and Greek," he replied, listing them off, doing so in english. "Little english,"
Lucy was surprised when Magne's list of languages just kept going. How could he speak so many, but not English?! "Oh, wow!" She said cheerfully. "You'll learn really fast, then." She smiled confidently. This would be even easier than she had thought. "Do you know the names of your classes?" She asked, still speaking slow and loud so he could hear.
Magne felt a little bolstered by her confidence that he would learn fast. He had high hopes, though his english had never been great, and he had never paid much attention in those classes. He regretted it now. Then at the question he shook his head. "Only, history," he said. "From non-magic family," he said, he knew he didn't have to tell people but it was helpful given that she was meant to aid him in understanding.
Lucy's eyes widened at the revelation, immediately seeing Magne in a whole new light. "Oh! This must be even more confusing then." She exclaimed, quickly getting a piece of parchment. "Okay, let's do the names of your classes then?" She began writing quickly. "Po-tions. Potions. It's where you learn to brew potions." She explained succinctly.
Magne nodded in agreement, since it was a lot more confusing for him. he had no frame of reference for a lot of what they had to learn about in this school. he glanced at what she had written and then repeated the word after she said it. "Po-tions, is like....επιστήμη..." he tried and then frowned a little and then took out the dictionary and found the word. "Sci-ence, like science?"

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