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The Scitorari is a group on Hogwarts New Zealand that took the place of the Death Eaters some time after the Battle of Hogwarts. There are no active Death Eaters after the fall of Voldemort. The former Death Eaters who received the dark mark from Voldemort still retain their dark mark. However, it is nothing more than a scar. Anyone who was not a Death Eater under the Dark Lord does not have the mark. The Death Eaters dissolved, and a new organization came to be.

Roughly translated, Scitorari means those who seek knowledge or truth in Latin. This group of people believes that magic has gone awry, and that the wizarding community no longer uses magic to its full potential. They believe that the great mysteries, secrets, and powers of magic have disappeared over the centuries. It is their goal to reclaim this magic. However, the Scitorari do not think that there is good or evil magic. Instead, they believe that the Ministry of Magic is trying to control wizards and witches by limiting their powers. Therefore, many of the Scitorari practice what is [commonly] known as dark magic. Shakespeare best summed up their philosophy when he wrote, There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

Within the Scitorari, there are smaller subgroups that are focused on the branch of magic that they believe holds the true powers of magic, or caused magic to decrease from what it was once. These smaller groups each have a leader.

This sect of Scitorari believes that it is muggles, muggle borns, and wizards hiding themselves from the world that has allowed magic to fall to its present state. It is this group that follows the mind-set of Death Eaters most closely. Blood supremacists fit best here.

Leader: Ioan Finch
This particular sect believes that potion-making was the original and true form of magic. That it took time and patience to craft a potion to do what you wanted and to imbue it with full power. They believe that spells have weakened magic and are taking the easy way out.

Conquering the Mind
Leader: Professor Jacqueline Black
This sect believes that the mind is the key to unlocking the truest form of magic. They focus on all things which involve the mind and its power to protect itself. They wish to reveal the secrets of the mind and use it [via magic] control others. Legimency, occlumency, and the Imperius curse are just a few examples of what this group would be exploring.

Leader: Eustacia Alicastell
The group's focus would be using Inferi and perhaps Ghosts, along with other magic that would be based around death, like trying to recreate such items as those of the rumoured Deathly Hallows in an attempt to unlock magics full potential. They believe the Ministry holds valuable, powerful information on the dead and its magic and chooses to hoard it for themselves instead of releasing it to the public.

Blood Magic
This sect believes that there is power in blood magic. The purer the blood, the more potent it is. This sect studies blood and its uses with things like Sacrificial Rituals, Bonds, Boosting Spells or Potions, Protection, Keeping Secrets within the Blood line. This group believes that the ministry is restricting knowledge about the power in blood, that there is old knowledge about blood can do.

Leader: Yevheniy Kharchenko
This sect is a collective of wizards who seek knowledge and truth of aggressive and dark magic, believing that only through the use of violence and anarchism will they achieve this. They believe that the education system which doesn't at all teach aggressive spells is overly influenced by a corrupt government system which seeks to, and actively manages to, limit the powers of all wizards, drawing arbitrary lines as to what is good and what is bad. They are openly defiant to the state and authority. They enter a collective and join in the open discussion of future goals. They have first-into-the-fight mentality, unafraid of dirtying their hands, uncaring for personal safety, actively practice aggressive and dark magic, all actively act openly and violently against the wizarding government in the pursuit of the freedom of knowledge and truth of aggressive and dark magic.

The Scitorari all have a matching ring that signifies their beliefs. The ring is an Ouroboros: a dragon wrapped around in a circle swallowing its tail. When a meeting is called, the ring becomes tighter. On the inside of the ring is a coded message allowing the member to know where and when to convene for the meeting.

Former Groups
This is a list of Scitorari groups that have been disbanded.

Leader: Plato Aether
This sect is mosty focused on the elements of nature. Fire, water, earth and air. They are believing that this branch of magic is the most ancient and that pure power is hidden in the ways of the ancients. This group follows the mind-set of Death Eaters less closely but they don't hesitate to use blackmail, treason, deceit or other means regardless the cost to get the power they seek.
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