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Airen Gates

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Airen was feeling cute that day, with a pair of short white overalls over her puffed sleeve off the shoulder black top, and two buns in her hair. She was humming as she skipped down the hall, on her way to the great hall. She held her sketchbook to her chest, weaving her way through milling students. At least, until she spotted a familiar face. Her eyes lit up and with a smile she walked over, hurrying to catch up and try to grab his attention. "Hi! It's Horror, isn't it?" She asked him, with a bright smile.
Horror Zhefarovich was unsure what to think about when it came down to the tryouts. He intended to make it harder for his twin to be selected, but somehow, they both managed to make the team. As he was walking through the corridors, he heard someone behind him, almost in a rush. His first intention was to move aside, but the Hufflepuff he recalled as Airen stopped him with a smile he swore he needed sunglasses for. Horror looked her over and folded his arms across his chest, "Depends on who is asking." This was Airen and not the other one, right? He hadn't met the other, so he could not say who was who yet.
Airen smiled as he turned to her. "Airen! We talked before, had a debate about dancing in the rain," She offered to him easily, hugging her sketchbook to her chest. "How are you doing?" She asked, motioning for him to keep going in a silent offer to walk with him wherever he was heading.
"Right, right, you are the weird, naive one," Horror mused as he looked up, as if he were recalling who all he had met. At least she had not sent him a pink rose. He would have to squash that down, harshly. "Doing well. Made the quidditch team, so my plan to make my twin's life a little harder didn't work when he made it too." Horror shrugged his shoulders as he started walking back where he was heading, regardless whether or not she was going to follow him.
Airen giggled. "I like weird," She offered in turn, following along with him. She smiled brightly when he mentioned making the team, though she tilted her head slightly when he talked about his twin. "Why would you want to make his life harder?" she asked. "And that's good, I'm glad you made the team! What position did you get?"
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Horror did not mean for it to be a compliment. But he was not going to dwell on it though. He just continued walking instead, and then she questioned him - then seemed happy for him at the same time. Horror felt like he was getting whiplash. "Because he created drama for me last year," Horror explained though gave no indication that he was going to elaborate. "I am the new Keeper."
Airen blinked, surprised. They must have had a fight. "I'm sorry you two aren't getting along," She offered easily. She hated getting into fights with Angel. "Do you like being on the team?" She asked, wondering if it made things better or worse when they had to work together to play games. "What position does your brother play?"
Horror shrugged his shoulders since brothers had their spats from time to time. He was sure it would pass - so long as he didn't get bothered so much. "It is okay, I guess. I just sit there, honestly." Horror wondered why she was trying to get along with him so much. It was possible that she was just too naive to see the signs where she was not wanted. "Terror is a chaser. Funny, since I always pegged him for a beater."
Amodeus walked by, totally oblivious to the conversation.
Airen listened to Horror, padding along happily beside him. "I think you'll make a good keeper," She offered. "You seem to be good at reading people." She brushed her hair back. "Is he better at hitting than he is at than he is at throwing?" She asked, simply curious why Terror would be a better Beater. She wondered what she would be if she played Quidditch. Probably a keeper- she liked people watching, that could be fun.
Horror gave Airen an odd look but rolled his eyes. "It isn't hard to be a good keeper. Just block a ball. Not that hard." Horror doubted that he would ever struggle at the position, but it wasn't like it meant much because it was always the seekers that had the glory. He wasn't meant for that one because he didn't care. "I always thought so because of his martial arts skills, but I guess he prefers throwing." Horror wondered why but he never asked, and he likely never would. He didn't care that much about what his brother did.
Airen considered his words. "I don't know, I think there's more to it than that. You have to be able to read people, and if they can read you then they can get throws past you," She mused. "It's also a bit of speed and being able to catch well," She tucked her hair back. "Maybe it will be an extra challenge playing in practice with your brother- if you know each other well, it could be like trying to outwit him."
Horror thought that was a good way of looking at it. Yes, one would have to read people and then not allow himself to be read in order to block their throws. "Looks like I'm perfect because reading people is what I do best." Horror and Terror both had that little ability. "Terror is one that I do have issues reading except his face tells me everything I need. He's a lot more expressive, so you know when he is up to something." He could see it, but not sure about others. "Did your twin try out for Quidditch?"
Airen smiled. So he liked people watching, that was fun! She shook her head at his question. "I don't think so," She spoke slowly. "I know she thought about it, but I'm pretty sure she didn't go through with it. We like watching quidditch- Mama is a professional player, but we're both more artistic than we are athletic." She admitted, tucking her hair behind her ear. "I think we take over daddy in that way- he runs a professional fashion blog, so we go to a lot of shows and things too," She told him.
Horror just asked a question, and Airen was giving him more than he bargained for. How their mom was a professional player and they were both more artistic than athletic. So, they take after their dad. The dad was a fashion person and the mom was an athlete. Funny how that turned out. "You know, we were talking about Quidditch, and it shifted to your life story again," Horror pointed out flatly. "I never once asked about your parents, and you felt the need to explain why your sister didn't try out for Quidditch when a simple 'no' would have sufficed. You are such an open book."

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