Stella Aubrey Stilinski

Stella Stilinski

Al. Hufflepuff ★ Freelance Artist
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12" Ebony Wood Interlaced with Core of Belladonna's Essence
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//--h a r d t i m e s;;

❝--gonna make you wonder why you even try--❞
Full Name:
❝ Stella Aubrey Stilinski

Date of Birth:
❝ September 2, 2028

Current Age:
❝ Fifteen

Basic Appearance:
❝ Surprisingly, Stella olive tone a shade tanner than her brothers. Standing at about 5'3 and weighing approximately 130. Brown, passed shoulder length, mixed in layered hair. Brown, hazel optics. Catch her wearing clothes she may have made and stitched together. Her shirts torn, and craft-ly orchestrated. Sometimes her wear simple, once in a while messy. Always in between.

❝ Stella like most her age, are simply drawn to their own interests. It's not a complex thing, but natural to be about what you love and most care about. Family and friends shapes her. Stella can come off as overprotective when it comes to Syrus and overly concerning with Silas. Stella, the middle child and the only daughter from Stefan and Anna Stilinski raised Stella to be the watchful eyes, more grounded Stilinski. Otherwise those outside her comfort zone she stands back more and observe. There are times when it calls to be spontaneous, to be outta of your skin as one would say. Where the lights reflects her, what the day brings, every day treated new. Though some things never do change.

However her relationship with magic made her the odd ball out of the three. She was hesitant about magic and all that it came with from the very beginning. She treated it like a chore, rather than a gift they were blessed with. And witches, afterall, were monsters and hags in muggel's bedtime stories. If she had to choose, charms and transfiguration are a lazy form of magic. At least there's work in herbology and maybe in potion. Planting doesn't seem forced, muggel aren't afraid of plants.

Stefan Stilinski
Passed away

Silas Andrew Stilinski
Older Brother
Ilvermorny Alumni
[td]❝ Anna Stilinski
Pre-K Teacher

Syrus Arnold Stilinski
Youngest Brother


❝ Very little is known about Stilinski's family history. It's a very unusual name, hard to track when you speak of centuries. As far as they know, their family migrated to America in the early 1900's. Stefan mention Welsh at one time to his wife, but they were thought to believe Irish. Anna Poland.

Interests or Hobbies:
❝ Stella creative, she likes to make things out of scrap. Erin, her best friend was her biggest influence back home. Both would spend ours just creating and cutting through old clothes. Sometimes new ones. Money been an issue with the family, Anna encourage her children to be resourceful in anyway. That made Stella become more intuitive with what she wore. Stella pride herself in her creation. She could spend hours in thrift shops and second hand stores exploring on her next project.

❝ Stella known for her caring ways mainly by her siblings. What keeps her center, in good moral standards is making sure they're alright. And her mother consistent reminders plays a big part of who she is.

❝ Stella honest, but a quiet one. When there so much to say, good or bad, she simply keeps it to herself at times. Other times, words would be spoken. Again, good or bad. She good at averting any conflicts with fellow students.


❝ Magic. It's everywhere. It surrounds her, and she terrible at accepting her blessing. She feels stuck at Hogwarts. Stella believe it's unnecessary if her future in magic is nonexistence. Stella could do without magic, like her mom can, living her every day as muggel.

❝ Quiet ones keep new friends at bay. She would make friends if she were back home, at her old life. Adjusting came, but it was unsatisfying. Moving from one world to the next can have that effect on a person. Stella hasn't gotten over it. Stella has made very little to no friends. But, perhaps it's a good thing?

Describe your character in three words:
❝ Safe, Inspired, Delayed or Denial

Favourite place to be:

❝ In the comfort of her best friend's funky dye blankets. Visiting Erin some breaks gives her back that peace in mind. That her current situation isn't forever.

❝ Pizza with Alex, at his father's pizzeria Tony's.

❝ Tracy and movies early Saturday, because there was no one there. The price for tickets are cheaper. Disney movies with a friend, who could resist?


❝ Erin Santos
Childhood Best Friend
High School Student

❝ Alex Owens
Primary School Friend
High School Student

❝ Tracy Drowning
Primary School Friend
High School Student

Hogwarts House:
❝ Hufflepuff

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
❝ To survive, maybe come to terms with magic eventually.

Best school subjects:
❝ Hard to choose, probably Herbology. The least subject to hate.

Worst school subjects:

❝ Charm.

Extracurricular Activities:

❝ None.

❝ Two more years.

Current Job:
❝ Summer Jobs in the, assisting her mom with pre-k muggel children.

Plans for your future:
❝ Run off with Erin to either New York or California, wherever the wind takes them.

Your Patronus:
❝ An owl, because she known to be nocturnal and it only made sense the first time her patronus was summon an owl form in the mist. Professor related this info back to Stella why that was so.

Your Patronus memory:

❝ Any memory with her dad she cherished them all. Probably the one she loved best was that one time he taught her how to ride her first bike. Their first bike ride together always made her feel wholesome. It's tragic he passed away. His corny dad jokes are truly missed.

Your Boggart:

❝ A black hole. Thee unknown. Imagine just a split second losing everything you love?

Your Animagus:
❝ Artic fox, simply because their fur white as snow and pretty. Otherwise a cat.

Mirror of Erised:

❝ Stella happy, doing what she loves and family stable in a good place in their lives.

A page from your diary:
❝ Frustrated & Hungry.

So, I tried doing today's transfiguration assignment, which was written on inanimate objects. I'm good with written assignment, I mean I could be better if I expand my knowledge. It's just, why do I have to if in two years none of this matters?! Mom understands, but she tells me to stop being stubborn. That it would all come in handy somehow. She's right.

Yesterday I had these sudden urges to bake. So I did. I went to the kitchen, and no one was there. Except the house elves, I've gotten used to them. They look like chihuahua with big heads. They're not so bad...I guess. Anyways I whipped something velvet cake from scrap. Then I remembered why I made the cake out of nowhere, it was Erin's birthday.

I missed Erin's birthday. I'm awful.

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