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Stefan Archer

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Stefan Archer !
So, I'm Colour Blind.

Full Name:
Stefan Archer.
I am called Stefan after my great grandad on my mums side.
He lived to be a hundred years old.
Stefan means Steven, I think. It's of German Origin.

Date of Birth:
1st April 2015.
Born on April fools day, early in the morning.
That's all I know.

Born With:
Colourblindness, I am completely colourblind.
I have the very rare condition Achromatopsia.
I have the gene for it. The doctors say that it's because
my dad is colour blind, only partially, and that someone else
in my family was colourblind so I have it. They also said
it might have been caused by some sort of trauma to my
mum while I was in the womb.
All this really means is that I only see the world in Black,
White and grey. And when it's very bright or sunny, I'm
basically blind.

Current Age:

Basic Appearance:
I don't know what I look like. All I see is black hair, and greyish eyes.
But that's not correct. It can't be. What I can see is that I'm small
for my age and I am underweight, which is normal for someone my
height. I have a maze of scars on my right hand, from when I was
pushed into a glass case. It looks like I have a hundred veins all
competing to be the most visible.
I wear sunglasses most of the time, and contact lenses. Because
apart from being colour blind my eye sight is terrible.
Stefan is a brown haired blue eyed boy, and pale skin.

I am quiet boy. I stay out of peoples way. I avoid fights and confrontation.
I'm closed off, and I don't trust that easily. I'm really shy, and quite the
pushover. I'm scared of everything. And I can be quite flinchy. I obey the
rules to the letter, and any other commands given to me. I'm not sporty
and I'm not picky with food. I am terrified of the dark. I don't meet people's
eyes often.

My mum, I don't know her name. But she died when I was two.
Cancer or something. My father doesn't really talk about her.
I can't remember anything about my mum. And I have no
idea what she looks like. All I know is that is what I make
up about her. I would want my real mum to be kind and honest
and homey. She would have a lovely smile, and be beautiful.
Even though I can't see colour, I would be able to tell, that
she had kind eyes of the same colour as whatever mine are.
She would listen to me, and care for me. But that's not maybe
who she was. I never really met her.

My father, is a horrible man. I hate him, but I have to put up
with him, because I have no where else to go. He's unemployed
and a drunk. He's also colour blind. But is sick and twisted. He's
a purist, believing only those perfect should be treated with respect.
I'm anything but perfect. As he says You have the eye sight of a dog
so you shall be treated like one. His temper is shorter than a strand
hair. He likes hitting and punching, and kicking, me. I get to to be another
statistic. I get to be the one in ten who are physically abused by a parent.
I don't know anything else about my father. He was abondoned, or so I
think. He suppresses everything about me. It's a wonder he's letting me
go to Hogwarts, But I think it's really just some game, he's playing.
Giving me hope only to crush it, when I finally find a means of escape.


Area of Residence:
Somewhere, in the New Zealand Countryside.
I don't know.

Blood Status:

Don't know. I don't know anything about my family.
There is no way of me telling you. But since I live in
New Zealand, I can say that my family either came from
England or somewhere else in Europe.

Special Abilities:

Interests or Hobbies:
I don't have any. I like drawing, but it's pointless, since
I can't colour it in. I don't have any interests or hobbies
apart from that.

Additional Skills:


Everything about me. The fact I'm weak, scared of
everything. Quiet, and shy. The fact I'm colourblind is
also a weakness.

Describe your character in three words:
Weak, Quiet, Closed

Favourite place to be:
In the house alone. Anywhere where my father isn't.
Hogwarts will be my favourite place to be. Because
my father can't reach me there.

My shadow is my friend. But apart from that I have
no friends.

Hogwarts House:
I don't know. I don't know which I'll be in either. I don't
know what I am.

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
To become stronger, and more confident. And to escape
my father, and find out about my family.

Best school subjects:
I don't know.

Worst school subjects:
All of them, I've never been to school. I can barely write.
My writing is a mess.

Extracurricular Activities:

I don't know. In 7 years I think that's how long school is.

Current Job:

Plans for your future:
Escape. That's all my plans are.

Your Patronus:
Bat. As they are pretty much blind like me. And can sustain flight.
Which is what I want to do. Fly away.

Your Patronus memory:
I don't have one yet. My life is really just one misery piled onto
another, piled onto another.

Your Boggart:
My father. Out of all the things I am afraid of, I most afraid of my
father. He's crazy. I don't know what he might do.

Your Animagus:
A bat. Like my patronus.

Mirror of Erised:
My mum. Or the person I think would be my mum. I can also assume
that there would be a lot of colour. But since I can't see it, it would be
lost. There are only two things I want in this world. My mum and to be
able to see colour.

A page from your diary:

I wish I saw you. I always start like that, but I know, if I wasn't
colour blind, father would like me. He would even be proud of me.
But, that's just no how life works. I see black, white and grey. And
my father see me as an animal. But, I am going to Hogwarts. A final
light in my life. Hogwarts. A magical school. Maybe my father is just
bored of me. And wants rid of me, and rather than just killing, he's
sending me off.
I don't know. But here is to Hogwarts, and a new Life.

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