Sofia Mikaelson

Sofia Mikaelson

🎨 stubborn painter with a free spirit 🎨
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Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Vine wood, dragon heartstring, 10¾
19/4/2036 (15)
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The Basics
Character's Name: Sofia Mikaelson
Character's Birthdate: 2036, 19 April
Age: 13
Hometown: New Zealand, Wellington
Blood Status: Mixed-blood
Sexulatity: Hetrosexua

Wand: 10¾, vine wood, dragon heartstring
Wood: Vineyard is one of the least commonly used softwood trees. Their owners are almost always the people who are looking for a higher goal, whose dreams are beyond their usual and who often surprise even those who are sure they know them.
Core: Dragon symbolizes wisdom and long life. Has a strong and powerful energy, but a dragon can also be a good friend. The dragon's heartbeat is the best choice for those who wear protective coats or participate in spells of spells. Good control of the fire forces.

Zodiac sign: The Aries born from April 19th count the third decade of Aries. At this time, those born are endowed with a special sex appeal, their charm is impossible to resist. The beauty of the third decade does not depend on fashion trends, their age or gender. By the way, sometimes they can even become dangerous to others because they tend to use the attraction to achieve their goals. These rams love everything beautiful, often become good art connoisseurs. They love to stay in places where elegant and modern people circulate. These rams are neat, full of determination and miraculously not ambitious. They always have a lot of ideas in mind. Often they are unusual, even extravagant, because they defend the whole new avant-garde.
Element: Fire sign. Illuminates, allows Aries to be bright. His primary energy is brought into action. Aries aspires to express themselves. It is actively on the way to finding new and more lush pastures. He works in the light of fire, so he is always well visible. The vigor of the rams and the brightness of the fire allow it to be in control, always in motion. It lights up quickly, but is not able to work for a long time because of the large draft. Bright creative impulse. The Spirit of Fighting. Like competition.
Planet: Aries manager Mars - realizes assets principus.Pats strongest zodiac.

Educated At: Before Ilvermorny, Thunderbird / now Hogwarts
House: -

Play by: Sofia Carson
Hair: Dark brown hair that extends to the shoulder blades. They may be both straight and curly, as they are changed by spell and then when the girl wants to change her look.
Eyes: Dark brown class almond shaped, dark brown, which is capable of dividing lights and emitting light depends on a minute.
Height: 163 cm
Style:Sofia wears both classic and sporty clothing. Everything she likes to wear skirts, pants and comfortable shoes.
Other Distinguishing Features:Her shoulder has a birthmark in the form of a heart.

Troublemaker / Stubborn / Confident / Enrgetic
Sofia is not looking for problems, but they always find her own. If you get into some of the problems, you also try to get out of it yourself. She is very stubborn, if she has something in her head, then she will do everything on her own and nobody will be able to turn the opposite. She is confident and full of energy. Their beliefs and energy are usually expressed in various activities and paintings.

Jasmine Mikaelson - Smith / Witch – Half-blood/ (2013, 34)
FATHER: George Mikaelson / Wizard- Mixed – blood/ (2012, 36)
STEPFATHER: Sebastian Smith / Wizard - Pure-blood/ (2013, 34)
STEPSISTER: Olivia Smith /Witch - Mixed - blood/ (2034, 14)

History: Sofia is the second child for her parents. She was born just three years after her older brother Fred died. Sofia has a real small miracle for her parents. When she was just three years old she moved to Canada, where her father's brother lived. No living relative wanted to help. Because Sofia's mother was a healer and could take care of her husband's brother. As Sofia grew up, parents took care of their daughter's education. At first she went to kindergarten. She also studied dance at a ballet school. Soon Sofia's parents told her that she was very good at drawing, so she was sent to a painting school.
Ten years old, Sofia started to study at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, entering the Thunderbird House. She learned excellent, but in her first year she saw a strange dream of her uncle dying. Sofia had no accident that it would come true. After leaving the first year at home it turns out that her dream came true. She didn't tell anyone about the dream. Keep it secret.

While at home in the summer, Sofia noticed that parenting was no longer the same as before. Soon the parents told her that she was divorced and moved with her mother to live in Wellington. The girl it was a big shock. Mother told her that her father hadn't had a relationship like before, but both lived for her. However, it is no longer possible because the mother loves another and marries her. Sofia learned that her mother met a healer, Sebastian Smith, at work. She also learns that she has a daughter Olivia a year older than her. At first, of course, she would have stepsister, but because of her mother Sofia was ready to get it.

Resigned from father and friends to go to a new life and a new school. Of course it was hard to say goodbye to everyone. However, this had to be done. As she moved to Wellington with her mother, the wedding was celebrated. Sofia's mother married Sebastian Smith.

With her stepfather Sofia, there were instant failures, she immediately said she would not try to replace her father. The relationship with the midwife Olivia was not good, as both had to live together. Both abilities were often argued and both could not speak for several days.

However, now both understand quite well and live well. After all, two years, while their parents were married, both had to live together.
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